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Acne 101 - Let it not ruin your life

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Acne 101- Everything you need to know


Acne, a Skin Disease caused by changes in the hair follicles. Severe Acne is highly Inflammatory. Acne is also known as Pimples,Blemishes,Zits or Spots. It's most common amongst Adolescents. Almost 80-85% of the Adolescents are affected by Acne. The duration of Acne infection normally extends upto one reaches his or her twenties. However, noone can be exact as to its duration. There are people who in their thirties or forties suffer from Acne.

The most common areas where Acne appears are on the face,upper neck. It may also in some cases appear on the chest,back and shoulders. The most important gift of Acne is it leaves heavy scars as it disappears. It is really so embarrassing (the scars and the Acne itself) that some go to all extremes and sometimes get into depression and other mental problems.

Acne usually appears in Adolescents as a result of changes in the body meaning increase in the sex hormones. But it can also appear in babies, older people. There is no age bar for this skin problem.

Really no one knows the root cause for Acne. But however, the following are some of the most common causes --

1.Hereditary reasons.
2.Changes in the hormones during puberty.
4.Not keeping the skin clean i.e presence of bacterias in the pores.
5.Sometimes it is caused as a side effect from taking certain kinds of Prescriptions.
6.Some attribute it to Dietary habits also.

There are various treatments available out there including taking prescriptions which is not adviseable. Check out my website for some Natural treatments for this dreaded skin problem.