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The solution I'm sharing today devotes over an hour of audio time and dozens of pages on how you can restore your adrenal health and be on your way to relief.

For now, let's cover two of the basics:physical rest and natural supplementation.

Your adrenal glands are the front-line defense against stress-related symptoms and illnesses. In addition, their proper function is critical to your hormone health.

The best way to support adrenal gland function is simply to rest. You must take time to allow your parasympathetic nervous system to work its magic.

However, certain herbs and nutrients can also support healthy adrenal function.Vitamin C, ginseng (Panax spp), and rhodiola (Rhodiola rosea) have all been shown to provide powerful, natural support.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study conducted in Germany, researchers found that 3 grams of vitamin C in divided, sustained-release dosages kept blood pressure, anxiety and cortisol production under control after a stressful situation.

Combined with ginseng (Panax) and Rhodiola rosea, vitamin C makes a powerful adrenal support vitamin.

As always, check with your doctor for exact dosages.

There are many other tools and strategies for the relief of menopause, andropause,perimenopause and symptoms of fatigue covered here --

Learn more today, and let's get you on
the road to your ideal post-30 health!