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Tiffany Wall Lamps, The convenient and lovely way to light your home.


Let’s face it, no matter what size your house is, there is usually not enough room to put everything. Lack of space is the number one obstacle to a great looking home. And when there’s barely room for the furniture, you can feel paralyzed when it comes to finding something beautiful to lighten up your room. And for lovers of tiffany style lamps, particularly vintage tiffany table lamps, this can put a damper on owning one of these functional pieces of art. After all, why buy a table lamp when there’s not enough room for a table? There is a solution, with a tiffany wall lamp.

A traditional style lamp, particularly a tiffany lamp, is a great way to add décor and function to your home. But, when you’re limited on space, you want another solution. Many people look to the walls to add décor to a small room. Lightening up the space with posters and paintings instead of décor on tables. This can work just as well with your lighting. Even if you don’t have the room for even one extra table, you always have a little extra space on your walls.

The first rule of interior design is that form follows function. What that basically means is that no matter how pretty a piece is, it’s worthless if it doesn’t have a function. This is not an issue with a tiffany wall lamp. They can provide light in places other lamps can not go, like in the middle of the couch instead of off to one side. And they basically drip beauty. All tiffany lamps have these great shades made of stained glass, set in eye catching patterns. The tiffany wall lamps are no exception. A good tiffany wall lamp will catch your eye and brighten up your room whether it’s turned on or not.

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