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Solving Premature Ejaculation

Thu, 15 Oct 2009 02:29:32 GMT2009-10-15T02:29:32Z

Premature ejaculation can have a huge effect on the lives of those that suffer from the problem as it can ruin an otherwise amazing relationship and it can also be the cause of things such as depression. So what are the options for those that suffer from the problem? Hopefully you will find some answers in this article.

How to Stop Ejaculation

Thu, 15 Oct 2009 02:28:42 GMT2009-10-15T02:28:42Z

If you are one of the thousands of males across the world that want to know how to stop ejaculation and last longer during sexual intercourse then you will find this article of interest. Below you will find out what methods can enable you to last longer in bed than you currently do.

How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation Forever

Wed, 14 Oct 2009 20:19:22 GMT2009-10-14T20:19:22Z

Premature ejaculation can cause all sorts of problems in a mans life. It can make them lose all there confidence, suffer from depression and in many cases destroy their relationships. Thankfully there are several methods and techniques you can use that are totally natural and that will help to eliminate the problem.

Increase Sexual Endurance - Become a Stud Instead of a Dud

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 20:32:16 GMT2009-10-12T20:32:16Z

There are plenty of men out there that suffer from premature ejaculation and would love to know how they can increase sexual endurance. By reading this article you will get a better idea of how you can do just this.

How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation Forever!

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 20:32:01 GMT2009-10-12T20:32:01Z

Want to know how to avoid premature ejaculation? Then you will find this article a good starting point as I am going to get you going in the right direction and let you know what does and doesn't work.

How to Naturally Last Longer in the Sack

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 20:24:36 GMT2009-10-12T20:24:36Z

There are more than a few men out there that would love to know how to naturally last longer in bed and in this article you will see some methods that can help you to do just that. So pay attention, forget about the ads for pills and creams going around in the back of your head and learn these methods which actually work.

How to Make Sex Last Longer - Revealed!

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 18:29:15 GMT2009-10-12T18:29:15Z

Although it shouldn't the truth is that sex can make or break a relationship no matter how well suited a couple are in other areas. Hopefully some of the tips I give in this article can help you go in the right direction.

Increase Sexual Stamina Now!

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 18:28:56 GMT2009-10-12T18:28:56Z

Do you want to know the secrets of how to increase sexual stamina? Of course you do, after all what man wouldn't want to last a bit longer in bed. However it has to be said that it is a far more important piece of information to those that have a serious issue with premature ejaculation.

How to Last Longer in Bed Today!

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 18:27:47 GMT2009-10-12T18:27:47Z

Want to know how to last longer in bed? Well so do many men, in fact statistics have shown that around half of the male population are unhappy with how long they last in bed. Thankfully there are methods that can help you to last far longer and start enjoying a more enjoyable sex life.

Last Longer in Bed - How to Change Your Love Life Forever

Mon, 12 Oct 2009 14:18:19 GMT2009-10-12T14:18:19Z

Those that are struggling with their staying power simply don't know what to believe and what not to believe, but this article should put a few things straight. Are you ready to know what really works!

How to Avoid Premature Ejaculation - The Truth Revealed

Thu, 08 Oct 2009 14:28:03 GMT2009-10-08T14:28:03Z

Want to know how to avoid premature ejaculation? Then join the queue as you are one of many that want the answer to that question. Hopefully the information I can provide in this article will help you get going in the right direction and help you to naturally last longer in bed.

Premature Ejaculation Info - The Must Know Tips

Tue, 06 Oct 2009 15:13:28 GMT2009-10-06T15:13:28Z

In this article I will give you some premature ejaculation info that will hopefully lead to you solving your problems and starting to enjoy a happier and more satisfying sex life. The tips I will give you are all methods you can do naturally meaning you can stay clear of pills, sprays and creams.

Premature Ejaculation Remedies - The Truth Uncovered

Tue, 06 Oct 2009 14:46:43 GMT2009-10-06T14:46:43Z

Genuine premature ejaculation remedies are hard to come by. There are many claims of pills, creams and sprays that claim to solve the problem of premature ejaculation but sadly they don't work. There is only remedy that does work.

Preventing Premature Ejaculation - 4 Fantastic Tips

Wed, 30 Sep 2009 14:43:47 GMT2009-09-30T14:43:47Z

Many men are looking for help preventing premature ejaculation. Hopefully this article will provide some great steps for you to follow that will enable you to start lasting longer in bed without the need to know whether the pills, creams and sprays that people argue over actually work or not.

