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Updated: 2018-03-05T11:29:09.803-08:00


New Web Site on High Performance Air Filters


A new web site has been launched called High Performance Air Filters. High Performance Air Filters is a review site dedicated to the top performance air filters on the market. The site will show you what benefits this breed of filters offer and what each brand will offer you. All of them offer a more air flow without sacrificing filtration and a durable reusable construction. Making them the one and only filter you will ever need to purchase.

New Informational Lens on High Performance Air Filters


A new Squidoo Lens has been released called Why Performance Auto Air Filters? If you have a few questions about why you should look into upgrading from your traditional paper air filter to a High Performance Auto Air Filter you should check this lens out. Gives you a basic overview of the main befits of upgrading to this new premium technology. Explaining how it can give you more horsepower and torque without sacrificing filtration. Also, with their less restrictive air flow they can achieve better gas mileage. They are reusable so it is the last filter you will ever have to buy. For more on these amazing air filter technologies please visit my lens at