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Author Unknown Famous Quotes


Conversation is an exercise of the mind; gossip is merely an exercise of the tongue. ~Author : Author Unknown Famous Quotes None of us will every accomplish anything excellent or commanding except when he listens to this whisper which is heard by him alone. ~Author : Ralph Waldo Emerson Inspirational SayingsMore Categories Jealousy Quotes Wealth Sayings Music Quotes Chinese Saying Sayings Dogs Quotes Celebrity Sayings Running Quotes Self-reflection Sayings Birthday Sayings Quotes Exaggeration Sayings Irrationally held truths may be more harmful than reasoned errors. ~Author : Thomas H Huxley Nice Quotes I have never found a companion that was so companionable as solitude. We are for the most part more lonely when we go abroad among men than when we stay in our chambers. A man thinking or working is always alone, let him be where he will. ~Author : Henry David Thoreau Great Sayings Isn't it funny how one minute life can be such a struggle, and the next minute you're just driving real fast, swerving back and forth across the road ~Author : Jack Handey Deep Thoughts Meaningful Sayings A tactical retreat is not a bad response to a surprise assault, you know. First you survive. Then you choose your own ground. Then you counterattack. ~Author : Lois McMaster Bujold Wise Quotes A free lunch is only found in mousetraps. ~Author : John Capozzi Motivational Sayings There is a fullness of all things, even of sleep and love. ~Author : Homer Famous Quotes If you aspire to the highest place it is no disgrace to stop at the second, or even the third. ~Author : Marcus Tullius Cicero Inspirational Sayings A man is judged by his deeds, not by his words. ~Author : Russian Proverb Nice Quotes Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. ~Author : Roald Dahl Great Sayings Who makes quick use of the moment is a genius of prudence. ~Author : Johann Kaspar Lavater Meaningful Sayings The real sadness of fifty is not that you change so much but that you change so little. ~Author : Max Lerner Wise Quotes Perfect valor is to behave, without witnesses, as one would act were all the world watching. ~Author : La Rochefoucauld Motivational Sayings Democracy: The substitution of election by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few. ~Author : George Bernard Shaw Famous Quotes In a big family the first child is kind of like the first pancake. If it's not perfect, that's okay, there are a lot more coming along. ~Author : Antonin Scalia Inspirational Sayings Friends are angels that lift us to our feet when our wings have trouble remembering how to fly. ~Author : Unknown Nice Quotes To give anything less than your best is to give away the gift. ~Author : Steve Prefontaine Great Sayings If confusion is the first step to knowledge, I must be a genius. ~Author : Larry Leissner Meaningful Sayings Making a success of the job at hand is the best step toward the kind you want. ~Author : Bernard Mannes Baruch Wise Quotes Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime. Teach a man to create an artificial shortage of fish and he will eat steak. ~Author : Jay Leno Motivational Sayings If life indeed is a stage, then how can we act our parts if we can't read our script ~Author : Vu Quyen Famous Quotes Indeed the dictum that truth always triumphs over persecution, is one of those pleasant falsehoods which men repeat after one another till they pass into common places, but which all experience refutes. ~Author : John Stuart Mill Inspirational Sayings Of all the gods, Death only craves not gifts:Nor sacrifice, nor yet drink-offering pouredAvails; no altars hath he, nor is soothedBy hymns of praise. From him alone of allThe powers of heaven Persuasion holds aloof. ~Author : Aeschylus 525456 BC Frag 146 trans by Plumptre Nice Quotes Defeat never comes to any man until he admits it. ~Author : Josephus Daniels Great Sayings Propaganda is the art of persuading others of what you don't believe yourself. ~Author : Ausonius Meaningful [...]