Delaying Ejaculation - Avoid Dangerous Drugs and Use These Natural Methods

Tue, 29 Sep 2009 14:39:04 GMT2009-09-29T14:39:04Z

Delaying Ejaculation can greatly improve your sex life and confidence as it can help you to last longer in bed. There are pills and creams out there that claim to solve premature ejaculations but thankfully you don't need to take the risk that using these products involves as you can use natural techniques and exercises to help with the problem.

Learning How to Control Ejaculation

Tue, 29 Sep 2009 14:13:04 GMT2009-09-29T14:13:04Z

If you're searching for a method to control ejaculation during sex, then knowing which methods work is vital. This article will tell you the easiest method to quickly learn to control ejaculation.

How to Cure Premature Ejaculation - The Info You Need to Know

Sat, 26 Sep 2009 15:15:36 GMT2009-09-26T15:15:36Z

A commonly asked question in mens forums and chat rooms is how to cure premature ejaculation. There is often plenty of advice given but a lot of it tends to contradict each other. This article will put an end to that.

How to Stop Early Ejaculation and Make Your Sex Life Better

Sat, 26 Sep 2009 14:24:52 GMT2009-09-26T14:24:52Z

How can you stop early ejaculation? If you are a man that suffers from the problem you will know why that is such a big important question and why the answer is even more important.

Premature Ejaculation Remedy - What Really Enables You to Last Longer in Bed?

Fri, 25 Sep 2009 16:58:36 GMT2009-09-25T16:58:36Z

Believe me there are thousands, if not millions, of men out there that want a premature ejaculation remedy that works, but where should they be looking? Premature ejaculation is a massive issue as it can destroy otherwise fantastic relationships but sadly some people see this as a great money making opportunity. Everywhere there's a problem there are people out there ready to make money of it with claims of cures. Sadly this makes it very difficult to tell the genuine remedies that are available from the phonies. Hopefully this article can help you.

How to Delay Ejaculation Using 2 Brilliantly Simple Methods

Fri, 25 Sep 2009 16:57:35 GMT2009-09-25T16:57:35Z

There are plenty of men out there that want to know how to delay ejaculation. In fact it is believed that over half of the male population are unhappy with how long they can last in bed and are dying to know how to change this. Hopefully this article can help a little.

How to Stop Premature Ejaculation and Start Enjoying Your Sex Life

Fri, 25 Sep 2009 16:56:18 GMT2009-09-25T16:56:18Z

If you're looking for the best way to delay ejaculation and want to know how to stop premature ejaculation, learn about a special technique known by a lot of men but typically stumbled upon. The trick isn't so much in your positioning, but the methods.

Overcome Premature Ejaculation and Finally Give Your Woman the Pleasure She Yearns For

Fri, 25 Sep 2009 16:54:55 GMT2009-09-25T16:54:55Z

If you want to know how to overcome premature ejaculation then you are not alone? This article contains information that can help put you on the right road to solving your issues.

How to Grow Your Penis and Eliminate Your Tiny Manhood For Good

Fri, 14 Aug 2009 20:35:08 GMT2009-08-14T20:35:08Z

"Click here to learn how to grow your penis" is a heading most people see at least once a week in their email in box, for most people this is nothing more than annoying spam that gets promptly deleted or sent to the spam folder. But for some men it is a question they themselves would like to know the answer of. Lets take a look of a few questions someone looking for a how to grow your penis method may ask.

