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Monetize Your Twitter Account, is a new twitter blog. Making money with twitter is the newest way to profit online. If you have a twitter account and want to learn how to monetize your twitter account, this blog will show you how.

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Twitter Changes


There have been a lot of changes going on with twitter.  We have seen the site redesigned a few times, we have seen them start verifying twitter account and now we see how they plan to monetize there whole operation using promoted tweets.  Twitter has made many changes, but they still hold to their very limited feature set. This 140 character micro-blogging sensation has shown the world that you don't have to be big, to be the best.

As twitter continues to grow and flourish on the internet scene, we are curious if they will ever decide to offer more features and become a real social network.  There are some cool apps for twitter, but when will twitter become the cool app so to speak, itself?

Even Google, the perfect form of simple search has grown in many diverse directions and taken their services to many new venues. It only seems natural for a huge force to be reckoned with like Twitter will soon have to show it's users something new and useful to retain their user base.  This will be very interesting and we can't wait to see what they bring us next!

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CPA Offers On Twitter - Big Commisions!


Here at Monetize Your Twitter Account we are always trying to come up with new ways to generate more cash from each and every twitter account you have (yes, you can have many) and this seems like a no brainer to us but many folks may have never thought about this before.CPA Offers Bring Huge Commissions On TwitterIf you are not familiar with CPA Networks then check out this nice article on Webmaster Business Plan:CPA Affiliate Networks ExplainedThe magical thing about many offers that you will find on these CPA Networks is the fact that they will allow you to get paid to give things away for free or simply for a new lead that costs nothing for the person who is registering nothing to sign up.  This is in a way a new way for people to get leads or give away free trials and get paid for helping the other companies do so.  So if you think about it, how hard is it to give away free stuff?  Well, not very hard at all.No Need For Affiliate Link Cloakers On Twitter!This is one great thing for affiliate marketers on twitter.  There is no reason to waste time trying to hide your affiliate code on the twitter website, because it is done for you automatically, the tiny url will show on your tweets so you don't have to worry about people knowing you are sending them to an affiliate offer, ever!So How Do I Get Registered to Make Money From CPA NetworksVery simple to get registered, the only problem is that many of these networks want to see a website that has some good traffic before they approve you, so you may have to register for a few, before you find one that will accept you.  If you do have some websites, you should have no problem getting accepted from any. Once you get accepted into these cpa networks you will just need to get the affiliate codes to the offers that would sound the most appealing to your followers on twitter.Here are few CPA Networks that have free offers and also are not to hard to get into:1. Never Blue Ads2. XY73. CJ.comThere are many other cpa networks out there, simply search google and you will find many to choose from.  Most will require that they can make a simple phone contact to get you started so make sure you list a legitimate phone number when you are registering at these sites.Get Light Years Ahead of Your Competition With This CPA SystemI Have Joined Some CPA Networks Now How Do I  Make Money On Twitter?Well you need to start building a good strong following and start sending messages that have interesting facts, articles, movies, pictures and more.  And about every 5th tweet, send a link to something cool for free, of course this free item being one that you will get paid for when anybody completes the offer.  You can turn up your twitter marketing by growing larger followings and creating multiple accounts!Monetize Your Twitter Account Now: [...]

Get Free SEO Software For Following


Just a quick freebie for our readers here. You can get a free pro version licence of CuteRank seo software, just for following these guys on twitter.

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The 20 Dollar Twitter Trick, Explained


What Is the 20 Dollar Twitter Trick?Yep, the $20 dollar twitter trick, is not really a trick, just some fast ways to make a big difference in the way you use twitter and if done right make some good money from doing what you are already doing on the twitter network. There are a lot of twitter systems out there that cost upward of 200 dollars and many that cost about 20 dollars, hence the video name. However, many of these systems only show you how to use free websites that you can go to yourself, so start clicking the links above to start rockin twitter!I have personally used this method to start producing automatic checks and have already been paid by the company listed below, so I can assure you, it works.20 Dollar Twitter Trick Video20 Dollar Twitter Trick Resource Links:More Twitter Tactics: This is another great twitter resource site that offers many free twitter tools and tips.RevTwt: This is the site that will let you make money on twitter just like using adsense, you can set it to post ads daily on auto-pilot all you have to do is grow your following and tweet once and a while and you Will Make Money On Twitter!Tweetlater: Using this site you can automatically follow people back that follow you on twitter and also send a welcome message automatically to all new twitter followers, really cool and it's free!To Success,Nick SimpsonMonetize Your Twitter Account Now: [...]

Video On Twitter? Yes You Can!


