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Cleanse Natural Colon Three Ways To Cleanse Your Colon Naturally And Lose Weight

A natural cleanse of the colon is something that may seem at first to be more complicated than it actually is. There are lemonade colon cleansers and great all natural colon cleansing supplements that can provide safe and effective ways to help you lose

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Cleanse Natural Colon Three Ways To Cleanse Your Colon Naturally And Lose Weight

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The first way to cleanse the colon is what I like to call the 'hard-core' way. That is, get rid of every single bacteria in your body (whether it's beneficial or not) and then see what happens. Does this sound as crazy to you as it does to me? The fact of the matter is that our body has millions of bacteria that help us digest foods and recent studies have shown certain bacteria may help us stay thin! Yes you heard me right, they help you to stay thin! So not every cleanse natural colon product is created equal.

This is why it's not an all or nothing game when it comes to colon cleansing. Bacteria co-exist with us in a typically harmless way (unless your coughing right now) and this means that getting rid of all the bacteria in your body is a very, very bad idea. The fact of the matter is that doing a full-on cleansing for weeks on end by eating very specific foods, fasting or the number of other ways to cleanse the system, may do as much harm as good.

The second way to cleanse is the lemonade all natural cleansing. To cleanse the colon this way, you use what is called the 'lemonade cleanse'. This has become very popular over the years by the MasterCleanse people and other proponents.

Typically, you start with one day of fruits and veggies, the second day with fruits and veggies, the third day you take in 2 liters of orange juice and mix it with water to taste and with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup for caloric needs.

Then you can ease into the 'lemonade diet' as it has been termed. Basically you consume nothing but lemonade. With the lemonade you mix in some high-grade maple syrup and organic cayenne pepper. There is also a 'salt-water flush' and then the 'ease-out. The salt-water flush involves using organic salt mixed with room temp water. Then you crap about an hour later. This will help flush your system (obviously).

The ease-out includes orange juice on day one, fruits and veggies on day 2 and 3 and then day four puts you back on your regular diet. The ease-in (optional) involves the same process however you're doing the ease-out in the exact opposite order.

The third way to colon cleanse, and quite possibly the most popular, involves taking a supplement with all natural herbs and vitamins. Ingredients in products like BromaCleanse and Bowtrol have ginger root, green tea extract, acidophilus, mangosteen extract, antioxidants and other ingredients to help you flush your system. The thing about these supplements is that, although they are not considered a long-term solution, can give you a safe colon cleanse while helping you lose as much as 20 pounds! This is pretty incredible all things considered.

We find that either the colon cleanse supplements, or the lemonade cleansing are going to be the best choices however I would probably start with the easiest cleansing (such as a colon cleansing supplement) because they are seen as being safer. You can also start a free-trial on most of the cleanse natural colon supplements to see how you like them.
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