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The Best Electric Car Conversion Kit Review

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The Best Electric Car Conversion Kit Advice

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What can we do about the never ending rise Cost of Gasoline? You can convert your car to electric!Electric Car Conversion KitQuite a few of the more environmentally conscious celebrities, such as George Clooney, Danny DeVito and Matt Damon driving electric cars, you have to ask yourself, "is it because they can not afford to fill them up with gas?" I think not.Electric Car Conversion KitSo why are they converting their cars to electric if it is not an issue of cost?There are many rewards, cleaner running, quieter, less maintenance, and some large tax breaks to boot.Electric Car Conversion KitWhat is the best way to proceed? You have three options: You can purchase one outright, you can use an electric car conversion kit, or you can just build from scratch.There will be no trouble finding a suitable donor vehicle to convert The most obvious choice is a small truck or SUV, as they have more cargo space to house the batteries. You can also convert small cars as well and enjoy much faster speeds and better performance over the long haul when fitted with a proper electric car conversion kit.With a detailed plan, you need not worry that your skills are too low to complete the conversion of your car to electric, even if you are not mechanically inclined. With the wealth of bad information floating around the internet these days, if you manage to get your hands on a good manual for electric car kits, consider yourself lucky!This project will cost you a few dollars, but the investment will be well worth it in the end. With the cost of the average electric car conversion kit being slightly below two months worth of gasoline for a commuter, it is very reasonable.Should you decide to do the smart thing, the list of advantages is long indeed. Lower maintenance cost, huge tax incentives, reduction of your carbon footprint, and reduced CO2 Emissions.Should you think the price is too high, consider that gasoline is only going to keep rising in price, and that along with all the other advantages I have mentioned should keep things in perspective for you. The best solution to this whole problem is to find a good electric car conversion kit, as this will mitigate many of the technical problems. You do not have to waste time solving problems others have already figured out.Additionally, you will need a place in which to work. A covered driveway or garage is perfect, as you will need protection from the elements and ready access to your tools.The project is quite manageable, if you break it down into smaller tasks and keep yourself focused. Since the advent of the internet, and need that might have existed to be a mechanic or engineer has long since past, you can find step by step instructions on the internet for an electric car conversion kit now.Your maintenance cost for your car will be greatly reduced after you convert it into electric car. The distance that your car can go will also increase that means your cost per mile is also reduced. Another advantage is that you won't have to worry about the rising price of gasoline, it will be so nice to be able to reduce your carbon footprint while saving yourself a large chunk of cash. Most models of alternating current motors are much lighter for the power output levels, they come with controllers, and they are equipped with regenerative braking.The unit cost is slightly higher, simply because of these advantages. The slightly more expensive unit is the only disadvantage to using AC motors over DC motors for your electric car conversion kit. What do you need to get started?Plans (detailed) for an electric car conversion kit.A workspace- garage, shop or some similar place, or even your driveway.A simple set of common tools.A reliable helper for holding parts and lifting some heavy objects.You must first obtain your donor vehicle; a list of the best cars and trucks to use is available in the plans. We used an older model Nissan truck for our last electric car conversion kit and it worked out very well indeed. All of the gasoline engine and exhaust parts must be removed from the donor vehicle, [...]