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Interpersonal attraction is the attraction between people which leads to friendships and romantic relationships

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The Rules of Attraction in the Game of Love


o figure out how we pick mates, scientists have measured every shape and angle of the human face, studied the symmetry of dancers, crafted formulas from the measurements of Playboy models, and had both men and women rank attractiveness based on smelling armpit sweat.After all this and more, the rules of attraction for the human species are still not clearly understood. How it all factors into true love is even more mysterious.But a short list of scientific rules for the game of love is emerging. Some are as clearly defined as the prominent, feminine eyes of a supermodel or the desirable hips of a well-built man. Other rules work at the subconscious level, motivating us to action for evolutionary reasons that are tucked inside clouds of infatuation.In the end, lasting love depends at least as much on behavior as biology. But the first moves are made before you're even born.Symmetry equals sexStarting at conception, the human body develops by neatly splitting cells. If every division were to go perfectly, the result would be a baby whose left and right sides are mirror images. But nature doesn't work that way. Genetic mutations and environmental pressures skew symmetry, and the results have lifelong implications.Good symmetry shows that an individual has the genetic goods to survive development, is healthy, and is a good and fertile choice for mating."It makes sense to use symmetry variation in mate choice," said evolutionary biologist Randy Thornhill of the University of New Mexico. "If you choose a perfectly symmetrical partner and reproduce with them, your offspring will have a better chance of being symmetric and able to deal with perturbations."Thornhill has been studying symmetry for 15 years and scanned faces and bodies into computers to determine symmetry ratios. Both men and women rated symmetrical members of the opposite sex as more attractive and in better health than their less symmetrical counterparts. The differences can be just a few percent—perceivable though not necessarily noticeable.By questioning the study participants, Thornhill also found that men with higher degrees of symmetry enjoy more sexual partners than men of lower symmetry."Women's sex-partner numbers are dependent on things other than attractiveness," Thornhill told LiveScience. "Because of the way that the sexual system in humans works, women are choosey. They are being sexually competed for. They have to be wooed and all that."Those hipsBody shape is of course important, too. And scientists have some numbers to prove it. Psychologist Devendra Singh of the University of Texas studied people's waist-to-hip ratio (WHR).Women with a WHR of 0.7—indicating a waist significantly narrower than the hips—are most desirable to men.And an analysis of hourglass figures of Playboy models and Miss America contestants showed that the majority of these women boast a WHR of 0.7 or lower.In general, a range of 0.67 to 1.18 in females is attractive to men, Singh concluded in a 2004 study, while a 0.8 to 1.0 WHR in men is attractive to women, although having broad shoulders is more of a turn-on.What exactly is encoded in the hip ratio? A big fat clue to whether the person will have enough energy to care for offspring.Where fat is deposited on the body is determined by sex hormones; testosterone in men and estrogen in women. If a woman produces the proper amount and mixture of estrogen, then her WHR will naturally fall into the desired range. The same goes for a male's testosterone.People in the ideal hip-ratio range, regardless of weight, are less susceptible to disease such as cardiovascular disorders, cancer, and diabetes, studies have shown. Women in this range also have less difficulty conceiving."The idea is that beauty is conveying information about health and fertility, and we admire that," Singh said in a telephone interview.Face itThe structure of a person's face also gives insight to fertility.Estrogen caps bone growth in a woman's lower face and chin, making them relatively small and short, as well as the brow, allowing for her eyes to appe[...]

