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cure for insomnia movie and Improve your health in a superior health retreat

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Growing Power Of Your Mind and Transforming Your Life Within presented by cure for insomnia movie

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The human brain forms a major part of the central nervous system. This highly complex organ controls most of our daily activities. Although the human brain is something that has been studied by many scientists for a long time now, there"??s still much to be discovered about it.One of the fascinating things about the human brain is the four types of brain waves it emits "?" Beta, Alpha, Theta, Gamma and Delta. Each brain wave corresponds to different sets of activities. The beta wave, which is at 14 cycles per second, corresponds to our waking state. The cycles go up as we become more and more excited. Gamma waves occur when we are in a state of high mental activity. Alpha waves, on the other hand, correspond to our sleeping state. This is where hypnosis can take place. Delta waves correspond to deep sleep and coma, and could even result to death since it involves cycles from 0 to 4 per second.Of all the brain waves, it is the theta waves that seem to hold many powers. At 4 to 7 cycles per second, theta waves allow us to experience the psychic or astral world. It is where all our emotional experiences are recorded and is where we can access the subconscious.Theta brainwave forms an important part of the success of theta healing. But what is theta healing? Theta healing is an alternative intuitive healing technique founded by Vianna Stibal. It makes use of theta waves via a theta meditation. At this state, the healer connects to a higher omniscient being creating transformational changes at the cellular level.The theta technique involves four levels of beliefs "?" core beliefs, genetic beliefs, history level beliefs and soul level beliefs. It also makes use of muscle testing to identify limiting belief patterns. Two of the cornerstones of this technique are the seven planes of existence and the DNA Activation. Althoug [...]

Boost Your Memory Power and heres how presented by cure for insomnia movie

Thu, 06 Aug 2009 15:36:00 +0000

Having a problem with memory is not just something for older people. Children, middle aged adults, and the elderly can all have problems with their memory and for various reasons. If you or someone you care for is having a problem with memory it is time to do something about it. Learn how to improve memory and you will be on the fast track to full recovery. Improve your memory with easy steps that you can do at home. But is someone actually able to increase their memory capability? Yes, it can be done and it is a lot easier then you may think.One thing that a person should do in order to improve their memory is to use repetition. Even though it sounds too easy, it really is an effective way to remember something. Repeating a piece of information to yourself over and over again will help you to remember it. If you sing the piece of information to yourself, it will help in your ability to remember it. This is because singing actually gets other parts of your brain involved. The more the merrier.Something that many more people need to do when working on improving memory is to clear the mind. This is especially hard for those who are stressed for an upcoming exam but a clear mind is the best way to get work done and to remember things. It is the best way to remember things and to recall those things later down the road as well. Take a few deep breaths in through the nose and allow the muscles in your body to relax.Another good thing to do is to feed your brain the food it needs to function at top speed. Good proteins and some complex carbohydrates will allow you[...]