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Africa Safari - Tanzania Part 2
The Selous Safari Camp is part of the same organisation as Jongomero Camp. The service of this organisation was such that Jongomero had radioed Selous to let them know our taste in food and drink! After Claire's packed lunch, we didn't need more to eat but it was much warmer in Selous than in Ruaha so we lazed by the pool until it was time for our boat safari on one of the lakes formed by the Rufiji River. It was glorious puttering around the lake in the sunshine, admiring the glorious birds as well as the native crocodiles and hippos, duly enhanced by the production of drinks and peanuts at the appropriate time. This is definitely the way to safari!

Travellers' Tales from Tanzania
Tanzania was formed in 1964, shortly after becoming independent from Britain and is an amalgamation of what were Tanganyika and Zanzibar.

Tanzania has an area of over 945,000 square kilometres and is bordered by Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, Uganda and Zambia. The population of just over 40 million are largely dependent on agriculture and tourism for their living.

As with much of sub-Saharan Africa, there is a constant fight against poverty and disease, particularly HIV/AIDS.

A Sense of Place by Barbara Warden
In a few minutes we're going to the souk (market). It won't be quite as hot as at mid-day when the souks close until late afternoon. Right now choosing something cool to wear is uppermost in my mind. Each dress or skirt in my wardrobe is ankle length. I can't really understand why everything must be long and conform to Islamic dress code here in Kuwait when short skirts are so much cooler. Unfortunately I don't have a choice. I decide on a skirt and blouse just as my husband, Reg, calls from the sitting room.

7 Things To Do And Learn On Your Palm Springs Vacation by Rose Lenk
1 Hike the canyons of Palm Springs

Palm Springs is a hiker's paradise, which is evident by the many hiking trails mapped out in and around its numerous scenic canyons and gorges. Here the diversity of wildlife is as contrasting as the breathtaking landscape. From catching a glimpse of the rare and endangered Bighorn Sheep to watching the clever antics of the smallest desert creatures, the canyons of Palm Springs are a must see for any visitor to the area.

A Castle on Oregon's Coast by Andre Hagestedt
Oregon's coastline is full of secrets: veiled pleasures and surprises, clandestine, deserted beaches and hidden gems peppering the towns in the form of lodgings or eateries.

But perhaps the most stunning secret on all of Oregon's coast lies just outside of the art and culture mecca of Cannon Beach, on the north coast. There's a castle a bit south of town, hidden behind the walls of trees just north of the Arch Cape Tunnel. You can become king and queen here, at this insanely romantic spot that smacks of something between the Bavarian castle that inspired Disneyland's signature structure and the Oregon ski lodge featured in "The Shining."

If you say the words Daytona Beach to a person with even a minimal amount golf knowledge, more than likely their mind's eye will draw up images of unending, gorgeous golf courses and fantasies of some of the best golfing that can be found anywhere in the world. And there is a good reason why that is so.