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The Hydroponic Way to Better Gardening Without Soil

This is one of the systems that act as a substitute to soil for growing plants in a garden. Yes, now you can even grow your favorite plants in mineral nutrient solution without the use of soil!

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Hydroponics Basics Selecting Those Hydroponic Supplies You Will Need

Wed, 05 Aug 2009 22:37:00 +0000

Hydroponics is a type of indoor gardening that does not require any soil in which plants grow. Instead, the roots of the plants are suspended in a water solution, and from that solution they receive the nutrition they need to grow and mature. There are several basic hydroponic supplies you will need to get started with hydroponic gardening.

The hydroponic supplies you need will vary a little bit based on the specific system you choose to use, but many of them utilize some of the same basic hydroponic equipment and hydroponic supplies. This would include some type of reservoir, a pump and aerator, as well as a means for holding the crowns of the plants above the solution. This might include a net or a tray.

The reservoir is a piece of hydroponic equipment that is basically a big basin that holds the water and nutrient solution in place. A pump is added to the reservoir to move the solution around to reach the plants' roots. An aerator is a piece of hydroponic equipment that keeps the solution oxygenated, which helps the plants to thrive. The net or tray holds the crowns of the plants out of the solution at a perfect height so that the roots can still reach the solution and take up water and nutrient.

The simple setup described above takes care of the plants' need for water and food, but plants also need light. This means that you will need to add lighting as part of your necessary hydroponic equipment. The specific type and number of lights that you will need depends on how many plants you wish to grow, and the life stage of those plants. You are trying to imitate sunlight with your indoor lighting hydroponics supplies, so you will need a bright light. If you are growing seedlings, the grow lights that you select will need to give off light in the blue color spectrum in order to promote growth in the young plants. If you are attempting to cause mature plants to flower or fruit, the grow lights used as part of your hydroponics supplies will need to focus on red light spectrum to aid in that process. In addition to lights, you may need other hydroponic supplies such as light reflectors to increase the area of light coverage, as well as digital ballasts used to control electrical flow to HID lights. Fans used to cool off hot-running lights may also be hydroponics supplies needed for your system to operate well.

Other hydroponic supplies you will want include a growing medium. This takes the place of soil, and could include coir or other natural mediums. Some people choose to start their own plant starts, and thus you may want a cloner as part of your hydroponics supplies. The cloner starts roots growing on cuttings very quickly.

There are quality online merchants that offer all of these hydroponic supplies, and offer assistance in helping you select the proper equipment for your hydroponic garden.

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Hydroponic Cloning Kits and How to Use Cloning Within Your Hydroponics Set Up

Wed, 05 Aug 2009 22:36:00 +0000

If you practice hydroponic gardening, a form of indoor gardening that uses no soil yet produces amazing fruits, vegetables, flowers and more, then you will want to give serious consideration to a hydroponics supply known as a cloning kit. This hydroponic supply will enable you to produce a large number of plants very quickly and easily.

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The hydroponics supply known as a cloning kit works in this manner: A tray is used to hold plant cuttings in the appropriate place, and at periodic and regular intervals the system emits a fine spray of rooting hormone on the bottom of the cuttings. The hydroponic supply system is such that cuttings develop roots much more rapidly than they do in a soil growing medium. After the cuttings produce roots, they can be grown on as you would any other hydroponically grown plant.

A cloning kit is a mandatory hydroponics supply if you have a great deal of turnaround in the plants that are grown in your hydroponics system. This hydroponic supply is especially useful if you are growing young plants for sale in a gardening center or nursery. You can produce a great many plant starts that can then be sold, and you can keep the process going very easily with a cloning kit as a helpful hydroponic supply.

This sort of hydroponic supply comes in several different sizes. You can find smaller kits that are perfect for a smaller hydroponic gardening operation, and then ranging up in size to larger kits that can produce a correspondingly greater number of plant starts at the same time.

There are other types of hydroponics equipment that you will need in order to grow your plants on to maturity. Growing medium is a hydroponics supply that you will want to keep on hand for use with your new plant starts. Grow lights are another hydroponics supply that you will need to use so that your plants will be able to photosynthesize and grow strong.

Nutrient is a hydroponics supply that is vital for plant health. Nutrient is another name for plant food, or fertilizer, only in hydroponic gardening the nutrient is dissolved in water to form a solution that gets sprayed or washed on the plant's roots. There are a huge variety of different nutrient formulas from which to choose those best suited to the plants you wish to grow.

All of these different types of hydroponics equipment are easily available from an online hydroponics supply outlet.

Susan Slobac has developed an in-depth knowledge of hydroponic supplies.

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