How To Make My Penis Bigger - My Own Sensational Story

Fri, 14 Aug 2009 03:27:00 GMT2009-08-14T03:27:00Z

Finding out how to make my penis bigger began for me at the age of 14. like most lads that age I was starting to take note of my body and girls, it was then that I noticed that I had a small penis compared to the other lads. Now don't get me wrong I'm no peeping tom but when your getting changed and showered with 30 other lads you can't help but notice, and that is were my problems began. When I was 15 I made it my mission to find out how to make my penis bigger when I overheard fellow pupils laughing and taking the mick out of the size of my penis after a P.E lesson. it was the most embarrassing moment of my life as they realized I had heard them and the group they were with (including girls) burst into fits of laughter. I had tried my hardest to cover up in the changing rooms and always made sure I was first or last in the showers when no one else was around but it had been in vain, the next year of high school was torture as my confidence hit rock bottom and I fell out of favor with the popular kids. It was around this time my parents got the Internet and I found an advert for pills that promised to make my penis bigger. My excitement when they arrived was something I hadn't experienced since Christmas as a kid. the instructions said to eat two twice a day, I remember shoving four in my mouth there and then. I experienced vomiting and diarrhea daily but It was a full month before I decided they weren't working to make my penis any bigger. The next method I invested in to make my penis bigger was buying my very own penis pump. The look on the cashiers face as she tried to stifle her laughter still makes me cringe to this day. I remember my joy after my first session when I could definitely see an increase in size, I also remember the disappointment when it shrank back to a peanut after a hour. I carried on regardless anyway, until the blisters on my penis became too sore and I decided the agony wasn't worth it. Creams I tried for about three months, about the same too for some herbal medicine I bought from a new age shop which the old Mr Miagi look a like promised would make my penis bigger. I even bought myself some special weights designed for stretching and making the penis bigger, they hurt too much though so It quickly ended up in the cob webbed drawer along with the penis pump. I was getting desperate, I hadn't had a girlfriend for years as my confidence was so low, I was depressed and angry that none of the so called 'certainties' had managed to help bigger my penis. I had started to save up for surgery as it was the only option I felt was left, and had saved nearly four hundred pounds when I came across the solution. I had heard of and even briefly tried natural exercises to make my penis bigger, but had quickly given up when I read on the web that they didn't work. how stupid I was, because whilst browsing the web one day I came across a forum about increasing penis size (yes, one does exist) and to my shock they were all raving about how jelqing and flexing and other exercises had helped them gain inches to there penis size. I quickly found the best info I could and set to work immediately, that was about two years ago and my penis size is something I no longer have to worry about. That is my story of how I found how to make my penis bigger. So to anyone out there who bothered to read this if your looking to increase your size I would suggest to look up penis enlargement exercises, such a[...]

How To Grow Your Penis Without Risky Surgery Or Dangerous Pills

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 06:20:00 GMT2009-08-13T06:20:00Z

"Click here to learn how to grow your penis" is a heading most people see at least once a week in their email in box, for most people this is nothing more than annoying spam that gets promptly deleted or sent to the spam folder. But for some men it is a question they themselves would like to know the answer of. lets take a look of a few questions someone looking for a how to grow your penis method may ask. Do these pills, creams, patches and other various ointments I see around the web work to grow your penis?In short no. there as been no evidence found in all the research done that any of these so called penis enhancer's work. what's more many have been found to contain harmful ingredients such as pesticides, lead and even traces of animal feces. More and more sites selling such items are appearing more and more on the Internet as their is such a huge market for them. Avoid them though at all cost as they are nothing more than scams after your money. What about penis pumps do they work and are they safe?whilst penis pumps are usually marketed as a way how to grow your penis their original function was as a device for men with trouble getting erections. Although it has been found that the penis pump will over time strengthen the penis muscles they will not help permently make your penis bigger. they have also been linked to causing blisters and sore skin, and burst blood vessels. They have also been criticized for there expensive price for such a simple instrument. Shall I save up for penis enhancement surgery?while that decision is one only you can make you should be aware that 85% of all men who undergo the knife to help their penis grow are unhappy with the resulting change. This is mainly due to the fact that the average gain is only 1-1.5 inch in length or .5-1 inch in width depending on the surgery had. The price is something you should consider too, unless your well off it could be too much of a price to justify with surgery costing up to $30000. what other options are there?The other option available and the one long considered the best way how to grow your penis is by using a combination of exercises specifically designed to enlarge the penis. The main ones been jelqing and flexes, jelqing concentrates on helping the penis expand by using a milking motion with the index finger and thumb on an semi erect penis. flexes on the other hand are designed to strengthen the muscles around the penis by flexing and holding different muscles for an extended period of time. For more information on these techniques click here.[...]

How To Enlarge Penis Size With 2 Stunningly Simple Techniques

Thu, 13 Aug 2009 06:07:00 GMT2009-08-13T06:07:00Z

To enlarge penis size more and more people are turning to using natural exercises instead of spending thousands of pounds to have penis enlargement surgery. Exercises to enlarge penis size are in my own (and many others) opinion the best method by far to help your penis enlarge. They hold many advantages over other methods such as the length and width increase gained is a lot more with using exercises than it is with other methods.


To enlarge penis size naturally two main types of exercises are used stretches and jelqs. The stretches have one purpose which is to help stretch the penis whilst jelqing has a double objective to enlarge penis size and that is stretching and adding thickness. Many other exercises exist to help enlarge penis size but stretching and jelqs are two that most penis enlargement websites agree on.