Victor Hugo Famous Quotes


At the shrine of friendship never say die, let the wine of friendship never run dry. (Les Miserables) ~Author : Victor Hugo Famous Quotes There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. ~Author : Shakespeare Hamlet Inspirational Sayings A man who loses his money, gains, at the least, experience, and sometimes, something better. ~Author : Benjamin Disraeli Nice Quotes The absolute yearning of one human body for another particular body and its indifference to substitutes is one of life's major mysteries. ~Author : Jean Iris Murdoch Great Sayings Heaven-born, the soul a heavenward course must hold beyond the world she soars the wise man, I affirm, can find no rest in that which perishes, nor will he lend his heart to ought that doth time depend. ~Author : Michelangelo Buonarroti Meaningful Sayings I tend to live in the past because most of my life is there. ~Author : Herb Caen Wise Quotes Welcome to President Bush, Mrs. Bush, and my fellow astronauts. ~Author : Dan Quayle Motivational Sayings So cheat your landlord if you can and must, but do not try to shortchange the Muse. It cannot be done. You can't fake quality any more than you can fake a good meal. ~Author : William Seward Burroughs Famous Quotes The real giants have been poets, men who jumped from facts into the realm of imagination and ideas. ~Author : Bill Bernbach Inspirational Sayings Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives. ~Author : John Stuart Mill Nice Quotes You cannot control what happens to you, but you can control your attitude toward what happens to you, and in that, you will be mastering change rather than allowing it to master you. ~Author : Brian Tracy Great Sayings A moment's insight is sometimes worth a life's experience. ~Author : Oliver Wendell Holmes Meaningful Sayings Mankind censure injustice fearing that they may be the victims of it, and not because they shrink from committing it. ~Author : Plato The Republic Wise Quotes RICHER THAN GOLDYou may have tangible wealth untoldCaskets of jewels and coffers of gold.Richer than I you can never be --I had a mother who read to me. ~Author : Strickland Gillilan Motivational Sayings Wouldn't it be weird if the only way people could die was that their heads suddenly exploded without warning If there was simply no other cause of death One day you'd be sitting there having a hot chocolate, and suddenly your head would explode. ~Author : George Famous Quotes I met in the street a very poor young man who was in love. His hat was old, his coat worn, his cloak was out at the elbows, the water passed through his shoes, - and the stars through his soul. ~Author : Victor Hugo Inspirational Sayings I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered. ~Author : George Best Nice Quotes Nothing can so alienate a voter from the political system as backing a winning candidate. ~Author : Mark B Cohen Great Sayings Christmas is the season when people run out of money before they run out of friends. ~Author : Larry Wilde Meaningful Sayings Hats off to drug abusers everywhere. ~Author : Jerry Coleman Wise Quotes A friendship founded on business is better than a business founded on friendship. ~Author : John D Rockefeller Jr Motivational Sayings As if you could kill time without injuring eternity. ~Author : Henry David Thoreau Famous Quotes My wish is to ride the tempest, tame the waves, kill the sharks. I will not resign myself... ~Author : Trieu Thi Trinh Inspirational Sayings No one would talk much in society, if he knew how often he misunderstood others. ~Author : Johann von Goethe Nice Quotes Aesthetic emotion puts man in a state favorable to the reception of erotic emotion. Art is the accomplice of love. Take love away and there is no longer art. ~Author : Rmy de Gourmont Great Sayings Life is a God-damned, stinking, treacherous game and nine hundred and ninety-nine men out of a thousand are bastards. ~Author : Theodore Dreise[...]