How to Attract A Woman


The Best Ways to Handle Physical Contact By Tiffany TaylorTouching/physical contact is an absolutely vital component of seduction. You can't successfully pick-up a girl without first establishing a basic level of mutual tactility - I.E. Before you can move in for the kill by kissing and/or sleeping with her, you MUST first have a regular, healthy amount of touching that works both ways: she flirtatiously puts her hand on your knee, you encircle her waist with your arm and pull her a little closer - whatever form the physical contact takes, it has to be present for you to achieve your final goal of actual seduction. And that right there is where the problem for many men lies: how can a guy get the ball rolling when it comes to tactility and physical closeness? If the girl's not being tactile, how can a guy develop mutual physical closeness without freaking her out or scaring her away?Often men just "go for it" and consequently end up making the girl feel uncomfortable or even slightly violated because of their rushed attempt at physical closeness. Other men decide they don't want to risk putting a girl off, so hold back any kind of touching or bodily contact - doing so usually sends out the wrong message, that the guy is either not interested in the girl, or that he's simply too timid to show it, neither of which are attractive scenarios in the mind of a good-looking, fun-loving girl. Okay, so what's the solution to this awkward problem?Quite simply, you just need to follow a few basic rules or procedures, all of which conform to the personal boundaries of most girl (and therefore don't appear uncalled for or rushed) but at the same time clearly indicate that you're a confident guy who's not afraid of getting to know girls and even showing it through casual, relaxed physical contact. So, let's take a look.1. Many men think that touching a girl in any way when they first meet them is an absolute no-no. But that's simply not true. To form a positive, strong first impression and create an immediate bond with a girl when you first introduce yourself or get talking, casually and gently touch the outside of her right arm while at the same time verbally expressing something. The outside of a woman's arm is not intimate enough a place for the touch to feel strange or out-of-place, but at the same time it's a clear-cut sign that you're a personable, socially adept kind of guy. Don't be afraid to give it a try - you'll notice the benefits immediately.2. Once you've started a conversation with a girl, or when you randomly find yourself chatting to a woman you really like the look of, it's important to keep up the physical contact. Doing so helps maintain the bond and rapport you've already created and also helps build it further, into mutually felt sexual attraction. You can use something called 'Stealth Tactility' to do this. Quite simply, stealth tactility involves making physical contact with the girl in a disguised way. For example, if she wants to go to the bar or bathroom but doesn't know the way, you can use stealth tactility by placing your hand on her shoulder, drawing her in a little closer, swivelling both of your bodies round until you face in the right direction, then point past other people or obstacles with your other hand to where she needs to go.3. Lastly, always try to use a 'contact close' when you finish your conversation with a girl. For example, after swapping numbers or arranging to meet again, give her a kiss on the cheek or a hug and a kiss. Many men think that the hard work's been done once something's been arranged for a later date, but making physical contact before you part with a girl is always a great way of ensuring she remembers you and really cannot wait to see you again.Tiffany Taylor is the female author of GuyGetsGirl, a special guide that reveals for the first time what goes on the minds of women AND how men can use special psychological and social techniques to attract and seduce them - regardless of their looks, bank balance or the car they drive. Attract And Sedu[...]

Discover Everything you never knew about the opposite sex


                                                          Get Your FREE 6 Part Mini-Course Now!Over the next 6 days you're going to DiscoverEverything you never knew about the opposite sex..... And the TOP Mistakes Most People make that Instantly Kills Attraction!Here's a brief description of what you'll discover in my Free 6 Part Attraction Mini Course... Part 1: How Dating and Attraction REALLY Work for the opposite sex!Part 2: How the Mind of the Opposite Sex Works ... and How to Use This Knowledge to Your Advantage! (Hint: The behavior that impresses you won't necessarily have them begging for more)Part 3: Discover The MOST IMPORTANT Secret to Making Someone Attracted to YouPart 4: The 3 Principles of Successful DatingPart 5: The Facts about Flirting and how to be Perceived as FascinatingPart 6: The Vital Secrets to Building a Healthy RelationshipThere's so much fantastic information in my mini-course that everyone is asking me how I can be giving this away for free! Let me tell you, even ifyou've read everything out there on relationships (like I have!), you'll STILL be astounded at these valuable insights.Get my minicourse now (and some fantastic free bonuses ONLY for my newsletter subscribers) by signing up today!We'll email you within the next 5 minutes.**This is a private mailing list and will never be sold or given away for any reason. Believe me, I hate spam as much as you do! I also make it easy for you to unsubscribe at any time. **Click Here to get this Product[...]

Exeter Attractions: Things To See And Do In Exeter


The city of Exeter is located in the heart of the county of
Devon in England and has numerous different attractions that you
can enjoy during a stay to it.

As well as Exeter attractions, because the city is centrally
located to reach many of the other attractions the county of
Devon has to offer.

In fact, there are numerous attractions, which will provide you
with a really great day out. There are stately homes, adventure
parks, castles and gardens which can be enjoyed by all and which
will keep everyone on holiday amused. As for Exeter itself, it
has some great leisure and shopping facilities available to
those who just want to spend sometime relaxing.

