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Open source hardware on its way, says guru

Mon, 24 Aug 2009 05:40:00 GMT




Computer Equipment - Concept

The concept of open source is well-established in the software world but there are signs that the approach may have applications in the hardware sector.

Open source hardware works by developing and sharing details of circuit boards, right up to the idea of giving away devices to users for nothing.

The champion of "free" is author Chris Anderson who has published a book predicting that hardware is the next natural extension of the open source movement.

"You're likely familiar with the concept of open source software, but the new idea of extending that to hardware - from circuit boards all the way up to consumer electronic gadgets like Google's Android phone - is just now emerging," he writes in Free, the future of a radical price.

Computer Equipment - Open Source Hardware

"The way most open source hardware companies work is this: All the plans, printed circuit board files, software, and instructions are free and available to all. If you want to build your own (or, even better, improve on a design), you're encouraged to do so. But if you don't want the hassle or risk of doing it yourself, you can buy a pre-made version that's guaranteed to work," he writes.

Some of the companies which have started in this space are making their money through licence and certification fees charged to the resellers that make and sell the boards.

Computer Equipment

Painting News

Fri, 14 Aug 2009 03:08:33 GMT

Our highquality art product is the best choice to buy art online.You can read the oil painting stories. Cheerful Shopping.

Painting News - Painting Companies of Tasmania

Home decorating involves way more than decorating your home with some show piece or wall hanging. Painting is one of the most vital facets of making your house lovely. You need to learn much about painting to give your house a picture perfect look. It's vital for you to know about painting techniques, painting preparation, selecting painting colours and painting finishes.

Not only home a commercial building also need good painting for the pro look. Painting does not only mean safeguarding the walls. So you must follow a well defined process to paint your house or workplace. First you have got to identify the room you want to paint. Determine the area you need to paint. Then choose the shade. This will help to move one step ahead and fix the budget. Remove all of the decorative items from the room to avoid damage. You'll have to get rid of the dust of the walls too. In order to avoid color modification you can buy huge pack of paint at a time.

Painting News - Painting Process

The painting process is as significant as pre painting preparation. Water proofing, masonry work, crack filling should be done before painting starts. This will ensure the long life of the paint. Making the surface smooth is equally serious. Now the wall is totally prepared. You can easily paint the wall now. Interior wall, exterior wall, metal surface and wooden surface demand different process of painting. You must remember this before you wish to paint any surface.

Your house or workplace will come to life once a good painting work is done. Post painting care is important to guarantee longer life of the paint. Since most pains are washable you can wash the wall with mild soap water solution. You can clean the wall at a regular interval of 2 weeks. Kids's room, kitchen, bathroom and passages need additional care.

The outside paints also loose gloss terribly shortly. So use single coat in these areas and get them painted every two years. Check the walls regularly for peeling. You may also talk to your paint pros in the event of common defects like low coverage, blistering, poor adhesion, chalking, orange peel, sags and runs, brush marks, checking and chalking, cissing, yellowing, microbial growth, patchiness and such like.

Tasmania has a number of good painting firms that offer fantastic service. These corporations shave taken painting to the level of a skill form. The service suppliers are quite devoted to the art of painting. They follow the step-by-step process to give make the painting decoration perfect. The trained and experienced painters are committed to excellence.

Painting News - Tasmania Painting

All of the painting companies in Tasmania are known for professionalism, reliability and quality. The corporations offer premium products for long lasting effect. You can expect quality job from these companies. The best combination of fine paint and skilled painters is certain to give your house / workplace a fresh new look. Painting corporations Tasmania are recognized for their high client satisfaction level.

Painting is one of the most vital factors to make your house pretty. to turn your house into your perfect home follow these straightforward painting procedures and take care so the painting can last long.

Marijuana seeds - Marijuana seeds and growing Marijuana

Thu, 06 Aug 2009 03:45:48 GMT

(image) The most important step in growing your own marijuana is to select your marijuana seeds. There's a giant quantity of different marijuana seeds for different growing techniques and environments, there are even marijuana seeds which bring only female plants.

In most cases, outside growing is counted as easiest way to grow your own marijuana. Some people just throw the marijuana seeds in the garden and wait, but with this method a lot of marijuana seeds get lost. A simpler way is to germinate the marijuana seeds in lukewarm water, just fill a cup with water and put the marijuana seeds into it. After a few hours the marijuana seeds will germinate and you can see which of them are robust a healthy and which not. The tiny sprouts, which just sprouted from your marijuana seeds, can be placed in tiny flowerpots for a simpler handling in the beginning.

But let us take another look where your marijuana seeds come from, there are plenty of seed banks, which grow marijuana for decades. They have a wide selection of different strains with different traits, so they can decide what sort of plant they need to have and cross different strains between one another. There are even some enthusiasts which travel around the world to get new genetics from the nature. A number of them are even risking their life for this, for example the people who picked up the marijuana seeds from Afghanistan and other vital locations.

For a regular marijuana grower, those marijuana seeds aren't welcome, because the female plant looses strength after she starts to build seeds. Thats why everyone separates the males from the females as fast as practicable, to avoid marijuana seeds and to get powerful and good marijuana. Infrequently it also can occur a plant starts to build both persuasions, these plants also can build seeds, regular these marijuana seeds aren't acceptable to grow new marijuana plants.
Today you should buy marijuana seeds all around the globe, but the most famous spot to do so are the Netherlands. Holland is one of the first western states, which introduced marijuana as medicine into their health system. This made it possible to build legal seed banks and allowed them to investigate these plants.