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Published: Thu, 22 Feb 2018 03:24:50 +0000


Should I get a second cat?

Sat, 03 Feb 2018 14:09:33 +0000


I'm trying to figure out if a second ragdoll kitten/young cat will be best for my household. I have 1 young cat (1 yr). She seems happy, but she's super playful so I'm concerned that she's bored while I'm at work. I leave out lots of toys and play "TV for cats" on the TV to try to give her something to do. She's reacted well to dogs that she's met. On the other hand, I have a one bedroom apartment so I'm concerned that it's not enough space for two cats.

Any thoughts/advice is much appreciated.


Ragdoll alone

Tue, 09 Jan 2018 21:26:49 +0000


My boyfriend and I are considering getting a Ragdoll cat and as such I have been doing a lot of research and so far it seems to be a pet that will fit us perfectly.

The only thing is, I work full time and my boyfriend work from home approximately 3 days a week and spends the other two in the office. Would a Ragdoll be able to be alone for 6-8 hours approximately 2 days a week? I’ve seen how some people say it’s fine, others say absolutely not and the rest recommend you get two, however this is not really an option for us.

So, I am really looking for an honest answer. If we get a kitten and get it used to this from the start (we’re planning on spending approximately 20 days straight at home when we first get it by working from home) then is this a viable option?

I look forward to hearing your replies.


my experience at a breeder

Sun, 24 Dec 2017 21:57:34 +0000

I had a Main Coon mix which died recently. He was the friendliest cat ever and would run to the door to greet visitors. Never shy with anyone and this is what I am looking for again. Unfortunately I had to put him down due to developing cancer and it was heart breaking. From what I have read, the rag doll breed is has a similar personality, however.....

I went to a local breeder who charges $1200. (more than usual I know now)
I have read that these cats are very friendly and are not ghost cats. However, I noticed that the adult cats would not even get close to me and the kittens were afraid and would run and hide. This is in contrast to what I have read about this breed.
I went to the local shelter and the cats there (most) were so friendly.
I am reconsidering my decision after this. Did I have an unusual experience or is how it is at a breeder's environment? Really need some input from others before a make this decision. Thank you.

getting mats out

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 15:29:08 +0000

Is there any half way easy way to get mats out of my Lily's hair? I need a way to relax her. She is very scared and will scratch me if I'm not fast enough to pull my hand away. So needless to say the mats are getting out of control. I may have to take her to the vet and have her put in a sleep box. I don't want to do this but might not have a choice. I've been putting this off for a long time. I know she will be scared no matter which way I decide. I feel so sorry for her. Other than this problem she is a very loving cat and follows us from one room to the next. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Eskimo and his human need some advise :)

Mon, 13 Nov 2017 13:46:15 +0000

Hey hey, been a wile sinse ive posted. Well we need some help, instead of second kitten in our home will come a diferent kind of baby - human one. So im a bit stressed about how Eskimo will handle the changes and i want to make it as easier as possible for him. So we will do furniture changes like 2 months in advanse, we play some baby cries at random hours on phones - but thats pretty much everthing we do. So if you can share some tips and advises, would be great. Thanks (image)


I think my kitty has an URI -- are these normal symptoms?

Fri, 10 Nov 2017 06:03:35 +0000

Phoenix is 14 months old, and on Monday he was sneezing a lot. By the evening we took him to the vet and he was diagnosed with a URI. They gave us Lysine and Doxycycline to give twice daily. We gave him both that evening, he really hates the doxy which we give in liquid form.

Tuesday he was not interested in eating or drinking so now we have been using a syringe to give him food and water by mouth. Then, we give him his meds about a half hour later.

He is still sleepy though will get up and go to the bathroom and walk around occasionally. He still isn't interested to eat but today when feeding him he started to chew on the syringe and lick it so at least he wants it. But he's still snotty and his breathing can be stuffy. And something that worries me is that his left eye is irritated and squinty. His third eyelid is showing more than normal and there is discharge. I don't know if this is just a symptom of the URI or something else. I have seen him only a few times cleaning his face so I doubt he's scratched it. It hasn't improved or worsened the past two days.

I don't want to go spending a ton of money at the vet if I don't have to, but my old cat never got URIs and I don't know what's normal or abnormal. When we first got him and as I drove him home from the breeder he started showing signs of a URI -- drooling and eyes discharging. We treated him for it and that was last December. Back then, his same eye (the left one) was discharging send irritated. When I got him from the breeder he was normal. No discharge, drooling, or anything. It was on the two hour drive back he started getting sick.

Another odd thing is that back then and so far this time, his brother Leon never got sick, despite cleaning Phoenix and being around him the whole time.

