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Mafia Wars Secrets & Tips

Thu, 23 Jul 2009 18:52:00 +0000

Here are more tips you will find in the Secrets ebook. How to hitlist yourself? You already know you earn more points the longer you stay on a hitlist. Why not contact a smaller family and ask to be put on their hitlist? Once they try to attack you and they don't succeed in killing you, you can offer them a service of beating up their local Mafia Wars bully. We talked about energy in the article, but here I'm going to tell you exactly when you should not use your energy packs...within 200 points of your next level. You already know you re-energize at the next level. Just refrain from using what you have in energy until you reach the next level. Ok, this is an easy "Secret" to getting more members in your Mafia Family. Become a "Fan" of Stone Cold Pimps. You need to get "pimped" by this fan page to instantly add 200+ mafia members to your mafia family. Just remember to return the favor by inviting your friends and family to join the Stone Cold Pimps fan page. Afterall, what comes around, goes around, and that includes the good stuff in life. Don't forget to visit Cuba once you reach level 35. Cuba offers a wide arrange of goodies to make your Mafia Family more powerful and will help you gain more experience points. Before you know it, your humble beginnings as a poor italian kid from the Bronx will be far behind you. Remember to train hard in the gym, get your education and find a job to act as a cover for your illegal activies. You can learn so much more in your own copy of MafiaWars Secrets Don't forget to pick up the bonus ebook...."Godfather Cash" [...]