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Web Design Wolverhampton Myths about SEO

Don't beleive some of the myths about SEO. It's an easy enough job, but you need to be dedicated.

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Wolverhampton Web Design The Twitter Competition

Thu, 06 Aug 2009 15:41:00 +0000

Competitions used to be a fantastic way of alerting your customers to a new product or service that you are about to launch, however do they still work? Even though we are in the middle of a pretty devastating recession, it seems everyone has the latest gadget and can afford to buy the best plasma TV so what could you possibly give away that people would care about? Do people even bother with competitions anyway?Well, it seems many people do and if you can add some value to it by giving something away that people actually want or is seen as valuable - you can really rope in the publicity and the customers. You can also be a little bit clever with your marketing and use new technology such as Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Many companies offer free gifts in return for doing something really simple, but what about giving away something with business value? Well, many small businesses are struggling at the moment and as we all know, when a business is on the ropes, the first thing the owners usually invest in is a new brand or logo, but would that actually 'sell'?I researched it and it appears it works - and how!Competitions are won and lost by the value of the prizes, but value is very subjective and if you can offer something that a company would very likely have to spend a lot of money on then you are likely to create a 'buzz'. The service industry is an odd thing, it is intangible and most costs are invisible to the purchaser with the inevitable outcome that those with little knowledge think it is therefore extremely expensive. The news is littered with companies spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on re[...]

Web Design in Wolverhampton Boost your internet web investment

Thu, 06 Aug 2009 15:41:00 +0000

There aren't many people about who would argue that this hasn't been one of the worst recessions in history. The devastating effects of the credit crunch and the collapse of so many banks has causes ripples in industries that have traditionally been strong. But out of every recession comes the ability to make changes and exploit different markets.For example, I most industry leaders that I talk to speak of the number of rivals that have gone into liquidation. Company losses have been huge and because of the bloated over-spending of some industries, many companies have been in an extremely poor position to weather the storm. The result is, they lose out and they actually go bust.It's a sad fact and I really hate to use the term here, but it really is survival of the fittest. But what happens when the markets turn around and people begin spending again? Well, those who have survived find themselves in an extremely beneficial situation because suddenly the pond is larger and there are less fish about.There are some companies who will take this as an opportunity and aggressively market themselves as survivors, take over the pond and win more business than they ever had. But still more will hold on to their budgets and lose out. It's a mirror of the 'dot com' boom and bust in many respects because these companies are the 'behemoths' who think they know better and are run by massive accounting departments who try to rule by numbers.The companies that survived and thrived during the worst of the downturn were those who went out and grabbed customers with compelling and engaging content, effective marketing and aggressive promotion. Marketing is the key to any company's survival - without it, people don't know you're there and so you may as well not exist. With this in mi[...]