What do you all think? The breeder said she will send me some eye ointment if I want so I don't have to spend more at the vet but also said it's better if the eye can just head itself.

Ragdoll uses claws a lot

Mon, 06 Nov 2017 17:11:28 +0000

I just picked up a 16 week kitten from a very reputable breeder in my area. I am noticing that the kitten kneads a lot and always has his claws out. He isn’t scratching me but having the claws out is very strange to me. The class seem to come out 95% of the time with this kitten. My first Raggie never did this and barely takes out his claws. I’m concerned and will be contacting the breeder soon.

do you use any hairball remedies?

Tue, 31 Oct 2017 18:18:26 +0000

Do you use any commercial or home remedies for hairballs?

My furry bosslady has been retching a lot and coughing up hairballs. (She also has IBD, so we saw the vet to make sure that is in good control.) I'll be combing her more thoroughly and the vet said to try a hairball remedy of my choice. It will likely have to be a paste rather than treats since she tends to regurgitate hard foods (IBD and toothlessness).

I've tried coconut oil which NBrazil's Artemis likes, but she wouldn't eat it. She's a beast to medicate (won't lick the paste off her paw or lip, will rub it off and hide). Happy to try any commercial paste like petromalt or laxatone. There's so many out there and so many "free-product" reviews that I'm having trouble figuring out what to try.

Does it have to be given alone (not mixed in her wet food) to be effective?

Edit: I guess I'll need to burrito-fy her to administer-- I read this in an online pet site: "Don’t mix the gel in with food or treats. Hairball remedies are designed to clean the hair from the belly, and mixing with food may give your furry feline an upset tummy."


Tue, 24 Oct 2017 16:02:31 +0000

Albert is going for his 2nd acupuncture session on Thursday. He actually tolerated the1st session (last week) quite well, so I'm keeping fingers and paws crossed.

Just wondering, if any other folks have tried acupuncture on their kittys.

4 Month old and Socializing?

Sun, 15 Oct 2017 02:58:46 +0000

My husband and I lost our thirteen year old ragdoll a year ago. Last week, our new fur baby arrived from an out of town breeder. She mentioned that Polly was shy but, in fact, she really seems frightened. I was able to hold her when she first arrived, having patted her and had her purr. She jumped down after a few minutes and found a hiding spot. The next day she found an open basement door and was impossible to find or to bribe out of hiding. Either the third of fourth day, I was able to get her into the spare bedroom with her littler box, her blanket, some toys and her food/water bowls. Since then my husband and I have been taking turns staying in the room while she is eating. I have also slept in the room for the past two nights. We have experienced minimum progress as she continues to remain invisible. The room has a glass french door so we occassionally see her through that. My husband went in earlier today and she was at the end of the room. After she saw him, she walked (not ran) back into hiding. All I really want to do is love her but am a little stumped as to how to create a trusting relationship. (image) I am also somewhat concerned that I have no chance to comb her nevermind brush her. Polly also has an appointment to be spayed in two weeks. At the rate I seem to be going, I may not even be able to pick her up, let alone place her in her carrier. Any advice/suggestions would be extremely appreciated. Thanks!

Shredded paper for litter

Tue, 03 Oct 2017 22:54:10 +0000

A very long story but quickly, Albert has been ailing for quite some time.
Lately the litter box avoidance is becoming a huge problem. He does use the boxes - 3 of them - but the majority of the time it's the floor and now the furniture.
I seem to remember a suggestion of shredded newspaper vs litter.
Any thoughts greatly appreciated.


Mon, 02 Oct 2017 07:07:54 +0000

We love our Ragdolls, they are adorable.

But have suddenly had a major panic because of the fact that they are meant to be indoor cats.

This is not a problem at the moment as they are kittens and we are heading into the winter other than they can spot an open door and try to make a bee line to them each time. So far no issue.

However, come the summer, windows will normally be wide open and doors to gardens left ajar for ease and airflow.

What do you guys do to stop your cats getting into the garden?

If they do, what is their behaviour like. If they stay close to you and don’t start climbing trees and fences then it’s not such a big deal (vaccinated etc).

But if they are going to climb trees and make a break for the neighbours garden then this summer coming will be a whole new experience!!


Thu, 28 Sep 2017 00:17:16 +0000

MY 6 month old Ragdoll male keeps he has something caught in his throat but then he acts fine. He sneezed a few times, but this hacking sound lasts just a few secs and heard tiny meows while doing it....CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF THEY EVER EXPERIENCED THIS? Worried.