Napoleon I Famous Quotes


Valor is a gift. Those having it never know for sure whether they have it till the test comes. And those having it in one test never know for sure if they will have it when the next test comes. ~Author : Napoleon I Famous Quotes Disinterested intellectual curiosity is the life blood of real civilization. ~Author : G M Trevelyan Inspirational Sayings One day at a time- this is enough. Do not look back and grieve over the past, for it is gone; and do not be troubled about the future, for it has not yet come. Live in the present, and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering. ~Author : Ida Scott Taylor Nice Quotes There are some experiences in life which should not be demanded twice from any man, and one of them is listening to the Brahms Requiem. ~Author : George Bernard Shaw Great Sayings In activity we must find our joy as well as glory; and labor, like everything else that is good, is its own reward ~Author : Edwin P Whipple Meaningful Sayings It is the characteristic excellence of the strong man that he can bring momentous issues to the fore and make a decision about them. The weak are always forced to decide between alternatives they have not chosen themselves. ~Author : Dietrich Bonhoeffer Wise Quotes There are mighty few people who think what they think they think. ~Author : Robert Henri Motivational Sayings I am in earnest--I will not equivocate--I will not excuse--I will not retreat a single inch--and I will be heard. ~Author : William Lloyd Garrison Famous Quotes Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end. It's not a day when you lounge around doing nothing it's when you've had everything to do, and you've done it. ~Author : Margaret Hilda Thatcher Inspirational Sayings Besides anarchy, the worst thing in this world is government. ~Author : Henry Ward Beecher Nice Quotes When you go to a party at somebody's house, don't automatically assume that the drinks are free. Ask, and ask often. ~Author : Jack Handey Deep Thoughts Great Sayings It?s only when the tide goes out that you discover who?s been swimming naked. ~Author : Warren Buffett Meaningful Sayings We need not to be let alone. We need to be really bothered once in a while. How long is it since you were really bothered? About something important, about something real? ~Author : Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 1953 Wise Quotes Philosophy is a battle against the bewitchment of our intelligence by means of language. ~Author : Ludwig Wittgenstein Motivational Sayings If I make a record I love, then somebody will like it. Maybe not everybody, but that won't matter. ~Author : Norah Jones Famous Quotes There will be a time when loud-mouthed, incompetent people seem to be getting the best of you. When that happens, you only have to be patient and wait for them to self destruct. It never fails. ~Author : Richard Rybolt Inspirational Sayings The pursuit of perfection often impedes improvement. ~Author : George Will Nice Quotes The only man who never makes mistakes is the man who never does anything. ~Author : Theodore Roosevelt Great Sayings Winning is important to me, but what brings me real joy is the experience of being fully engaged in whatever I'm doing. ~Author : Phil Jackson Meaningful Sayings Sometimes what's right isn't as important as what's profitable. ~Author : Trey and Matt Stone Parker Wise Quotes Only dreamers can teach us to soar. ~Author : Anne Marie Pierce Motivational Sayings Look and you will find it - what is unsought will go undetected. ~Author : Sophocles Famous Quotes Woe to the man whose heart has not learned while young to hope, to love - and to put its trust in life. ~Author : Joseph Conrad Inspirational Sayings It is in the gift for employing all the vicissitudes of life to one's own advantage and to that of one's craft that a large part of genius consists. ~Author : Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Nice Quotes Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes[...]

Elbert Hubbard Famous Quotes


If pleasures are greatest in anticipation, just remember that this is also true of trouble. ~Author : Elbert Hubbard Famous Quotes No day in which you learn something is a complete loss. ~Author : David Eddings King of the Murgos Inspirational Sayings I learned in business that you had to be very careful when you told somebody that's working for you to do something, because the chances were very high he'd do it. In government, you don't have to worry about that. ~Author : George Pratt Shultz Nice Quotes The highest endeavor of the mind, and the highest virtue, is to understand things by intuition. ~Author : Baruch Spinoza The Ethics Great Sayings The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others. His own good, either physical or moral, is not sufficient warrant. ~Author : John Stuart Mill Meaningful Sayings Common sense is not so common. ~Author : Voltaire Wise Quotes Zeal is a volcano, the peak of which the grass of indecisiveness does not grow. ~Author : Kahlil Gibran Motivational Sayings We seek a constitutional amendment to permit voluntary school prayer. God should never have been expelled from America's classrooms in the first place. ~Author : Ronald Reagan Famous Quotes To be wronged is nothing unless you continue to remember it. ~Author : Confucius Inspirational Sayings Trees are the earth's endless effort to speak to the listening heaven. ~Author : Rabindranath Tagore Nice Quotes Trying to define yourself is like trying to bite your own teeth. ~Author : Alan B Watts Great Sayings Sooner of later that which is now life shall be poetry, and every fair and manly trait shall add a richer strain to the song. ~Author : Ralph Waldo Emerson Meaningful Sayings The significance of a man is not in what he attains, but rather what he longs to attain. ~Author : Kahlil Gibran Wise Quotes Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding. ~Author : Bible Proverbs 47 Motivational Sayings A military operation involves deception. Even though you are competent, appear to be incompetent. Though effective, appear to be ineffective. ~Author : Suntzu Famous Quotes For a true writer each book should be a new beginning where he tries again for something that is beyond attainment. He should always try for something that has never been done or that others have tried and failed. Then sometimes, with great luck, he will succeed. ~Author : Ernest Hemingway in his Nobel Prize acceptance speech Inspirational Sayings Valour needs first strength, then a weapon. ~Author : J R R Tolkien Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring Nice Quotes I will demand a commitment to excellence and to victory, and that is what life is all about. ~Author : Vince Lombardi Lombardi Winning is the only thing by Jerry Kramer Great Sayings Some pray to marry the man they love, my prayer will somewhat vary I humbly pray to heaven above that I love the man I marry. ~Author : Rose Pastor Stokes Meaningful Sayings If you want to succeed in the world you must make your own opportunities as you go on. The man who waits for some seventh wave to toss him on dry land will find that the seventh wave is a long time a-coming. You can commit no greater folly than to sit by the road side until someone comes along and invites you to ride with him to wealth or influence. ~Author : John B Gough Wise Quotes Why comes temptation, but for man to meet and master and crouch beneath his foot, and so be pedestaled in triumph ~Author : Robert Browning Motivational Sayings Happiness is not a circus clown rolling around in a big tractor tire so that his arms and legs form 'spokes.' Happiness is when he stops. ~Author : Jack Handey Deep Thoughts Famous Quotes Don't walk behind me I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend. ~Author : Albert Camu[...]