The city of Exeter is more than 2,000 years old and has some
extremely interesting architecture that one may want to view.
Also throughout the year, the city holds numerous different
events from arts festivals, to open air theatres to live
concerts. But if you want to try some of the local delicacies,
it is worth your time visiting, the food markets that regularly
happen in the city as well.

As mentioned, there is over 2,000 years of history in this city
so why not spend some time exploring what the city has to offer.
There is the city wall which was built by the Roman's and if you
want to spend sometime down in its underground passages. Some of
these passages actually date back to medieval times and were
originally built in order to bring fresh water into the city.

Other attractions that will certainly keep you and your family
amused during your stay in Exeter include the Royal Albert
Memorial Museum and Art Gallery that is located in the Central
Library. It is to be found situated right next to the children's
section and displays a range of objects from the history of the
city for you to view. Plus whilst there you and your children
can take part in some of the gallery activities that are

However if you would like to see a little more of the
countryside that surrounds the city of Exeter then take a trip
out to Powderham Castle. This is over 600 years old and you will
find something here that will keep your family amused no matter
what age they are. If you want, why not spend sometime touring
the interior of the castle, where you will find guides who will
help to bring the history of this building to life once more.

As you can see, there are many Exeter attractions that one can
visit during a stay to this vibrant but historic city. So before
going why not take a look online and see what other attractions,
you may want to visit during your stay in Exeter.

There are plenty of different places to stay when you visit
Exeter, ranging from small, friendly bed and breakfasts and
guest houses through to larger hotels. You can choose to stay
somewhere central or maybe you'd prefer the tranquil surrounding

About The Author: Find lots of hotels and guest houses in
Exeter at and make sure
that you get the best deal when you visit Exeter:

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How to Become a Deliberate Creator


Anyone can become a deliberate creator, able to manifest intheir universe what they need at the time that they need it.That sounds like a totally mind-blowing statement, but once youunderstand The Law of Attraction it really is not. We are allattracting people, things and situations through our thoughts,actions and beliefs. By becoming conscious of your thoughts youfocus your intent and are able to become a deliberate creator.Becoming a deliberate creator begins with intent. Intent is afancy word simply for focus and your thoughts. So if yourthought is "I would like a coffee" then you need to focus yourentire being on this thought of wanting a coffee. Imagine whatit would be like to hold that delicious hot coffee. Enjoy thesmells and aroma. Make your visualization powerful; adding everyemotion and good thought you can have about how having thatcoffee would make you feel. Then take a sip! Doesn't it tasteamazing?To create, you also need to have the belief that you cancreate. Do you believe that you can have this coffee? Do youbelieve that it is within your reach? Do you think something orsomeone would prevent you from having a coffee? Do you thinkyour cousin, the passionate "water only" person is going toemerge from out of nowhere and going to throw it down the sink?While this example of creation may seem a little silly, I amusing the coffee on purpose: most people can easily seethemselves having a cup of coffee. A coffee at Starbucks isgoing to cost you a few dollars. At Mom's it is free andprobably comes with a bit of nagging, but hey, everything hasits cost! But in order to create, you need to have that beliefthat you deserve and can obtain what you would like to create.If there is any doubt in your mind about you not being able tocreate it, then you need to work on that belief system beforeyou start to create.That belief system is going to block your receiving what you sodesperately want. It is like you are placing the order with thewaiter for the coffee and then you are telling the waiter "no,on second thought -- I don't want it, thanks anyway!" You needto stop yourself from canceling your own order.The next step is receiving what you are creating. You need tobe open to receive. Now some people are very comfortable givinggifts, but when it comes to be their turn to receive, theysquirm and say "oh, you don't have to get me anything!" That's agood example of someone who is blocking what they could receive.You don't want to block the gifts of the universe. If you areasking for something as a deliberate creator, then you don'twant to not receive it. That simply does not make sense. Yetthere are some people who do have problems with the receivingpart.The final step is saying "thank you" for what you have beengiven. It is very important to express gratitude. As a matter offact, an excellent way to increase your abundance in your lifeif you feel any type of lack, is to begin to give thanks forwhat you already have.You will certainly feel a rush of positive energy and continueto be blessed by the universe as you create more abundance inyour life. So if you have had success with the other steps,don't forget to give thanks for what you have received as adeliberate creator because we do not create alone. We createwith the help of the Universe.About The Author: Manifesting Reality Isn't Hard Work AfterAll. Get your free report on manifesting miracles right now byvisiting: use the HTML version of this article at:[...]

