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The Hydroponic Way to Better Gardening Without Soil

This is one of the systems that act as a substitute to soil for growing plants in a garden. Yes, now you can even grow your favorite plants in mineral nutrient solution without the use of soil!

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The Most Important Hydroponics Supplies Plant Nutrients

Wed, 05 Aug 2009 22:25:00 +0000

Hydroponic gardening is a form of indoor gardening that uses no soil yet is highly successful at growing a huge variety of plants. One of the hydroponics supplies you will need to keep in good supply if you are a hydroponic gardener is plant nutrient. Nutrients are hydroponics supplies that are formulated so that plants will respond in specific ways, so you can customize the nutrient to each of your plants' life cycles to give them everything they need.

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Nutrient is another name for plant food, or fertilizer. The difference with nutrient is that, when used in a hydroponic gardening application, the nutrient is dissolved in water, and this solution is sprayed or washes over the plant roots, and in this way they can take in the food and grow. Because nutrient is constantly consumed by the plants, it is a hydroponic supply that needs to be replenished on a regular basis.

Nutrient is a hydroponic supply that comes in a plethora of different varieties. Bio Genesis plant nutrient is a hydroponic supply that is available in an organic formula. Certain types of Bio Genesis nutrient is geared toward helping plants increase their resistance to stress while improving root growth as well as the fruit and flower quality.

Another in the range of nutrient hydroponics supplies is offered by Advanced Nutrients. Their Big Bud nutrient is used to increase flower size and weight, and the flowers will grow faster than average. This might be an appropriate hydroponic supply for an indoor gardener growing florist flowers, for example, or for someone growing vegetables that produce more fruit if there are more flowers, such as tomatoes.

In order for your hydroponics system to be complete, you will need other types of hydroponics supplies as well as hydroponics equipment. Most systems need a reservoir as part of the hydroponics equipment. This basin holds the solution in place. Some type of a pump and aerator is also required hydroponics equipment in many systems. The pump recirculates the solution from the reservoir up to a tray where plants' crowns are suspended over the solution in an ebb and flow hydroponics system, for example. An aerator is used to pump oxygen into the solution, which helps plants grow even faster. Trays or nets are hydroponics equipment that is used to keep the plants out of the solution, yet keeps the roots at the appropriate level so they can soak up the nutrient solution.

Hydroponics equipment and nutrient is available from hydroponics supplies stores online.

From years of indoor and hydroponic gardening, Susan Slobac has developed an in-depth knowledge of hydroponic supplies.

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Hydroponics Equipment Needs the Right Grow Lights for Good Results

Wed, 05 Aug 2009 22:25:00 +0000

Hydroponics gardening, a type of indoor gardening that requires no soil yet produces wonderful fruits and vegetables, requires several different types of hydroponics equipment. One type of hydroponics equipment that every system needs is grow lights. These lights help to ensure that your plants grow strong and reach maturity as quickly as possible.

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There are a wide variety in hydroponics supplies when it comes to grow lights. Lights come in many styles, including HID lights, HPS lights, MH lights and LED lights. HID stands for high intensity discharge, and are excellent grow lights in that they produce very bright light. Two types of HID lights are the HPS, or high pressure sodium, and MH, called metal halide, grow lamps. These lights come featuring either full spectrum light or a specific color spectrum.

Light spectrum is important to understand so you can find suitable light for the type of plants you wish to grow. Young seedlings need blue spectrum light in order to grow strong. Mature plants that you wish to induce to flower or fruit require red or orange light spectrum. You can purchase grow lights that feature one or the other light spectrum, or you can use full spectrum lights that capture both color spectrums. Lights do burn out after a length of time, so part of your hydroponics supplies will include replacement grow lights.

HID lights require additional hydroponics equipment in order to function properly. You will need an appropriately sized digital ballast for each HID light. This piece of hydroponics equipment helps to regulate the flow of electrical current to the grow lamp. These grow lamps run hot, so you will also need hydroponics equipment in the form of fans and ducting to remove heat from the growing area.

Another type of grow light is a great improvement in hydroponics equipment, and that is the new LED grow lights that have recently been made available. LED lights are very lightweight, and run very cool so no extra fans are needed. They use a tiny fraction of electricity as compared to HID grow lamps, yet produce a bright light. High-end LED lights also allow for custom blending of color spectrums, so you can give your plants what they need at any point in their growth cycles.

Other hydroponics supplies are used along with the grow lights in your hydroponics system. One of the major hydroponics supplies that you will need is plant nutrient. Because the plants consume this regularly, you will need to replenish these hydroponics supplies often.

Other hydroponics supplies include growing medium. This is what the plants grow in, in place of soil. Hydroponic supplies also take in pumps and aerators used to move the solution around the plants' roots. You can find all of these hydroponic supplies at a fully stocked hydroponic supply store online.

From years of indoor and hydroponic gardening, Susan Slobac has developed an in-depth knowledge of

hydroponics equipment.

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