James Earl Jimmy Carter Jr Famous Quotes


You have given me a great responsibility to stay close to you, to be worthy of you and to exemplify what you are. ~Author : James Earl Jimmy Carter Jr Famous Quotes You're never as good as everyone tells you when you win, and you're never as bad as they say when you lose. ~Author : Lou Holtz Inspirational Sayings Things could always be worse; for instance, you could be ugly and work in the Post Office. ~Author : Adrienne E Gusoff Nice Quotes If a writer wrote merely for his time, I would have to break my pen and throw it away. ~Author : Victor Hugo Great Sayings Sometimes there are no answers. ~Author : Christopher Paolini Author of Eragon and Eldest Quote from Eragon Meaningful Sayings In San Francisco, Haloween is redundant. ~Author : Will Durst Wise Quotes The first condition of immortality is death. ~Author : Stanislaw J Lec Unkempt Thoughts Motivational Sayings Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. ~Author : James Baldwin Famous Quotes The greatest conflicts are not between two people but between one person and himself. ~Author : Garth Brooks Country Music Inspirational Sayings The genius of impeachment lay in the fact that it could punish the man without punishing the office. ~Author : Arthur Schlesinger Jr Nice Quotes You can't wake a person who is pretending to be asleep. Navajo ~Author : American Indian Proverb Great Sayings The secret of success is for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes. ~Author : Benjamin Disraeli Meaningful Sayings You have been my friend. That in itself is a tremendous thing. I wove my webs for you because I liked you. After all, what's a life, anyway We're born, we live a little while, we die. A spider's life can't help being something of a mess, with all this trapping and eating flies. By helping you, perhaps I was trying to lift up my life a trifle. Heaven knows anyone's life can stand a little of that. ~Author : E B White Wise Quotes Every man wishes to be wise, and they who cannot be wise are almost always cunning. ~Author : Samuel Johnson Motivational Sayings One ought never to turn one's back on a threatened danger and try to run away from it. If you do that, you will double the danger. But if you meet it promptly and without flinching, you will reduce the danger by half. ~Author : Sir Winston Churchill Famous Quotes There are many men whose tongues might govern multitudes if they could govern their tongues. ~Author : George D Prentice Inspirational Sayings The truest expression of a people is in its dance and music. ~Author : Agnes de Mille Nice Quotes A friend is someone, who upon seeing another friend in immense pain, would rather be the one experiencing the pain than to have to watch their friend suffer. ~Author : Amanda Grier Great Sayings Physicists like to think that all you have to do is say, these are the conditions, now what happens next? ~Author : Richard Feynman Meaningful Sayings Be humble for you are made of dung. Be noble for you are made of stars. ~Author : Serbian proverb Wise Quotes Since the Exodus, freedom has always spoken with a Hebrew accent. ~Author : Heinrich Heine Motivational Sayings The superior man is modest in his speech but exceeds in his actions. ~Author : Confucius Famous Quotes Sleep... Oh! how I loathe those little slices of death.... ~Author : Longfellow Inspirational Sayings A man's first care should be to avoid the reproaches of his own heart, his next to escape the censures of the world. ~Author : English Proverb Nice Quotes The successful people are the ones that can think up stuff for the rest of the world to keep busy at. ~Author : Donald Robert Perry Marquis Great Sayings It is impossible for an Englishman to open his mouth without making some other Englishman hate or despise him. ~Author : George Bernard Shaw Pygmalion 1916 preface Meaningful Sayings Customs are more powerful than law[...]