Winning Back Love


Can Your Break Up, Divorce or Partners Rejection be Prevented,even though it seems like the world has ended?Are you the only one trying?How is it that some people take their lover back after anaffair,or unfaithfulness,or abuse?Often, after a break up, people will try resolving thesituation by repeatedly telling their ex-partner how much theylove them. Some of us believe the old saying that "love conquersall" and that our love for our partner is so self-evident, thatit should be enough to save the relationship. The fact of thematter is that a loving relationship often won't work. Your lovefor your ex-partner, vast as it may very well be, just ain'tenough - your ex-partner needs to love you too.AND, they need to love you the right way.If your partners love for you is "on some level", "I reallycare for you", or some similar plutonic reason, then this is afriend, not a lover.Couples with this claim of love for each other, are eitheralready failing as partners, or have decided to settle-down andthis is "convenient" - for security reasons.Love that involves attraction, desire, and excitement -Passion, is the romantic love that originally brings peopletogether, keeps them together, and brings them back togetherafter a breakup. When two people have this type of love for eachother they will do everything they can to keep the relationshiptogether. This is real "I can't live without you" love.Revitalising "I can't live without you" love in your ex-partneris extremely difficult because you can't force these feelings inyour ex-partner. In fact, the harder you try to force it, themore likely they are to run the other way. A more subtleapproach is required to recreate these feelings in yourex-partner.Often, your ex-partner is only "reacting" to how you are actingand what you say.After a break up, in our devastated state of mind, we sometimesmanage to convince ourselves that if we can make our ex feelsorry, or guilty enough for us, they will want to get backtogether. So, we may act sullen and depressed... wallowing inour self pity. Generally, being pathetic.Or, we may over-dramatise - beating our breast, tearing ourhair, rending our clothes, and behaving in ways we normallywouldn't (embarrassing on reflection) - hoping that ourex-partner will realize just how much pain we are going throughand how useless life is without them. All those things that madeus attractive to our ex in the beginning, we now pour all ourenergy into making ourselves unattractive.We turn to desperate and counter productive approaches likethis when we feel we have no solid plan, viable alternatives, oravailable options. Logic never comes into play. We are hurt.Be mindful though, these self-destructive acts negativelyimpact upon your life and damage any chance of getting your exback. The more out-of-character you act, the more certain theybecome that they made a HUGE mistake ever taking up with you inthe first place!In order to have any chance of reconciliation, the first thingsto do are, temper any irrational behavior and set aside selfpity. Refuse to sink into negative feelings and behaviors. Ascomfortable as self pity is, it's not helping you get back withyour ex, achieve your goals, or create the life you want.Considering there is no "get your ex back" night school, youmay wish to visit to gain alittle more insight, as to how you can go about Winning BackLove.About The Author: Mr Meagher has been a Netpreneur for 5 years.Producing diverse articles from Agriculture to Weddings. furtherreading to be found at : use the HTML version of this article at:[...]

