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How To Stop Sweating And Start Living

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How To Stop Sweating And Start Living

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Excessive sweating, medically termed as Hyperhidrosis is a problem that could be localized and limited to the armpits, palms of the hands or soles of the feet.

The most embarrassing is the type that is localized in the armpits. For those who suffer from this embarrassing affliction, it is time that they learned how to Stop seating and start living.

It is a known fact that stressful situations, like an important date, a job interview or an examination triggers sweating.

Antiperspirants that are available over the counter do not control Hyperhidrosis. Sweating is the body's way of naturally regulating heat. But in some individuals, it can be excessive.

Doctors are of the opinion that nerves, involuntary controlled by the Sympathetic Nervous System, can become overactive and cause extreme sweating.

Excess sweating serves no purpose and often creates social embarrassment because of unpleasant body odor or stained clothes. Both sexes and all ages, except young children are affected.

Primary Hyperhidrosis:

In lay man terms, it is a condition that causes severe localized sweating in specific areas of the body. It causes unexpected, uncontrollable and embarrassing sweating of the face, scalp, hands, underarms or the feet.

A bright and glowing facial blush may also occur by itself or with any combination of sweating in other areas.

Facial blushing is usually associated with sweating palms. Invariably, the patient's family, friends or strangers may make embarrassing comments about his or her condition.

After all, it is only sweating, one may say, right? Or you are just nervous, that is all. It is difficult for others to understand that undue anxiety or nervousness does not necessarily cause the condition.

It is a genetic condition that is totally uncontrollable. Symptoms of Hyperhidrosis may develop during any stage in a person's life. Doctors have seen patients as old as 74 years and as young as 6 years old

The areas of excessive sweating may be in only one specific location or on all the classic locations which include the face with sweating, face with blush, hands, underarms or the feet.

A combination may occur, the most common being the hands and feet. One may dry off the sweating, only for it to recur within a minute or two. The hands or feet become cold, clammy and wet.

The face usually has a greasy appearance and the underarms may develop a chronic and foul odor.

This embarrassment could be stopped by addressing the problem with tried and test remedies available through the internet.

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