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Anyone using the internet can be prone to spywares and other malicious threats on the web. They are like invisible parasites that attack your computer(s) without your knowledge. This may happen When you are too busy surfing the net and not notice that you have entered a wrong/malicious web site. Such are the circumstanced when spywares attack your computer
without your knowledge until your computer begins to slow down / crash. Once a spyware/malicious software gets into your computer, it automatically hijacks your computer and your computer will be prone to virus threats.

As a consequence, most computer systems these days necessarily need some type of anti-spyware solution(s). This software is designed to protect your computer(s) from online parasites and viruses and protect your computer(s). The name(Spyware) itself indicates its function, which is mainly to monitor(spy) your activities and hijack your personal information(s).

Keep in mind that once your computer(s) has been affected by spywares, rest assured your personal information is no longer a secret. In order to avoid being in such a sorry state of losing your precious data, ensure that you are doing the right PC software maintenance. Equip your computer(s) with the latest anti spyware solution(s).

There are two ways to stop spyware from doing significant harm and damage to your computer namely prevention and solution.

--- Prevention

* the best way to keep spyware out is to keep an anti-spyware installed on your computer. This can be done byseveral ways. Some of the anti-spyware software can scan through every bit of data that enters your computer. It then checks the data against the known spyware database. Due to this database, if a spyware that is on the list tries to invade your computer, it is prevented from doing so. This is only effective so long as the database is kept current.

* Another way anti-spyware helps to prevent spyware from getting installed is to limit certain program's activities that are known to distribute spyware. One such known program is cookies. What is Cookies? It is a small software programs that allow content to get sent from the web to a person's computer. When an anti-spyware software limits such programs from getting installed on your computer, it lessens the chance that any spyware will be installed onto your computer.

--- Solution

* If for some reason, any spyware does get into your computer, the anti-spyware tool will run a full scan of your computer and lists the various spywares installed. The program will delete it to be sure no traces remain of the program to cause any harm to your computer.

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