Tips For Manifesting Love Relationships Using the Law of Attraction


Love is absolutely essential in life. Love manifests happiness.To manifest love relationships in your life, or to even overcomethe hatred and aloofness between relations, either between thehusband and the wife, or other relatives, friends, andcolleagues, and turn the negative vibrations of hatred oraloofness into attraction, love, and respect, one needs to dosome introspection first.The law of attraction works on the principles of like attractslike. So, you need to first remove any negative thought patternsthat could be present in your mind. To attract love in yourlife, you must first love yourself! By doing this, you areessentially creating the vibrations of love in your life. Thesevibrations are needed to attract like vibrations -- love.Look for any good traits in you. Note them down. Remindyourself often that you are a good and attractive person. Lookinto the mirror and find a loving and attractive person's imagein it. Convince yourself that you are becoming more attractiveand confident person. Look for any negative traits and beginreplacing them with the good traits. Tell yourself constantlyand believe that you are a worthy person and are capable ofattracting the right person in your life who will love andrespect you. As you are convinced by these powerful lovingthoughts, your subconscious mind, which believes and acts uponwhat you believe, begins the process of changing yourself!The human mind, also known as the conscious mind, can influencethe subconscious mind to change situations! The subconsciousmind can be programmed to improve your image. You can easilychange yourself into becoming an attractive person and can helpyou attract and hold love in your life. Like attracts like! Thisprinciple of the law of attraction works on the subconsciouslevel. Properly programmed, this law can restructure yourelectromagnetic patterns and turn you into an irresistibleperson.Think that you are constantly engulfed in a powerful bubble oflove and protection. Visualize that this bubble is vibratingwith your soul's vibrations. Also visualize that this bubble isso powerful that it constantly cleanses your mind and body ofthe negative traits, and has the power to attract only positivevibrations of every kind. The law of attraction workswonderfully when the subconscious mind is convinced. Do not useforceful thoughts while you are convincing yourself. The thoughtflow should be very smooth and you should observe extremecalmness backed with complete faith in your conversation withyour subconscious mind.Feel that you're constantly sending out good and positivevibrations in all directions. Feel that these vibrations arefilled with love and compassion for all. Visualize that thesevibrations are engulfing every person that you meet. Faithfullybelieve that the positive force that surrounds you makes youirresistible to others.To attract love in your life, write down the qualities that youare seeking. Believe that the person already exists, and destinywill bring you both together in due time, and you'll meet thislovely person very soon. You'll be amazed one day that you haveattracted a person who possesses the exact qualities youdesired! Your subconscious mind has the ability to attract theideal person in your life if you let your subconscious mind knowwhat you desire. Do not doubt the subconscious mind's ability towork wonders!The method absolutely can manifest love relationships and canattract the ideal person in your life who will love youintensely and make you both very happy.About The Author: Manifesting Reality Isn't Hard Work AfterAll. Get your free report on manifesting miracles right now byvisiting: use the HTML version of this article at:[...]

You Can Now Cut Your Expenses for the Modern Look of the Bathroom With The


The word modern has always been popular, especially `modernlook'. People would like to update themselves with the most upto date designs and if they have the means to, they will remodeltheir home to suit the modern living. Because all the livingareas can be remodeled to suit the contemporary look, even themodern bathroom will not be left out.Bathroom remodeling for most of us should cost quite a lot.With the new concepts and designs, it should cost more.Homeowners who are serious about renovating and getting the newlook should go for it. Don't be put off if you browse throughthe price tags and find that they are over the top. You canactually work within your financial means. If you plan properly,think harder before making the final decision, diligentlybargain hunt for your discount bathroom remodeling, practicepatience and apply creativity, you will not only be able to saveon money but be a million times happier with the outcome.The modern look can be yours with the right tips to follow.Below are some.Do you know that second hand expensive woods are sold for lessat some second hand stores? They are woods from demolishedhouses. The owner sold them to the shops so they wont be wasted.You can by these woods or second hand cabinets if you like. Thecabinets, made from woods like mahogany, ebony and dark woodcould use a little help from carpenters to make them look modernand absolutely brilliant. Avoid designs that look antique orvintage, as this will not suit the modern look you are trying tocreate. You should focus more on colors.When sales are just around the corner, you should wait for themso you can get your equipments for less. A basin for example isusually the most expensive. Try to find unique shapes for thesink. Wide and shallow is the new in. oval and egg shapes arenow considered out of fashion. With the way trends are going,you can even expect them to be triangular.Tiles are expensive. They are permanent in nature so removingor changing them later will be quite a task. For this reason,wallpapers and paints should be the new love. Well, one obviousreason is that wallpapers and paints are cheap. Wallpapers lastlonger than you think. Up to ten years and if you feel that youwant to change hem, you can do so anytime. Spray paints are alsowonderful. You can get fresh colors for your bathroom and thiscan be suited to the modern look easily. The color combinationand designs are cheap and best of all, they can easily createthat modern effect with half the cost.You can give a completely modern look for the bath and showerarea by using stones for the garden or cast stone composites.Get these stones from garden landscaping design stores. Buyingin bulk will be cheaper and avoid buying in mall-based stores.If you have any left over, use them for the garden or decoratingthe house. The position of the baths has always been at thesides. The new look requires the bath to be the centre ofattraction. You should place them somewhere in the middle.About The Author: As a foremost expert in the field of modern bathroom remodeling via means of bathroom vanity, bathcabinet and bathroom lighting, Tommy Kenningston's work areregularly featured in trade publications around the theme of bathroom.Please use the HTML version of this article at:[...]

