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Install Linux On PS3 Without CD

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How to put Linux on your PS3


Linux is like another version of Microsoft or Mac OS for your PC. Its basically a different type of operating software - the best thing is it's free

Wikipedia describes Linux as

Linux is a Unix-like computer operating system. Linux is one of the most prominent examples of free software and open source development; its underlying source code can be freely modified, used, and redistributed by anyone.

Because of its free nature many have turned to Linux to provide them with operating software for them to use on their PS3 and yes it is possible to surf the internet on your Playstation. After you have downloaded it onto your PS3 you will still be able to do all the other stuff common to the console - listen to music, play games, watch videos etc etc etc.

Here's how to do it 

All in all it actually quite simple even though it may look more demanding.

Also when you got that completed (if you have the 60GB version) you may be wondering what to do with the spare 40 GB you have left (that is saying you manage to use 10Gb of gaming memory) why not download movies or songs onto your PS£ and take the most advantage of your new found computer system!!

Full Range of Movies and Music Videos


If you have a PSP (which all playstaion fan should) why not try out this site. It had all you could ever want with your PSP downloadable under one domain. Not to be missed

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Remember this could probably work on your PS3 to as the interface and make up of the consoles are exactly the same!

PC Games On PS3



The advancement in technology is obvious and so is the craze for video games among children. Revolutionary products like Xbox 360, PS3 and the Nintendo DS created mileposts in the genre of video games and these games are much better than just cartoons or flash designed tanks and bullets. The software used here is hi-tech and capable enough to give you realistic flairs. The sound quality and graphics have reached their best and still there are chances of more betterment. Video games have different genres like action, arcade, board games, horror, movie-based games and many more.

PS3 News

The PS3 is an amazing console. Since the beginning there has been major competition between the Xbox 360 and the PS3. The Xbox being cheaper and having certain hackable features made it quite popular at the start but it seems that it reign of terror is now over.

The new kid on the block is the PS3 which now has its own version of a hack that will make things very interesting.

Why Put Linux On My PS3? The answer is very simple. Because this will change your PS3 into a supercomputer with some amazing features. You will now be able to install Windows on your PS3 and PLAY PC GAMES and run PC applications with no hassle.

This will also allow to play 50% more file formats and used advanced movie players to play all your downloaded movies Check it out below

linux for ps3 download


he Sony PS3 has actually got to be one of the powerful machines to ever be built in this generation. The PS3 has given new point of view on how games look and are played. Aside from its graphical prowness, unbeknown to several you can even install Linux onto PS3 without the necessity to employ an installation disc.

If you haven't any experience in installing Linux onto any machine the results can be disasterous, so it can pay to make sure you have the right tools and instructions on how to install linux onto PS3.

When you suspect about installing Linux OS on your PS3 the first thought is to get a disc which has the Linux and install it using the consoles drive. But this technique isn't obligatory at all ,you don't need a cd and you can install Linux onto PS3 easily without a disc.Now you can make your PS3 into a strong Computer and harness the true potential on of the playstation three console.

To do this all you need is a Linux installer for PS3

Linux installation software is a specially programmed programme that can load and install Linux onto your PS3 without any hiccups. All you must do is google it to find it. This linux to PS3 software comes bundled with an emulator that makes it possible to download all the extra software needed to run Linux on your PS3. The Linux emulator does everything the Linux CD would do so theres no worries there.

Consider the benefits of having Linux installed on your PS3:

Not only can you run Linux on your PS3, but with it you can install Window OS giving the opportunity to run windows capatible programs like MS Office and play all your favourite Computer so making it an absolutely fledged PC desktop computer.

Below are some other benefit of having Linux on your PS3:

Make your PS3 run twin Operating Systems with Linux installer software.
Use Linux Emulator app to load Windows, MS Apps and lots more on PS3.
Play all your Fav software games like Warcraft, EVE, Warhammer on PS3.
Run redhat, Yellow Dog Linux on PS3
Enable your PS3 to recognise any file format
Load third party software

The features above make installing linux to PS3 a must for your playstation console. With the emulator installation of linux is formed that far easier, al you want to do is simpll select options with click a mouse and you will be away guffawing. This technique to install linux onto PS3 also protects your guaranty from being voided as it does not need you prying open your PS3 and soldiering a modchip. This can prove dear and something that no one wants to experience. All this without a CD, now that is amazing.

Just imagine having an all in one entertainment platform that can play your PS3 games as well as being able to act as a desktop Computer . This alone makes installing Linux to PS3 a must!