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Santa Rosa Answering Service - 5 Business Advantages

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Call Centers in Santa Rosa - Be Sure You Know These 5 Advantages

Wed, 05 Aug 2009 04:53:00 +0000

Today's business environment is very competitive and to stay ahead business owners are turning to professional customer service operators to help them improve their customer experience 24/7. Below are ten advantages your will experience immediately when working with an Answering Service Santa Rosa.

Advantage Number One - Competition… You may have heard the humorous story where a friend tells his backpacking buddy that he is not worried about encountering a bear on their trip because he can out run his friend which of course leaves his friend behind to deal with the bear. In business, if you are ahead of your competition and providing superior customer service, you will win over new clients every time. Clients today are demanding a high level of customer service. When they call your business for information and service, they expect you to be there to respond. By providing 24/7 live customer service support to your clients you will have the competitive edge to outrun your competition.

Advantage Number Two - Leverage… Leverage is at the core of every business decision. How much return can I expect from a specific business activity? The higher the return on investment the more effective the business initiative. Working with a top tier customer service team to support your business, either after hours or as a backup during high traffic normal business hours, leverages your resources and the effectiveness of your business operations.

Advantage Number Three - Return on Investment… Return on investment (ROI) is the measurement that ultimately drives further investment into a business initiative. If a business owner decides to spend $5000 on a direct mail campaign and expects to generate $10,000 in revenues from the mailer, the ROI is 200%. When potential clients contact your business due to the marketing dollars invested to generate that call, it is imperative that they are greeted by a friendly customer service representative, regardless of when they call.

Advantage Number Four - New Business… One common denominator in every business of any size is the focus on new sales. A business is either increasing or decreasing. A business where sales are flat is actually losing ground as the cost of business is going up. Think of the time you stayed late in the office to be surprised by a call from a big account wanting to secure a new contract with your firm. If that important call landed in your voicemail the new account could have decided to go with the competition.

Advantage Number Five - Customer Retention… Studies have estimated the cost of obtaining a new client is more than five times the cost of retaining a current client. Providing current clients with the highest level of service and information in a timely manner is critical to keeping your clients satisfied with your business. A satisfied client will not only stay with your business for years, they will also refer you to new clients.

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