What to Do in Abu Dhabi


A visit to Abu Dhabi is incomplete if you have not stopped bythe charming Heritage VillageIt is serenely positionedoverlooking the Corniche, near Abu Dhabi's Breakwater and only ashort distance away from the imposing Marina Mall.Visitors can guage some inkling of what life was like for AbuDhabi's Bedouin by viewing a reconstruction of their traditionaldesert encampment - including a goat's hair tent and a campfirewith coffee pots.The Heritage Village also features a reconstruction of the "oldwell and irrigation system, mud-brick houses, old fishingvillages and suoqs (bazaars)."Quite interestingly the Heritage Village features severalworkshops that simulate old-fashioned metal work, the heritagevillage craftsmen often let visitors try their hand on suchskills.A spice shop within the Heritage Village treats the visitor'sculinary senses and a small souvenir also shop sells handicraftitems. A mini-museum featuring artefacts such as diving tools,jewellery, weapons and coffee pots, amongst others, rounds upthe Heritage Village experience.There are no restrictions for photography here. Therefore,visitors are encouraged to keep their camera handy for photoopportunities with the friendly local craftsmen amidst theirexotic landscape.Another popular tourist attraction, and local landmark is theSheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque. Considered by many asone of the most imposing religious and national landmarks in AbuDhabi to date. It is also arguably one of the most importantarchitectural treasures of the contemporary UAE society - andone of the most beautiful in the world - initiated no less bythe late president HH Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, (who isfondly thought of as the father of UAE.)The Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan Mosque, popularly calledGrand Mosque by local residents, is seen as a "globallyunifying" landmark from its conception to completion, bringingtogether designers, features, materials and suppliers fromnearly every corner of the globe: Italy, Germany, Morocco,India, Turkey, Iran, China, Greece and the UAE. Naturalmaterials were chosen for its design and construction, whichinclude marble, stone, gold, semi-precious stones, crystals andceramics.Also popular as a tourist destination is the Hiliarchaeological site. Situated within a public garden, it isaccessible from the Dubai Road, some 10 kilometres outside AlAin.Visitors, including those with children, can enjoy thelandscaped public garden whilst having a picnic especiallyduring the cooler months. This public garden features animportant site where remnants of a Bronze Age settlement wasexcavated and restored.This site yielded a tomb containing the remains of well over200 individuals as well as valuable artefacts including ceramicand soft-stone vessels believed to be imported from Iran orBaluchistan that are now displayed at the Al Ain Museum. Hili isnear Fossil Valley, an area which was covered by sea manythousand years ago, and hence, serves as a mini-reservoir ofcountless fossils.Archaeological surveys over the past few decades have beenconducted at a number of sites including Rumeilah, a district ofAl Ain. Rumeilah yielded what is believed to be the first IronAge settlement in the emirate where a series of mud brickbuildings, some still with roofs intact, has been discovered.The settlement, possibly occupied between 1000 and 300 BC,contained grinding stones, pottery, metal tools and some bronzeweaponry.Other archaeological sites are located in Qattarah (Al Ain),Mantiqa Al-Sirra (Abu Dhabi interior) and Ayn Al Fayda (Al Ain),to name a few. Plans are afoot to open at least one of thesesites to the public in future.About The Author: Property Select http://www.propertyselect.comoffers a comprehensive selection of overseas Property in Dubaiand the Unite Arab Emirates (UAE), including a news feed,members c[...]

Secret Methods of Manifestation Revealed


When you put out a specific request to the universe, you must
NEVER tell the universe how it will happen. If you start saying
things like..

"I desire $50,000 to be given to me by my senior Mr. Howard in
check format for doing an outstanding job at the company which
will be presented to me on the 3rd of May at 12:25pm."

Then you're going to severely limit yourself and the universe!

