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Online Server Backup Storage PC Backup Software Methods

Thu, 06 Aug 2009 15:28:00 +0000

Online server backup of your business data is a crucial part of being an IT administrator. Your business cannot afford to lose any of your precious files - this could mean the difference between staying in business or losing everything! Even if the data is not sensitive,you still don't want to lose it- think of all of the history, drawing files, correspondence, more that you could lose in the event of a server failure.

Many things can cause data loss. A server crash is the most common. To keep your data safe in the event that your server crashes, then you need to make sure everything important is safe and sound somewhere that is not actually on the computer. A hard drive can sometimes be recovered, but not always - it is best to have all of your important files saved to something else. Popular backup methods include tape, CD and DVD ROMs, jump or flash drives, and external hard drives. Backing up your data to a CD or DVD is easy - simply burn your important files to a disc and it's done. Make sure you label each disc clearly, though, so you know what you've put on them, otherwise, you may find yourself later shuffling through a pile of discs to find a single file - and no one wants to do that!

If you have a lot of data to back up, then you might want to stay away from CD or DVD backup discs, as you could end up with a ton of discs and still not be done. This is particularly true if you have large video files - they may not always fit on one disc, and then you are in trouble. If you have a lot of data or many large sized files, then look to a jump or flash drive, or an external hard drive as the solution. Jump or flash drives are small USB powered drives that you can save your files to. They range in size (in terms of how much data they can hold, not physical size!) from small like 256 MB to much larger, like 8 gigs or more. These are ideal for transferring files from computer to computer, especially if you go from a home PC to a work PC and back again while using the same file, but they can also work as a backup method, if you so choose. To back up all of your data, though, you may need a handful of drives, so it may be better to just go with an external hard drive and save the jump drive backup method for an emergency.

External hard drives are basically a big hard drive that isn't connected to your computer except when you hook it up. Simply copy all of the files you want over and you're done. When buying an external, look for one that has its own fans or other cooling mechanism, though, to make sure it stays safe and sound, as overheating can cause the drive to fail, and then where you will be?

Just remember: in the event of a server failure, you do not want to lose any of your precious data, regardless of what it might be. Taking the time to back up your files now will save you a lot of grief and hassle later! is where you can get your pc backup software, to backup my pc, online backup storage, online server backup, pc data backup

Online Server Backup Storage How Should I Use PC Backup Software

Thu, 06 Aug 2009 15:27:00 +0000

The benefits of online server backup solutions are well known. As any computer user that has experienced a crash before can tell you, it is incredibly important to backup your server. In the event that something goes awry with your server, you do not want to risk losing all of your data. The consequences of not backing up your server can be dire. If you use it for work, you risk losing files that are integral pieces required for you to run your business.

To avoid this nightmare, then you need to back up your server data on a regular basis.

For the casual computer user that stores photos, then CDs and DVDs will do the trick. Simply burn the files to the discs, label them clearly, and stow them away somewhere safe. If you have a lot of data or a lot of large files, though, this method may not be the best one for you. When there is a lot of data to back up, then it can become time consuming and inefficient to be continually racking up piles of discs on your desk. If the files themselves are large, then they also may not fit on a single disc or be the only thing you can fit on that one disc, meaning you will need many more on top of the already numerous discs you'll have.

For those people, a more efficient method is to use an external hard drive. These work independently from your computer, so if your computer crashes, all of your data will still be safe. All you need to do is regularly copy your files over to the external drive and you will have an up to date backup storage method. Just make sure to choose an external drive that has its own built in cooling units, like a fan, because heat is one of the most common causes for hardware failure and an external drive that overheats will be useless to you. External hard drives can hold huge amounts of data, so they are not only convenient, but practical.

If you use your computer and data for work, especially if you run your own business, then it is vital to back up your data, even more so than it is for the casual computer user. While it's okay to use discs or an external hard drive to back things up, you may want to consider offsite backup services instead. That way, your data is protected not only in case of computer failure, but in the event of a fire or some other disaster that could ruin your backup methods on top of your computer. There are many services out there that will store your data on their equipment at their facilities, so even if your house burns down, you won't lose your important files. is where you can get your pc backup software, to backup my pc, online backup storage, online server backup, pc data backup