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Healing the Soul and the Body at Once presented by cure for insomnia movie

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Yoga And Meditation Energy For Mental WellBeing presented by cure for insomnia movie

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To perform yoga and meditation, once you are comfortably settled in the posture you have chosen, such as the Lotus position or sitting on the floor tailor fashion, you may begin your meditation in one of two ways. You may close your eyes and concentrate on the space directly above the root of your nose - the seat of the supposedly-atrophied Third Eye; or else, keeping your eyes open, focus on some small article or spot directly in your line of vision. Be sure it is something you see clearly, without straining the eyes. Let us say you have picked a single letter in the title of a book, printed in bold type on the dust jacket. Concentrate on that letter until the rest of the title fades out of your consciousness. You do not have to stare so hard that your eyes begin to sting and water - just shut everything out except the spot of your choice.You will soon see nothing on either side, neither words nor individual letters, only what you wish to see. You will also, we might mention in passing, be benefiting your eyesight; but that is what may be termed a fringe benefit.Now that your attention has been brought under control you are ready for the next step: Transfer your thinking gently to the subject on which you wish to meditate. Withdraw your thoughts from all outward contact, exactly as a tortoise draws its head into its shell. Thus concentration will almost imperceptibly merge into meditation.Since yoga and meditation are very much an acquired art and take much practice, you will find that at first it will be easiest to select subjects that are not too elusive. In fact, you might try something decidedly concrete, but with a possible spiritual or symbolic side as well. Take, for instance, the human heart. Close yo&[...]

cure for insomnia movie discusses How To Live Simply

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Confucius once said, "Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated."If we make life complicated and fill it up with a bunch "stuff," how can we ever focus on what matters most?Many of us are running around trying to squeeze everything we can out of life when, in fact, we'd be a whole lot happier and healthier if we savored the beauty of simplicity! Here are some tips you can use today to simplify your life:1. Clutter. When you eliminate the clutter around you, you'll gain a deeper appreciation for the things are dearest to you.* Ask yourself: When was the last time I read the stack of books piled up on the floor? When did I last notice the details on one of those little trinkets I got while on vacation? When did I last wear the scarf lying on the closet floor? Give this stuff to someone who needs it!* De-cluttering will give you an opportunity to enjoy the things that truly matter to you. Plus you'll feel a sense of relief with an organized working and living space.2. Food. Food is another aspect of your life that can be simplified in many ways. Instead of worrying about the next bite, enjoy the taste of the food that's already in your mouth. Savor it. Let it all sink in and try to taste each flavor. * Also, consider the ingredients in your food. Take the time to use quality ingredients instead of processed or chemically enhanced foods. The end result will taste better, and your body and mind will thank you for the nourishment!3. Gadgets. Think of all the gizmos and gadgets in your life. Do you use them all? Do you even use half of them? * The more stuff we have to "connect" us, the more we become disconnected! Take the headphones out of your ears, turn off the car radio, and put down your cell phone. Inst[...]