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Charles Dudley Warner Famous Quotes


The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value. ~Author : Charles Dudley Warner Famous Quotes How frequently the last time comes and we do not know. ~Author : John Walter Inspirational SayingsMore Categories Generations Quotes Morality Sayings Famous Saying Quotes Movie Sayings Adversity Quotes Personality Sayings Goals Quotes Consumerism Sayings Responsibility Quotes Bores Sayings I remember how my Great Uncle Jerry would sit on the porch and whittle all day long. Once he whittled me a toy boat out of a larger toy boat I had. It was almost as good as the first one, except now it had bumpy whittle marks all over it. And no paint, because he had whittled off the paint. ~Author : Jack Handey Deep Thoughts Nice Quotes What this power is, I cannot say. All I know is that it exists...and it becomes available only when you are in that state of mind in which you know EXACTLY what you want...and are fully determined not to quit until you get it. ~Author : Alexander Graham Bell Great Sayings I?ll fight when needed, revel when there?s an occasion, mourn when there is grief, and die if my time comes? but I won?t let anyone use me against my will. ~Author : Christopher Paolini Author of Eragon and Eldest Quotes came from Eragon Meaningful Sayings Thinking is the talking of the soul with itself. ~Author : Plato Wise Quotes The joy of a spirit is the measure of its power. ~Author : Ninon de Lenclos Motivational Sayings The last temptation is the greatest treason: to do the right deed for the wrong reason. ~Author : T S Eliot Famous Quotes Men always want to be a woman's first love - women like to be a man's last romance. ~Author : Oscar Wilde Inspirational Sayings In California everyone goes to a therapist, is a therapist, or is a therapist going to a therapist. ~Author : Truman Capote Nice Quotes Joel Ed, are you hallucinating Ed Oh, yeah, but not right now. ~Author : Christian Williams Great Sayings Civilization is a slow process of adopting the ideas of minorities. ~Author : Anonymous Meaningful Sayings Only actions give life strength only moderation gives it a charm. ~Author : Jean Paul Richter Wise Quotes Full fathom five thy father lies;Of his bones are coral made;Those are pearls that were his eyes:Nothing of him that doth fadeBut doth suffer a sea-changeInto something rich and strange. ~Author : William Shakespeare The Tempest Act 1 scene 2 Motivational Sayings Fortune helps the brave. ~Author : Terence Famous Quotes Cowardly dogs bark loudest. ~Author : John Webster The White Devil 1612 Inspirational Sayings It is terrifying to see how easily, in certain people, all dignity collapses. Yet when you think about it, this is quite normal since they only maintain this dignity by constantly striving against their own nature. ~Author : Albert Camus Nice Quotes Patience is the best remedy for every trouble. ~Author : Titus Maccius Plautus Great Sayings Life's greatest happiness is to be convinced we are loved. ~Author : Victor Hugo Meaningful Sayings It matters if you just don't give up. ~Author : Stephen William Hawking Wise Quotes Real stupidity beats artificial intelligence every time. ~Author : Terry Pratchett Hogfather Motivational Sayings God is not on the side of any nation, yet we know He is on the side of justice. Our finest moments [as a nation] have come when we faithfully served the cause of justice for our own citizens, and for the people of other lands. ~Author : George W Bush Klein J 2004 The perils of a righteous president Time May 17 25 Famous Quotes When people have no other tyrant, their own public opinion becomes one. ~Author : Edward BulwerLytton Inspirational Sayings If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich. ~Author : John Fitzgerald Kennedy Nice Quotes Life has . taught me not to expect success to be the inevitable result of my endeavors. She taught me to seek sustenance from the endeavor itself, but to leave the result to God. ~Author : Alan Stewa[...]