Stretches can be used on the penis with the hands or with the use of special apparatus' with the main objective of stretching the ligaments helping to enlarge penis size. Care must be taken when applying stretches making sure that you: A) Use a proper penis lubricator. B) A days rest is taken for every two days of exercise.

Jelqing holds great authority with helping to enlarge penis size and as been used for centuries. in europe of old jelqing exercises were passed down from parents to help enlarge penis size in their children. Just like with stretches the proper jelqing techniques should be employed when been practised such as not jelqing with a fully erect penis and doing a through warm up and warm down. So too should the right after care be applied.

All exercises you use to enlarge penis size should be followed to the letter, the best web sites out there will give you a exercise plan to follow with a detailed step by step workout designed for maximum acheivement. So don't just find the first article that half explains a method that helps enlarge penis size or you could end up causing more harm then good. Instead find a site that deals solely in exercises for penis enlargement and read the articles there, some even offer videos to help show the correct methods to enlarge penis size. The site with the best user feedback and success rate can be found here.

Penis Advantage Review - Is It The Real Deal Or A Complete Scam?

Mon, 10 Aug 2009 20:02:00 GMT2009-08-10T20:02:00Z

Here is our Penis Advantage review. For those that don't know what Penis Advantage is it is a members only site that claims to have all the techniques required to allow you to grow your penis totally naturally. If you want to know a little more about it before continuing this review then check out the site here!Firstly, lets look at an overview of the product itself and then we shall answer some of the questions men ask about the product before they purchase!1. PenisAdvantage Program -Speaking about the product in overall terms... many men have found this system to work very efficiently. There have been no reports of this product working incorrectly for any man that has used it! Many men that have tried this exercise program have said that it is the best male enhancement product they have ever purchased. Men will try anything to enlarge their penis.Whether its pills, pumps, creams or weights, anything is triable! However, non of these products will work as effectively and honestly as the PenisAdvantage program. Bare in mind also, that the program has been running for seven years as of writing this. So this along should indicate to you how durable this product is!2. How does the Penis Advantage Program Work?Its pretty simple really. There are no complications to this exercise program. It uses a 100% all natural method. Of course this natural method works very effectively and is considered the most reputable penis enhancement program.There is no special equipment you need to use in order for the program to work for you. All you need is your own two hands, a private area and 6 minutes a day to perform the exercises. Also because its 100% all natural, it is one of the safest ways to enhance your penile area!3. Does it take long to work?Many men are concerned about how long one should expect to see results from the exercise program. It depends really... You see a typical user should be able to expect an average of between 1-4 inches of growth on their penis.This varies on time and the effort that you put in. However the exercise is a simple 6 minute exercise that any man can follow and perform, so its not unrealistic for you to see these type of average gains in a matter of weeks. Its up to you at the end of the day. As the saying goes.. "The more you put in... The more you get out!"4. Will PenisAdvantage work on me? Or am I wasting my money?PenisAdvantage has been a successful product for almost seven years now and it has helped over 12,000 men around the world achieve larger penis sizes than any other product on the market today. Your penis, like most muscles in your body need exercise in order to remain healthy and "Fit". You want bigger muscles? Then you got to exercise in order to develop those muscles. Its the same for your male anatomy.PenisAdvantage is a fantastic product and its here to stay because of its proven success rate, which I might add is over 99%! You wont be wasting your money with this program! Even if you are the tiny small percentage of men that have had not as much success with the product as other men have.. you can always get your money back!CLICK HERE TO GET PENIS ADVANTAGE NOW!!![...]

The Truth About Natural Penis Enlargement

Fri, 07 Aug 2009 11:06:00 GMT2009-08-07T11:06:00Z

Natural penis enlargement exercises have been used my men since records began, exercises such as jelqing and kegals have been used with great success to make the penis longer, wider and fatter. The medical world has just recently recognized the evidence and as since put penis exercises down as the best method to gain penis enlargement putting it even before surgical enhancement techniques.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of ointments, pills, lotions,creams and a various other number of concoctions out there claiming to provide you with a natural penis enlargement. If though you were to test most of these so called 'natural' products you would find that there is no ingrediant present in any that as been proven to help enlarge the penis. That is were penis exercises can not be beaten as there is nothing in the world more natural than exercising our bodys, as the penis is after all just a muscle, and as with any muscle in our body's by utilizing the right exercises it can be built stronger and larger.

