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Who is Ed Hardy?

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Who is Ed Hardy?

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By : Ed Hardy Clothing

Don Ed Hardy, fondly called the'The Godfather of Modern Tattoo', has definitely revolutionized the way the world sees Tattoo Art. Over a decade ago, Tattoo Art seemed fit for the skin of bikers and tough guys, but that's definitely no longer the case. Don Ed Hardy started out his career using traditional systems of painting before he changed into a Tattoo artist, and with the drive of the electrifying Frenchman Christian Audigier, Don Ed Hardy's art is much sought after.

Don Ed Hardy was born in Iowa in 1945, but he and his family moved to Costa Mesa, California less than a year since he was born. He's thought to be the 1st American tattoo artist to incorporate japanese aesthetics and techniques to his designs. His love for tattooing was obvious, even as a little boy. He would copy and design his very own fake tattoos. It was only during his high school years that his interest in tattoo art took a backseat to his love for Kustom Kulture.

To the uninitiated, a tattoo is a taboo. As an important point, the tattoo is still a taboo in numerous parts of the country as well as the remainder of the states around the globe. Whether you confess or not, it is extremely troublesome to find obtain work when you have this conspicuous tattoos on your face or other parts of the body. Tattoos are heavily associated with criminality. Having origins in the japanese Yakuza arranged crime group, many captives and criminal gangs use tattoo to point out their connections, their criminal behaviors as well as jail sentences. Having said that , there are still many followers of the tattoo art that these including other sorts of body alterations are but art forms and self expression.

To tattoo fans, there are regular attires and then there are attires that complement their zeal for their art. Nowhere do you find this clothes than in the Ed Hardy clothing collection. Ed Hardy is a Yank tattoo artist. His book contained his works in the study of body art along that with the works of Sailor Jerry Collins. Ed Hardy published other works but it often centered in his keenness for tattooing and body art. In 2002, Ed Hardy clothing was established primarily based on art work and design.

There is something about tattoo works of art that strikes even those who continue to believe in the negative connotations of tattoo. Whether it is in color or grayscale, tattoo art can occasionally be a sight to behold. Imagine putting this art in a cushty shirt and you are now wearing not just comfort but a fashion sense. That's what Ed Hardy clothing does. It brings the cool art of tattoo in a comfy shirt.

Actually, it isn't just shirt. Ed Hardy clothing has a total line of men's and women's wear for every occasion. Whether you're looking for casual clothes or elegant business clothes, the Ed Hardy collection will surprise you with its colourful and vibrant outline of life in a clothing item. Ed Hardy girls's wear is a collection of some of the most colourful and most comfortable line of girls's clothing that's available. Ed Hardy collection isn't all color, the materials are imported and will certainly bring many years of comfort and pleasure to its owner.

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