Titus Plautus Famous Quotes


Courage in danger is half the battle. ~Author : Titus Plautus Famous Quotes The reason I dont play ballads? Because I love to play them. ~Author : Miles Davis Film The Miles Davis Story Inspirational Sayings I believe that all government is evil, and that trying to improve it is largely a waste of time. ~Author : HL Mencken Nice Quotes A love that can last forever takes but a second to come about. ~Author : Cuban Proverb Great Sayings My father said, 'Politics asks the question Is it expedient Vanity asks Is it popular But conscience asks Is it right' ~Author : Dexter Scott King Meaningful Sayings Life has loveliness to sell, All beautiful and splendid things, Blue waves whitened on a cliff, Soaring fire that sways and sings And children's faces looking up Holding wonder like a cup. ~Author : Sara Teasdale Wise Quotes Laughter is the closest distance between two people. ~Author : Victor Borge Motivational Sayings The pen is the tongue of the mind. ~Author : Miguel de Cervantes Famous Quotes Do not speak harshly to any one; those who are spoken to will answer thee in the same way. Angry speech is painful: blows for blows will touch thee. ~Author : Buddha The Dharmapada Inspirational Sayings There is nothing better than the encouragement of a good friend. ~Author : Katharine Butler Hathaway Nice Quotes A venturesome minority will always be eager to get off on their own... let them take risks, for Godsake, let them get lost, sunburnt, stranded, drowned, eaten by bears, buried alive under avalanches- that is the right and privilege of any free American. ~Author : 16 Idaho Law Review 407 420 1980 Great Sayings Better late than never. ~Author : Titus Livius History Meaningful Sayings We are not enemies but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic cords of memory shall swell when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of nature. ~Author : Abraham Lincoln Wise Quotes One can acquire everything in solitude - except character. ~Author : Marie Henri Beyle Motivational Sayings Here is a great body of our Jewish citizens from whom have sprung men of genius in every walk of our varied life; men who have conceived of its ideals with singular clearness; and led enterprises with sprit & sagacity... They are not Jews in America, they are American citizens. ~Author : Woodrow Wilson Famous Quotes Often a certain abdication of prudence and foresight is an element of success. ~Author : Ralph Waldo Emerson Inspirational Sayings Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly. ~Author : Robert Francis Kennedy Nice Quotes The only difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is that the Democrats allow the poor to be corrupt, too. ~Author : Oscar Levant Great Sayings American foreign policy must be more than the management of crisis. It must have a great and guiding goal: to turn this time of American influence into generations of democratic peace. ~Author : George W Bush speech November 19 1999 Meaningful Sayings The hatred we bear our enemies injures their happiness less than our own. ~Author : J PetitSenn Wise Quotes Bisexuality automatically doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night. ~Author : Woody Allen Motivational Sayings All the president is, is a glorified public relations man who spends his time flattering, kissing, and kicking people to get them to do what they are supposed to do anyway. ~Author : Harry S Truman Famous Quotes The Americans have need of the telephone, but we do not. We have plenty of messenger boys. ~Author : Sir William Preece chief engineer of the British Post Office 1876 Inspirational Sayings To receive applause for works which do not demand all our powers hinders our advance towards a perfecting of our spirit. It usually means that thereafter we stand still. ~Author : G C Lichtenberg Nice Quotes We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they [...]