As mentioned above one of the exercises used in a natural penis enlargement work-out is that of Jelqing. Jelqing also known as wet milking is properly done with the penis semi-erect and using a proper lubricant. Once you have done a proper warm up, a series of repeated stokes done in the fashion of milking a cow is applied to the penis with both hands. I haven't properly explained the process here as I would hate to describe it wrong and someone get hurt. Jelqing works by stretching the ligament inside the penis and can cause injury if done wrong, It is only one of several penis exercises which work best when combined and should not be tried without proper instructions.

So if your looking for a natural penis enlargement method my advice would be to give the magic creams and happy pills a miss and stick to exercises designed specifically for the penis that are proven methods for enlarging a penis. If you want to find out more about these exercises then I would recommend you take a look at Penis Advantage.

How to Enlarge Your Penis Successfully and Risk Free

Wed, 05 Aug 2009 16:28:36 GMT2009-08-05T16:28:36Z

Ever wondered how to enlarge your penis? if so then worry not, because your not the only one. Lots of men worry about the size of their penis wishing that it was bigger. If you are one of these men then please read on.

Natural Penis Enlargement - Some Fantastic Techniques Revealed!

Mon, 03 Aug 2009 21:26:00 GMT2009-08-03T21:26:00Z

If you want to make your penis larger using natural penis enlargement techniques, a plethora of exercises exist to accomplish this. In the following, we'll run through the most effective free penis enlargement exercises available to you.

Prior to beginning, please consider that these exercises shouldn't be performed every day, or else you may strain your penis and the area around your it. You just may discover that everyday application of these exercises will eventually hurt more than help, and impede the likelihood of enlarging the size of your penis.

I must stress that you take your time and form a reasonable schedule to perform these exercises and maintain it, despite how eager you might be to work on enlarging your penis.

The PC Flex is the first natural penis enlargement exercise we will learn. Effective use of the PC Flex will supply you with strong erections, so it's one you should remember. The PC muscle controls the starting and stopping of urine coming out of your body, not unlike with women who are pregnant.

The major thing this exercise accomplishes is to strengthen the PC muscle; you can do this anywhere you like. When you first start out with these exercises, a good exercise time is five minutes, but as you go and your penis gets stronger you can eventually increase the time to thirty minutes, but no longer. As the PC muscle is squeezed, the muscle surrounding your anus will also work itself.

The overall function of this natural penis enlargement exercise is to increase blood flow to the penis, which can contribute to widening it. It's a great starting exercise, though you should do more than that to make sure blood flows to other parts of your penis.

For the next one, you must grab the head of your penis with your index finger and thumb, forming an 'O' shape, so your hand forms an okay symbol. With this, stretch your penis out in front of you and hold the stretch for at least ten seconds. Once you've released, massage your penis gently.

Repeat the stretch, in all directions (up, left, right, straight and down) for ten to fifteen seconds each. After each rep, massage your penis gently. Toilet paper or facial tissue is ideal if you can't maintain grip during the stretch. This natural penis enhancement exercise shouldn't hurt, so only stretch your penis out as far as is comfortable. For more of these techniques click here.

How To Enlarge Your Penis

Sun, 02 Aug 2009 21:15:00 GMT2009-08-02T21:15:00Z

Today, there are many more male penis enlargement solutions available to men then there has ever been, which is great news if you want to know how to enlarge your penis. This article is about some important information that can able a man to lengthen and thicken his penis.

Here are a few interesting facts about natural male penis enlargement that can help to show you how to enlarge your penis:

  1. 1. The average length of a penis is 5.9 inches in length, but generally most penises are under 4 inches long.
  2. 2. The sad truth is that 1 in every 10 men above the age of 40 suffer from some form of impotence at some point in their life time.
  3. 3. Every year thousands of men look for psychological aid regarding the length of their member.
  4. 4. Penis enlargement is a reachable goal set by the majority of men who want a bigger penis.

The secret to achieving a larger penis is in the blood flow. As the blood flow increases to the penis, it allows men to make their penises grow in width and in length. This really is how to enlarge your penis.

Here is a quick rundown of how to achieve a larger penis for men of every age naturally.

There are many different natural penis extending and widening exercises. Similarly to conventional exercise techniques, penis lengthening exercises contain a beginning warm up, the actual penis lengthening exercise and finally a cool down.

Natural penis enlargement techniques make it possible for men to train the penis to allow more blood into it which will yield bigger and harder erections.

A jelq is just one penis enlarging exercise you can do that is natural and safe. It requires a rhythmic, slow and outward pulling action on the penis which allows more blood to flow throughout the entire penis. There are an innumerable amount of natural penis enlargement exercises like the jelq. If you repeat this exercise, you will notice that your penis becomes large and wider, because of the increased blood flow to and from the penis.

