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Fri, 07 Aug 2009 00:20:00 +0000

There are no limitations to the remarkable innovations inventors at Sony create, especially when you check out their latest home theater television, the Sony Bravia Sony KDL37W5500. You receive excellent value for the money with this model, and it has the advantage of being available right now.

Handily built with four HDMI inputs, two each on the back and the side and all four with CEC, it is now possible to connect things that enable high definition, like Playstation, Blu-ray, cameras, and video recorders. In order to minimize energy consumption, this Sony KDL 37W5500 has great settings that make it Eco-friendly. The Light Sensor feature will correct the screen's brightness according to the available light in the room, maximizing your viewing experience.

Now, with the USB Media Player, your television screen will be able to display all your personal multimedia files, from digital photos to videos and MP3 Players. First you access the XMB menu, select the files you want to view, and then all you need to do is select "media player". This makes a fantastic method for watching content on a bigger screen or enjoying tunes broadcast via your TV speakers.

You will pleased to learn that the superb Sony KDL37W5500 has a resolution of 1920x1080p. 'P' stands for 'progressive scan,' which means all of the lines of the image are scanned at one time and creates amazing pictures with fine detail. This also applies to video games MotionFlow 100Hz produces smooth and fluid movements that are truly striking.

You'll find that you can enjoy sports and movies without blurs and/or image delays with the MotionFlow 100Hz, which features Image Blur Reduction, which cuts back significantly on both. You receive more free-flowing, and sharper images, because an additional frame is created before moving to the next one.

The adjustments for coulour, brightness and noise level, can be assessed automatically by the Sony KDL37W5500 with BRAVIA ENGINE 3, which offers this highly intelligent function. Regardless of the age of the movie you're watching, you'll be amazed at the video clarity.

24P True Cinema will give you all you can want from a home cinema television. Watching any movie shown at 24 frames per second is really impressive.

You need only one control to operate your entire home cinema system, with the KDL-37W5500 BRAVIA SYNC, eliminating the need to press buttons on several different remotes as required by most home cinema systems.
This provides you with extra moments to be able to relax with your favorite entertainment, with no need to feel frustrated.

The engineers at SONY created DLNA Home NEtworking Technology so people can enjoy multimedia content on their TVs without the use of a computer. If you want to stream tunes, pictures or movies from your computer, today with the Sony Sony KDL37W5500 it is possible to accomplish this without any hassle.