Allan Goldfein Famous Quotes


Only exceptionally rational men can afford to be absurd. ~Author : Allan Goldfein Famous Quotes Ignorance, the root and the stem of every evil. ~Author : Plato Inspirational Sayings Critics are our friends, they tell us our faults. ~Author : Benjamin Franklin Nice Quotes Fortune can, for her pleasure, fools advance, And toss them on the wheels of Chance. ~Author : Juvenal Great Sayings There is no surer way to misread any document than to read it literally. As nearly as we can, we must put ourselves in the place of those who uttered the words, and try to divine how they would have dealt with the unforeseen situation; and, evidence of what they would have done, they are by no means final. ~Author : Learned Hand Meaningful Sayings There is a concept which corrupts and upsets all others. I refer not to Evil, whose limited realm is that of ethics I refer to the infinite. ~Author : Jorge Luis Borges Wise Quotes Her only flair is in her nostrils. ~Author : Pauline Kael Motivational Sayings On a long journey of human life, faith is the best of companions it is the best refreshment on the journey and it is the greatest property. ~Author : Buddha Famous Quotes The CIA is made up of boys whose families sent them to Princeton but wouldn't let them into the family brokerage business. ~Author : Lyndon B Johnson Inspirational Sayings Better shun the bait, than struggle in the snare. ~Author : John Dryden Nice Quotes Our ignorance of history makes us libel our own times. People have always been like this. ~Author : Gustave Flaubert Great Sayings People will believe anything. They will believe it because they want it to be true, or because they are afraid it is. ~Author : Terry Goodkind Meaningful Sayings Who would've thought such a slight tilt in our earthly axis could make such a big difference in our lives The big wheel keeps on turning and here we are again, looking in the sweet face of darkness. ~Author : Geoffrey Neighor Wise Quotes Age is a function of mind over matter if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. ~Author : Leroy Robert Satchel Paige Motivational Sayings He who controls the past controls the future. ~Author : George Orwell Nineteen EightyFour Famous Quotes Where there is no vision, the people perish. ~Author : Proverbs 2918 Inspirational Sayings Some people go to priests others to poetry I to my friends. ~Author : Oscar Fingall O'Flahertie Wills Wilde Nice Quotes Applause is a receipt, not a bill. ~Author : Arthur Schnabel Great Sayings Of two evils choose neither. ~Author : Charles Haddon Spurgeon Meaningful Sayings Genuine beginnings begin within us, even when they are brought to our attention by external opportunities. ~Author : William Bridges Wise Quotes The whole business of marshaling one's energies becomes more and more important as one grows older. ~Author : Hume Cronyn Motivational Sayings You will find it a very good practice always to verify your references sir. ~Author : Martin Routh Famous Quotes Why be a man when you can be a success? ~Author : Bertolt Brecht Inspirational Sayings Stupid is a boundless concept. ~Author : Anonymous Nice Quotes I think a cute movie idea would be about a parrot who is raised by eagles. It would be cute because the parrot can't seem to act like an eagle. After a while, though, to keep the movie from getting boring, maybe put in some pornography. Later, we see the happy parrot flying along, acting like an eagle. He see two parrots below and starts to attack, but it's his parents. Then, some more pornography. ~Author : Jack Handey Deep Thoughts Great Sayings The world is too much with us; late and soon,Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers:Little we see in Nature that is ours;We have given our hearts away, a sordid boon! ~Author : William Wordsworth The World is Too Much With Us Meaningful Sayings Indeed, the Founders mentioned the pagan authors in so many heartfelt speeches, pamphlets and letters that today's sweeping references to Ame[...]

E S Dallas Famous Quotes


It is good for a man to eat thistles and to remember that he is an ass. ~Author : E S Dallas Famous Quotes Fear secretes acids; but love and trust are sweet juices. ~Author : Henry Ward Beecher Inspirational Sayings Deep experience is never peaceful. ~Author : Henry James Nice Quotes In case of dissension, never dare to judge till you've heard the other side. ~Author : Euripides Great Sayings Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. ~Author : Muriel Strode Meaningful Sayings You must accept that you might fail then, if you do your best and still don't win, at least you can be satisfied that you've tried. If you don't accept failure as a possibility, you don't set high goals, and you don't branch out, you don't try-you don't take the risk. ~Author : Rosalynn Carter Wise Quotes As a nation we are dedicated to keeping physically fit and parking as close to the stadium as possible. ~Author : Joe Moore Motivational Sayings I would feel more optimistic about a bright future for man if he spent less time proving that he can outwit Nature and more time tasting her sweetness and respecting her seniority. ~Author : EB White Famous Quotes Avoid the evil, and it will avoid thee. ~Author : Gaelic Proverb Inspirational Sayings There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his. ~Author : Helen Keller Nice Quotes Think of what would happen to us in America if there were no humorists; life would be one long Congressional Record. ~Author : Tom Masson Great Sayings Journalism is popular, but it is popular mainly as fiction. Life is one world, and life seen in the newspapers is another. ~Author : G K Chesterton Meaningful Sayings Evil is a point of view. God kills indiscriminately and so shall we. For no creatures under God are as we are, none so like him as ourselves. ~Author : Anne Rice Interview with a Vampire Wise Quotes Things that are done, it is needless to speak about...things that are past, it is needless to blame. ~Author : Confucius The Confucian Analects Motivational Sayings If I could drop dead right now, I'd be the happiest man alive. ~Author : Samuel Goldwyn Famous Quotes There comes a moment when you realize that virtually anything is possible- that nothing is too good to be true. ~Author : Kobi Yamoda Inspirational Sayings The voice of the people is the voice of God.(Vox Populi, Vox Dei) ~Author : Alcuin Nice Quotes The gods help them that help themselves. ~Author : Aesop Great Sayings It should be our care not so much to live a long life as a satisfactory one. ~Author : Seneca Meaningful Sayings Some years ago I became president of Columbia University and learned within 24 hours to be ready to speak at the drop of a hat, and I learned something more, the trustees were expected to be ready to speak at the passing of the hat. ~Author : Dwight D Eisenhower Wise Quotes Virtue extends our days he live two lives who relives his past with pleasure. ~Author : Marcus Valerius Martialis Motivational Sayings Nothing is too wonderful to be true. ~Author : Michael Faraday Famous Quotes Man is more himself, man is more manlike, when joy is the fundamental thing in him, and grief the superficial. ~Author : Philip Dormer Stanhope Chesterfield Inspirational Sayings Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are more pliable. ~Author : Mark Twain Nice Quotes Mistakes are a great educator when one is honest enough to admit them and willing to learn from them ~Author : Author Unknown Great Sayings Health is not valued till sickness comes. ~Author : Thomas Fuller Meaningful Sayings Unquestionably, there is progress. The average American now pays out twice as much in taxes as he formerly got in wages. ~Author : Henry Louis Mencken Wise Quotes All universal moral principles are idle fantasies. ~Author : Marquis de Sade Motivational Sayings[...]

