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Choosing a Play Pen


Which play pen are you choosing for your little one and why?

There are several reviews to look at when deciding what baby playard
you’re going to purchase for your new baby. If it’s your first baby, it can be a tough decision. Ask yourself what exactly you’ll be using it for.

When my son and daughter in-law had their first child, they chose a play yard that came with an attachable infant bed. This created a safe place for baby to sleep until she was a little bigger. They had a small house, so this served them well. It also gives familiarity to the little one if you’re traveling as they have become use to it and their sleep schedule doesn’t get too off track.

I, however, got a square one, brightly colored which my granddaughter loved. It didn’t have all the gadgets, but it served its purpose well – to keep her safe when I couldn’t be holding her.

Before you decide, evaluate the purpose and then make your choice. There’s plenty to choose from.