Some men enjoy participating in these different natural penis enlargement exercises while some other men want permanent solutions to their problems that involve littler or no effort by them, they will find it very difficult to find a solution. Now you know how to enlarge your penis it is time to start doing something about it. Find out more here and good luck

Penis Enlargement Techniques - Find Out What Really Works

Sun, 02 Aug 2009 20:42:00 GMT2009-08-02T20:42:00Z

There is nothing wrong with wanting to know about penis enlargement techniques. In modern times, it is not uncommon for people to drastically change parts of their body, such as in plastic surgery. Therefore, the desire to enlarge your penis is nothing out of the ordinary.

Currently, penis enlargement is still very much looked down upon in western society. You must inform yourself to make the proper choices. With this article, I plan to inform you of the various proven penis enlargement techniques you can use.

Undoubtedly the most commonly known of the penis enlargement techniques is through pills, often advertised as "male enhancement." If you have ever been up past midnight watching television, I am sure you have seen commercials advertising these items. To successfully determine whether or not these pills work, allow me to look at the ingredients they often contain.

Penis enlarging pills are generally just a mixture of herbal ingredients. They generally have exotic and obscure names, such as muira puama extract. Although they might sound nice, these are just simple herbs which will have no permanent effect. Sometimes they might provide temporary benefits, but nothing that will stand the test of time.

Some pills have entered the market which contain synthetic (man made) ingredients. These pills often have dangerous and undocumented side effects. Do whatever you can to avoid using male enhancement pills. But, if you do, use only herbal ones. They wont provide permanent results, but thankfully they do not have harmful side effects.

There is only one truly proven to work method from all the penis enlargement techniques available. That is through penis exercises. Such exercises may be performed in various ways, sometimes without any equipment at all. These exercises are one-hundred percent safe and are guaranteed to make you bigger in under six months. Take a look here to find out more.

Increase The Size Of The Penis - Amazing Techniques Revealed!

Sat, 01 Aug 2009 15:13:00 GMT2009-08-01T15:13:00Z

Historical records show that more than a thousand years ago, exercises were designed meant to increase the size of the penis. Surprisingly, the fact that the length and girth of the penis can indeed be increased through special penis exercises has recently been proven through clinical trials and serious medical studies.CLICK HERE FOR A COMPLETE NATURAL PENIS ENLARGEMENT SYSTEMIncreasing the size of the penis, however, is not the only benefit these exercises demonstrated in these medical studies.These penis exercises - formally referred to as male enhancement exercises - have numerous benefits including: improving sexual performance and control, increasing the ability to maintain longer and harder erections, boosting the semen production and overall volume when ejaculation occurs, extending overall stamina in bed, and best of all, increasing the size of your penis.Imagine the effects of having greater confidence in your ability to satisfy your partner in the bedroom; a longer, thicker penis combined with incredible sexual stamina could greatly improve your life. All you have to do is follow the penis exercise program to achieve substantial male enhancement.Exactly how do penis exercises work? Exercise, in general, works because the muscles and other parts of our bodies have the natural ability to adapt to changes in the environment when pushed, though the specifics depend on the exact exercise in question. An example is the use of weights by bodybuilders to stress the muscles; as they adapt to the changes, the muscles grow larger and stronger.Following are different penis exercises along with brief explanations of how they work:JelqingJelqing involves a technique designed to increase the blood flow to the Corpora Covernosa (the part of the penis that becomes engorged with blood during erections) and is similar to "milking" your penis; furthermore, this ancient male enhancement technique was used by the nomadic Arabian tribes and works to visibly increase the size of the penis. Of great importance is that both the length and girth of the penis can be enlarged, and regularly practicing jelqing can permanently increase the overall size of the Corpoar Covernosa.Penis StretchingThere are quite a few known exercises designed to stretch the penis, but all of them aim to stretch the tissues of the penis. These exercises can increase penis length and (to a lesser extent) girth by stretching the cells of the penile tissue.Kegel ExercisesKegel exercises are a great and easy way to increase your sexual stamina - by strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle you can control and delay ejaculation. You will gain the ability to prolong your erections, delay and intensify your ejaculations, and increase your overall sexual abilities by simply training this muscle with Kegel exercises.Try some of these exercises to try and increase the size of the penis yourself, but these are just a few of the exercises that can help. For a more complete natural penis enhancement program take a look here.[...]