Seal or Chocolate

Wed, 27 Sep 2017 08:40:23 +0000

Hello! My name's Amanda and I'm the proud human of 6 ragdoll cats. We started out with two littermate brothers, then went back for a half-sister because my husband wanted a female who would bridge the gap between a high energy boy and his low energy brother.

Recently, we were asked to take in another 3 ragdolls. In this new group is a kitty we have renamed Molly. She is TICA registered as a seal colorpoint, but her markings are vastly different from seal. As she will be 4 just before Christmas, I'm pretty certain that her coat colors are now complete. She has the fever coat markings on the ears.

I have a seal colorpoint already (Zeus) and have uploaded pictures of the two of them together for comparative purposes.

Would anyone care to weigh in with their opinion, please? She's been spayed so it's not important from a breeding perspective, but I would really like to know; and don't want to stress her out by taking her to the vet for a blood test when it's really not essential.

Images are at Imgur. Thank you to anyone who takes the time to answer. (image)


Tue, 26 Sep 2017 23:05:12 +0000

Hello it's me again. I bought Arm and Hammer Clump and Scoop something like that, but the smell is atrocious when my kitty poops. Is Everclean the best litter? I need a litter that won't smell and can cover the poop smell. IT's worse than a human! What do you use? I have no windows in my bathroom so can't air it out.


Fri, 22 Sep 2017 21:33:09 +0000

I just purchased a beautiful bi color rag doll male 5 months old. The breeder was giving him food from a website in which I don't feel like doing. The food is not in a pet store. Many I talk to like Blue, then many I talk to like Royal Canin, Wellness etc....some say mix a table spoon wet with cup dry, so I decided to put him on Royal Canin. Seems to like the kitten pink bag and mix a small amount of wet. Am I doing the right thing? Poops are good but I want the best for him. I also am in need for treats. Organic types. Also I use Arm and Hammer kitty litter and would like suggestions on that. Some say use a motorized litter I don't like high tech and I don't want to scare him. Please help!! One more thing does Nature's Miracle work? Thank you all. I know I ask a lot of questions but just want to do one thread.

Starting my own pet care business?

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 06:01:17 +0000

I'm hoping to start my own business offering such services as pet walking, day care while at work, and constant care while on vacation. I'm certified in pet first aid through Petco; I have experience rescuing and rehabilitating abused and neglected farm animals. I'm also volunteering at our local humane society this summer. I was wondering where should I start? I plan to put an add in the local newspaper's classified section, posting fliers at local pet stores and vet's offices, and I'm having business cards made up to hand out. I realize that most businesses similar to this do not last long before they die out so I am prepared for the worst however I'd like to give it my all just so I know for myself that I at least tried to do what makes me happy. Any advice for an ambitious high school graduate hoping to start her own pet care business?

Pet Duckling care?:-)?

Thu, 21 Sep 2017 04:30:31 +0000

Hi! i really want some pet ducklings and found some good ones altthough im not 100% sure im getting them. Anyways... what kind of cages do they need. nothing to exspensive though. can they live in an aquarium with the top off? what does the floor need to be covered with? links would also be nice.

How can I give my pet care small business an edge?

Tue, 19 Sep 2017 09:59:26 +0000

My husband and I own and operate our own pet care business- we provide pet sitting and dog walking services. We are willing to accommodate alternative requests when they are made but we rarely get them. I know that pet care businesses are gaining popularity because people are doing more for their pets. However, as a small business what services could I offer or what approaches could I take to appeal to pet owners more than the average pet sitter? While I'm willing to undergo additional training for more skills like grooming and training, what services could be useful that I could offer right away? My business already offers pet sitting visits that are one hour in duration, which is unheard of among professional sitters around here (most people stay for 30 minutes or so). Without dropping prices, what could I do that would appeal to you and make my business your first choice? I want to be unconventional- don't want to stick to JUST dog walking, pet sitting and house sitting.
The Pet Care King

Hello I'm new here

Mon, 18 Sep 2017 10:27:02 +0000

Hello everyone,
I just bought a six month old Ragdoll brought it home yesterday, it was very unfriendly, hid for hours when he finally came out he ran from me every time, and he cried all night. I tried to catch him to pick him up I succeeded once and petted him 5 minutes then he scooted. I didn't sleep all night and he seems like he is afraid of me. I'm not sure if this is normal for a Ragdoll or if I should contact the breeder. He cried a bit this morning but wailed all night. I have a splitting headache didn't know what to do. He has all toys, food, perches, everything but I feel bad my first cat and it doesn't seem to be going well. He does use the litter box well but I think I should of gone the 8 week old kitten route..any suggestions will be appreciated. I have a Bi-color male.
Thank you.