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The Sports Betting Champs 97% Success Rate

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The Sports Betting Champ Picks Your Winners

Tue, 04 Aug 2009 04:36:00 +0000

I had heard quite a bit about the sports betting champ 'John Morrison' from my uncle Ken. Ken, your classic 'Gin and Milk', cigarette smoking horse racing fan is the kind of guy you listen to when it comes to picking a winner, so when he mentions a guy he has been looking up to that gets my attention...

Even tho Uncle Ken has been immersed in the world of handicapping and finding winners for even longer than John Morrison, Johns 28 years have produced some impressive results, a livelihood for him and his family and most notably a track record (excuse the pun!) second to none

The Sports Betting Champ Tells His Story

Cornell University produces top rate Phd graduates and John is no exception, he has channeled his education and intelligence well to become the top sports betting champ he is today. Boasting a 97% success rate with his pics is impressive indeed. That is what prompted Uncle Ken and I to look into John and his system further.

What Kind Of Results Can The Sports Betting Champ Produce?

Unfortunately information from an experienced expert like this is never free.. Great information is rarely cheap but if this is your area of interest then it is certainly wise to copy what is already working rather than spend valuable time and money figuring it all out for yourself. John is a true sports betting champ and you have only to see for yourself what hundreds of others are saying about him to be reassured he really does know his field inside out!