Lillian Hellman The Little Foxes 1939 Famous Quotes


Cynicism is an unpleasant way of saying the truth. ~Author : Lillian Hellman The Little Foxes 1939 Famous Quotes If you must love your neighbor as yourself, it is at least as fair to love yourself as your neighbor. ~Author : SebastienRoch Nicolas Inspirational Sayings Jokes of the proper kind, properly told, can do more to enlighten questions of politics, philosophy, and literature than any number of dull arguments. ~Author : Isaac Asimov Nice Quotes Fathers send their sons to college either because they went to college or because they didn't. ~Author : L L Henderson Great Sayings We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people. ~Author : Arthur Schopenhauer Meaningful Sayings The stupid neither forgive nor forget the naive forgive and forget the wise forgive but do not forget. ~Author : Thomas Szasz Wise Quotes Every man is the architect of his own fortune. ~Author : Sallust Motivational Sayings My wallpaper and i are fighting a duel to death. One or the other has to go. ~Author : Oscar Wilde Famous Quotes If once a man indulges himself in murder, very soon he comes to think little of robbing; and from robbing he next comes to drinking and Sabbath-breaking, and from that to incivility and procrastination. ~Author : Thomas De Quincey Inspirational Sayings Your mind, which is yourself, can be likened to a house. The first necessary move then, is to rid that house of all but furnishings essential to success. ~Author : John McDonald Nice Quotes Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead. ~Author : Benjamin Franklin Great Sayings A little inaccuracy sometimes saves tons of explanation. ~Author : Saki The Square Egg 1924 Meaningful Sayings What broke in a man when he could bring himself to kill another ~Author : Alan Stewart Paton Wise Quotes Rarely do we find men who willingly to engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think. ~Author : Martin Luther King Jr Motivational Sayings Great deeds are usually wrought at great risks. ~Author : Herodotus The Histories of Herodotus Famous Quotes An insincere and evil friend is more to be feared than a wild beast a wild beast may wound your body, but an evil friend will wound your mind. ~Author : Buddha Inspirational Sayings My country, right or wrong, is a thing that no patriot would think of saying except in a desperate case. It is like saying, My mother, drunk or sober. ~Author : G K Chesterton Nice Quotes States should have the right to enact... laws...particularly to end the inhumane practice of ending a life that otherwise could live. ~Author : George W Bush Gov of Texas state leading in executions Great Sayings Judge of thine improvement, not by what thou speakest or writest, but by the firmness of thy mind, and the government of thy passions and affections. ~Author : Thomas Fuller Meaningful Sayings To like and dislike the same things, that is indeed true friendship. ~Author : Sallust Wise Quotes Republicans believe every day is the Fourth of July, but Democrats believe every day is April 15. ~Author : Ronald Reagan Motivational Sayings Men of genius are often dull and inert in society, as a blazing meteor when it descends to earth, is only a stone. ~Author : Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Famous Quotes There may be a great fire in our soul, yet no one ever comes to warm himself at it, and the passers-by see only a wisp of smoke. ~Author : Vincent Van Gogh Inspirational Sayings The secret of dealing successfully with a child is not to be its parent. ~Author : Mel Lazarus Nice Quotes #3530. That which does not appear to exist is to be regarded as if it did not exist. ~Author : California Civil Code Maxims of Jurisprudence Great Sayings The first glance at History convinces us that the actions of men proceed from their needs, their passions, their character[...]