Although you should be specific with what you want, you
shouldn't tell the universe how to do its job. Getting Mr.
Howard to present you with that check is a difficult task
because Mr. Howard may not be on the same vibrational frequency
as you and so you both cannot line up. Although I wouldn't
consider it impossible, I would consider it very unlikely to

Remove your attention from the "how to". Let the universe
decide that!

There are two ways of getting yourself into alignment with your

- The first way is to see yourself already in possession of
what you want.
- The second way is to feel good.

And that's it! That's the "secret" of "The Secret" DVD.

To become a deliberate creator you must follow one of those two
methods of getting into alignment with your desires.

Have you heard about gratitude rocks before? Well, basically
they're little rocks made of nothing special that you keep in
your pocket. Every time you reach into your pocket and touch the
rock, you're reminded to give gratitude in that moment for all
of the abundance that's already in your life. That's just one
way of getting into alignment by feeling good.

And if you use something like a vision board and you put up all
of your dreams and desires then that's just a process to help
you see yourself already in possession of what you want.

Every single process, no matter what it is, will fall under one
of these two categories. You either feel good about anything at
all, or you see and feel yourself already in possession of your

Personally I use a mixture of the two. In fact, I use 11
processes throughout every week to get myself into alignment
with my desires. Every single one of my daily processes are
specifically designed to help me feel good and so manifestation

You already know that the universe is responding to your
asking, and now you know what you must do to receive your
desires by getting into alignment with them. Using the Law of
Attraction is easy.

Getting into alignment is where all of your work is. Feeling
good as much of the time as you can or feeling your desires as
if they're already here - that's where your focus must be.

Let me ask you something… why wouldn't you want to feel good as
much of the time as possible? If you're struggling for an answer
then take a moment to reflect on your life. Only you get to
choose what you feel, no one else has that control other than

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How Feeling Neutral Hinders the Law of Attraction


If you're aware of the Law of Attraction and have a basic
understanding of how it works, then you will know that how you
feel is extremely important in what you're going to attract.

Time and time again I have proven to myself that when I feel
good about anything at all, that is when I am in alignment with
everything that I want to manifest and abundance literally pours
into my life.

Maintaining that level of good feelings is where the work is
really at, and is something I practice on an every day basis.

It really is easy to attract and manifest things in the
material world. Feel good about anything and then maintain those
feelings. All of what you ask for will find its way into your

When you fully realize that feeling good is so important to
your manifestations then you will begin to notice the times when
you're not feeling so good. In this article I want to discuss
neutral feelings and what physical manifestations they attract
into your life.

According to Abraham-Hicks and the Emotional Guidance Scale our
primary emotions can be categorized under 22 different headings…
starting from the best feelings of all, Love, and going down to
the worst you can feel… Fear.

These 22 emotions can all be classified under 2 headings… Good
and Bad. All emotions either feel good or bad. So where does
neutral emotions come into it?

There are times when you may think that you simply don't feel
anything. You're neither happy nor sad. So what are you
attracting in those moments? In my experience, the only time
when I attract things that I want into my life is when I feel
good. If I'm not feeling good, then I'm moving towards something
that displeases me and isn't something I want.

If you feel bad, you're attracting something unwanted.
If you feel neutral, you're attracting something unwanted.

Let me repeat…

The ONLY time you will attract something that you want into
your life experience is when you feel good.

This is why feeling nothing or feeling neutral can be
considered a negative emotion. Feeling neutral won't yield you
results that please you… feeling good will.

If you feel neutral then it's safe to assume that you're either
having a tough time of working out what you currently feel. If
you're struggling to work out how you really feel in this
moment, then consider asking yourself the following questions:

How do I feel right now?
Am I hopeful?
Am I content?
Am I bored?
Am I frustrated?

If you feel hopeful or content then you're on the right path.
Those are associated with positive emotions. If you feel bored
or frustrated then these emotions are associated with feeling
bad and therefore you're attracting unwanted circumstances into
your life experience.

With just a little bit of practice you can very quickly become
a good reader of how you currently feel. Just remember to take
the time out to check how you feel.

If you don't feel good, then you've still got work to do… and
if you feel good, then keep doing what you're doing! Abundance
does await you, you just need to let it in.

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