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MLM Business Opportunity Four Advantages

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Network Marketing Business 3 Tips to Be Successful

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One excellent method for marketing your MLM Business Opportunity is to do video marketing. In this article we give you four different ways to create a video, some without showing your face and others requiring your precious face to be in front of the camera. As you can see if you visit YouTube, folks love to look at videos. Apart from the google search engine itself, YouTube is the next largest search engine. Advantages of video marketing are:- Shoot a video anywhere you like- underwater while scuba diving, at the beach, in the car, in your garden with the birds singing, in your backyard, in the pool, while ski-ing, while traveling and while on vacation.-You will start building your brand, as people get to know you in a video.- People pass round videos they really like, so they easily become viral. - If you already have a camera, creating videos is totally free. Posting them on the internet is totally free if you already have an internet connection.- A much wider audience can be reached with a video than by speaking to one person at a time. Videos are much like being in a conference or running a seminar, but it's less nerve racking because nobody is watching while the movie is being filmed. - Posting videos you have taken to the internet is very low technology and easy to do.- Demonstrate to one person or millions of people, how to perform a task on the computer. Just take a video of yourself performing that task.- An educational video can easily be produced by filming yourself using a tool on the computer (there is software that helps you do this), then you can show it to one person or thousands of people.Six different ways you can create your own videos:1) Take photos of the services or products you sell, and use a program like movie maker to make a video from the photos. Add music to it, and it can be a real snazzy movie. 2) Use powerpoint slide maker to create slides, add music and/or your voice and import them into a movie maker tool. The Macintosh and the PC both have no cost software you can use to make movies and publish them online. 3) Create an educational video by using a tool to capture your movements on the computer. In a corner of the screen, you could have a "Picture in Picture" (PIP) showing a small version of your face. 4) Start showing your face on a movie, by going down the beach (or to your favorite place) with a friend and just chat for a few minutes with a beautiful scenery behind you. 5) If you are a keen sportsperson or scuba diver, get someone to video tape you. When you get home, import the video into your movie maker program and tape yourself talking about the movie.6) Interview a leader in your industry and ask them questions, with the video recorder on.Be creative and think of other ways to make videos, there are lots of different videos you can make. Here are some tips for any type of video you create.- All videos should be less than ten minutes in length so that more video broadcast sites will accept them.- So the majority of video broadcast sites will accept them, restrict your movie length to 10 minutes. - Insert a watermark on your video, most movie creation software will allow you to do this.- Submit your video to different broadcasting sites on the internet. Some broadcast sites are YouTube, Google videos, Viddler, Dailymotion, Photobucket, and there are many more. The advantages of video marketing have been discussed and we have given you six ideas for creating your own videos, along with some tips to bear in mind. Video marketing is just one way to do grow your MLM business opportunity, there are many more methods.Julieanne van Zyl's MLM Network Marketing Opportunity training will show you whether internet marketing is the way you want to build your MLM business. This simple step by step training shows you if an Internet Network Marketing Business is really for you.[...]