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Richard Roberts explains God’s Love Invading the Hard Villages

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Richard Roberts explains God’s Love Invading the Hard Villages

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Hunger requires a Voice Reaches Out to Nicaragua's Needy Nine-year-old Fabiola spends most days digging thru piles of garbage at La Chureca-Managua's dump. Her hands and feet are soiled and cut up from working in the rubbish. She chews on plastic to dull her pangs of hunger. Thanks to the outreach team of Hunger needs a Voice, controlled by Jordan Roberts, Fabiola takes a break from her labor to get a medical check-up.

As a doctor examines her feet for cuts and bruises, she examines him. For a long time, she remains scared. But ultimately, she starts to grin.

This Apr, with the support of our chums and Partners, Hunger needs a Voice paid a visit to the broke in and around Managua, Nicaragua sharing food, drugs, and the healing love of Christ with tons of hungry and hurting youngsters like Fabiola. Hope in the Middle of Elimination The view overlooking La Chureca is devastating.

Hills of rubbish extend so far as the eye can see. Carrion birds circle overhead. Sour smoke fills the air. More than 1,000 valuable people make their home within the dump. A coarse and rocky road leads thru the dirty piles of trash to their small huts.

They work in the rubbish heaps, attempting to find items they can eat, use, or sell. Conditions are so disease-ridden and unsanitary that plenty of the people that live here suffer severely from coughs, asthma, lice, parasite infections, HIV/AIDS , and conditions due to vitamin deficiencies. These folks also suffer in their souls. brought about in desperate situations like this one.

About Richard Roberts
Richard is the boss and boss of Oral Roberts Evangelistic organisation and also co-chairman of International suave Bible Ministries. He and his wife, Lindsay, host a nationally syndicated TV program, the location for Miracles : Your Hour of Healing-a one-hour, interactive daily broadcast that reaches out to millions. On this unique healing program, Richard ministers in the power of the Lord, praying for those who are sick or injuring in some area of their lives, and often giving specific words of information about how God is touching people with His healing power. The spot for Miracles has received more than 117,000 phone calls to date from viewers who have reported miracles and answers to prayer.