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Slingshot RPM – This Is A Favorite Even Among The Experts

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Slingshot RPM – What Even The Experts Prefer

Sat, 08 Aug 2009 12:45:00 +0000

The new Slingshot RPM to hit the market gives innumerable options to try your luck at 'unhooked freestyle riding' - it is sure to meet any given condition. This Slingshot RPM is what the beginners as well as the professionals prefer. Do take a look at what one ace kiteboarder thought of it… 'it has fantastic low and high end range'. Not just this single critique… there have been plenty more that have only talked about its good things. Over and above, its duration of thrust is long enough to provide sufficient time to the player to make double passes. And for the separated kite loops, the functionality is aided by the concise bridle that drags out, thus giving it more constancy.

And when it comes to re-launching, nothing can probably be this easy… the pro team rider Youri Zoon says, "It is a piece of cake". Do also check out the features that include the new open "C" canopy, full suspension bridle, CFI attachment ends and the all new redline control bar that makes the RPM an ideal crossover kite. Riding on flat water surfing or surfing, there are countless opportunities in both of them.

Technically, the elements comprising the Slingshot RPM has been taken from the hugely acclaimed Turbo kite. It combines all the performance benefits namely the re-launch ability, easy operation and in flight stability and this is what offers such a great value. When you are learning the sport, you will face two main hurdles and it addresses both of them. It provides you the opportunity to advance step-by-step and acquire the skills gradually.

Given below are some of the great features of the RPM that has made this truly unique.

• Custom Fuel Injection is governed by three distinctly bound settings, which are exclusive. The choice to depower and the bar pressure depends on the user completely.
• For attaining stability in the flight and for smooth re-start, it has the Open 'C" canopy shape. The rev and fuel DNA are behind its operation. Huge energy is derived from it.
• Its full suspension bridle allows it to propel in a smooth way and also enables it to turn without a problem. Intertwining or interweaving can be prevented and the canopy can be supported.
• The single point inflation technique has been emulated by the industry and all this is because of the OnePump technique.
• Surf Tough seams prevents it from rupture and wear.
• Low profile wing tips help people make freestyle moves quickly.
• Mark cloth scuff guards prevents it from any wear and tear.
• Ergonomic nipple placement lessens overall drag.
• Legendary Slingshot construction is amazing too.

The package of Slingshot RPM also contains the RPM kite, XL Jena double pump, crossover kite baggage, DD2 four line control bar, RPM launch help book and a fixing up kit.