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TheCBCode Review | By Michael Jones | ClickBank

Updated: 2014-10-02T22:09:22.771-07:00


The CB Code, Michael Jones, and the Internet Marketing Dilemma


The CB Code, aka The Clickbank Code, is the latest product from well known internet marketing guru Michael Jones. It consists of a series of 28 videos showing how a "Clickbank Newbie" made $48,000 in his first month.

Of course, that newbie (Michael Jones) already had extensive mailing lists and other promotions operational that ensured his success.

But promoting himself as a "newbie" is a misleading statement that he is forced to make because of the hype expected of an internet marketing guru product. His dilemma is that he can either be truthful or sell books. In the IM game, those are the only choices.

It's sad to say that the actual quality of the product has lost its' relevance for many marketers. Sales deception seems to rule the day, but the products are best used by those who don't expect the promised results.

What you can learn from these videos is how a marketer should attack the Clickbank marketplace for the fastest success. You can be newbie to Clickbank, or a struggler just looking for the key. Either way, by following the steps in the videos, you will learn by doing, just what it takes to get hops that convert.

When I purchase and test a product of this type, I start out with a blank slate and use nothing but what is said or written. The idea is to see how long it takes to recover the cost of the product, and whether the work will take on a life of it's own and produce hands off profits down the road.

The CB Code took only two weeks to pay for itself and the long term production for the work looks promising. Of course, it still takes work to get everything set up. If you can do the work, which is all very basic stuff, you can make money.

Clickbank provides a reliable source of income and should be a part of your internet income. But it is not the easiest nut to crack. In fact, it took me years. Thanks to Michael Jones and the Clickbank Code, you can be spared the wasted time.

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