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No matter how much you love them it is not always possible to shop for everyone - especially with all the baby gifts that you also want to purchase for your friends that are having babies this time of

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Holiday Shopping For Babies and Toddlers

Fri, 07 Aug 2009 10:49:00 +0000

A new generation of toddlers is growing up with gadgets that teach as well as entertain. What better time to have children when there are so many unique baby gifts that encourage learning in a fun way.

In the 1970's we had Sesame Street; the 1980's saw the advent of Barney, and in the 1990's our toddlers discovered Teletubbies. Each generation of toddler has its very own educational programming. The toy manufacturers want in on this lucrative and beneficial business.

This holiday season before you create your list and check it twice there are a few toys worthy of your serious consideration that may not leap immediately to mind. These items are almost guaranteed to earn your toddler's love as well as make his imagination soar all while learning a few new skills.

PBS no longer has the corner on the educational programming market. There are scores of shows on public television as well as popular cable networks that very effectively teach as well as entertain toddlers. Why not treat your child to his or her very own DVD collection of their favorites for Christmas this year?

These gifts are certain to please and will ease pressure on parents who may need a few seconds of down time. Popping in a DVD to entertain your child while you drive or attend to household chores will not cause such pangs of guilt when you know that your child's mind and imagination are benefiting from the experience.

To turbo boost your child's learning and really make the television work for you there are a number of toys that make TV interactive. These toys combine technology and fun to make the screen of your television come alive with learning. The hook up is simple and play can last for hours.
Different programs allow your child to learn the alphabet. This is not just memorizing a simple song, but actually seeing and learning the letters by sight as well as their sounds. Such programs are bound to enhance early reading skills.

Other topics covered include: music, numbers, counting and simple math, early reading, basic history, geography and social lessons.

Most parents grow a bit faint at heart when the suggestion of computer games is offered to their toddlers. Don't worry these games are neither hard core shoot 'em up nor watered down fantasy entertainment.

Your toddler sees you at the computer and desires to likewise spend a fair share of time behind the keyboard. Familiar characters interact with your child as they navigate the video game together and learn from a wide variety of subjects. Toddler video games are fun, creative and most always teach pre-K skills with amazing proficiency. Educational baby gifts have amazing videos and audios that promote learning.

Learning to count, identify colors and shapes are not the only skills a video game has to offer your toddler. In today's fast paced world which revolves around technology, a toddler who knows how to double click is just level with the learning curve. Exposing your child to the computer early and letting them learn mouse and keyboarding skills young will only help your child as they enter school.

All of these ideas can be helpful when shopping for a baby gifts. After all, this new little person is going to be an important part of your life for a long time.
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Family Gift Exchanges Suggestions

Fri, 07 Aug 2009 10:49:00 +0000

No matter how much you love them it is not always possible to shop for everyone - especially with all the baby gifts that you also want to purchase for your friends that are having babies this time of the year.

Your family until recently has been fairly small. This made holiday get togethers intimate and relaxing. Preparing your shopping list was a special treat and expense of the gifts vs. rent and grocery needs rarely crossed your mind. Now as time moves you and your siblings into another phase of life your holiday shopping is not only becoming more complex with in-laws, but also nieces, nephews and grandchildren.

Although holiday gatherings are much more boisterous with the pitter-patter of little feet and an infant's occasional protests, you still look forward to spending time with those you love best. Your holiday shopping list on the other hand is a different story. Buying gifts for each individual, no matter how much you love them, is becoming a holiday drain.

It might be time for a change. It is possible you are not the only one feeling the pinch, and all that is needed is to bring concerns out into the open. Shopping for children should be the highlight of your holiday, not the black pit where your paycheck goes to die. To this end setting up a holiday gift exchange, rather than the typical system where everyone purchases a gift for everyone else might be the perfect solution.

There are as many different kinds of gift exchanges as there are kinds of families. One of the simplest exchanges is to simply set a price limit on the gifts given. This is nice, because you can still give a gift to everyone on your list. But you don't have to rob a bank to get the money. A price limit also eliminates any feelings that you need to compete with someone else. Everyone knows what will be spent, and that is that.

Setting a price limit will ease expense concerns but does nothing to ease the time drain of shopping for 25+ people. If this is your reality then trimming the list might be helpful as well.

Putting each family member's name in a hat and then letting each person draw out a name is a fun way to create the exchange. This adds an element of secrecy that kids really love. Splitting the family along sibling/grandchildren lines also works well. That would mean two exchanges: one among the adults and the other among the toddlers.

Drawing names from a hat is fun, but it assumes you have the time to meet well before Christmas to actually draw the names. A simple solution to this is to create a gift exchange rotation. It is just a schedule of who gives to whom each year. Don't forget all the new little ones that have been recently born - you will want to get them baby gifts.

One of the most popular exchange ideas is to simply bundle each family group together. Then draw names or create a rotation. Your shopping list just shrank considerably. You now only have one family to purchase for. You can get a gift for each member or a gift for the entire family to enjoy together. If you decide to get individual gifts, there are adorable holiday themed newborn baby gifts.

Exchange ideas are endless. They can bring the joy back into your holiday gift giving. This year might be less stressful, and your attention can dwell on your children as well as your nieces and nephews instead of the shopping you still have to complete.
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