Make Money On Twitter With This Free System Video On Twitter? How many people have seen video on twitter? Probably not many, because twitter does not allow the use of video in your tweets or your live stream. However, thanks to this really cool third party software, you can now add video to your own twitter page. Here is a link to a test or sample twitter video I did to show everybody how this cool video for twitter app works: Test Bubble Tweet So How Does it Work? Well, all you have to do is go to and have a web cam. You can either upload the video you want or you can record it live on the site, which is a pretty cool feature. The site does not have the ability to change twitter, but it generates a frame set that you will be given a link to use. You can give this link out on twitter or any site to send people to your video enhanced twitter page. The only limitation is that you can only record for 30 seconds, so make you message short, sweet and to the point.Why Add Video To My Twitter? Well that is a good question, many believe that the power and popularity of twitter reside in it’s simplicity, so why add video? Well, I think that there are many reasons that adding video to your twitter account can be very advantageous. Can you imagine, getting a tweet from a person you want to meet and sending them a tweet back with a link to your live twitter video? What if a client asks a question and it would be easier to “show” them? How about sending all of your new twitter followers a video welcome message? You can see that there are many cool uses for this and the best part of it is that it is absolutely free to use! So get off of twitter for a few seconds and go get your twitter videos setup on now. Tweet ya later, - My Twitter Tactics AdminMonetize Your Twitter Account Now: [...]

Twitter Verified Profiles


Well we all knew that twitter was looking for a way to start making money and we all know that there was some problems with people acting like people that they are not, especially celebrities. So now we have Twitter Verified Profiles!

Twitter verified profiles are nothing more than a twitter approved profile that states that "this person" really is "this person." Oprah and Shaq were among the first to jump on the bandwagon and have there profiles verified and there will surely be many more to come. I think that this is a great idea and will really cut down on scam and other bogus listing on the beast we refer to as twitter.

If you want to see a verified profile in action and learn more, just watch the video below!

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Twitter Is Dead. What Happened To The Twitpocolypse?


Twitter is not going away.

I just wanted to state that once, so in 5 years all the nay sayer's can quote me. Twitter has had so much media and if you have heard about the twitpocolypse, then you may know that there are a lot of people out there that thought twitter and all its third party sites were going to go down and be useless after such and such number of tweets. Yet, nothing has happened?

Well the software engineers at twitter are a lot smarter than people who built chips for electronics 20 years ago that were affected by the y2k bug and all is well in twitter land. There are of course going to be many changes coming in the near future with twitter as they recently released the "Verified Profile" feature for celebrities and don't think they are going to stop there.

The owners of twitter are frantically scrambling for the answer of how to monetize twitter, for themselves. There are many ways that have been proposed and no matter how they decide to start making their business a profitable one, understand that it will not happen without some pretty substantial changes.

So don't jump ship, it may get worse before it gets better, but if you ask this twit, its a pretty sweet ride already!

- Monetize Your Twitter Account Admin(image)

Are You Driving Traffic To Your Website From Twitter?


(image) If you are looking for a new way to get more out of twitter, one of the most basic, but still overlooked methods is to use twitter to drive traffic to your own blog or sales page. If you are not using twitter for free traffic, you are missing out on free sales and leads. Here at the Monetize Your Twitter Account Blog, we think that you should always try to get every last dollar you can and this is of of the easiest and most misused methods we have found on twitter.

Most people will send out links to their sites about a hundred times a day and this is no way to promote your website and most definetely not on twitter. Once a follower sees the same link keep coming though on their message board, they most likely will stop reading your twitter messages, or even worse, will stop following you. We know that this is not the desired effect, you just want people to check out your site.

Here is the proper way to get folks to click on your link on twitter.

1. Post Your Link In Your Profile.

2. Make A Single Post About Your Site and Link To It.

3. Make That Post A Favorite.

4. Visit and use there service to automatically reply to new followers with a message that includes your website.

5. Send out twitter messages with valuable information so people will want to see what else you have to offer, by visiting your profile.

Now that this has been said, happy tweeting and we hope that using the methods descibed above help bring new life to your website or blogs traffic, for Free!

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Monetize Your Twitter Account With Amazon Affiliate Codes


Get Paid To Tweet If you are not an amazon affiliate yet, its time to go get setup and startmaking more money with your twitter account today! You don't have to bean advertiser to make money with amazon links. Just show off a gooddeal you have found and hey if somebody else thinks its a good deal andthey buy, you get paid. It really is that simple. The first step is getting setup with amazon and with twitter, since bothaccounts are free, this is a great way to start making money onlinewith absolutely no out of pocket expenses. You can create an account ontwitter to do with the niche that you plan on advertising if you wish.For example, if you want to sell HD TV's on twitter, make an accountlike "HD TV Sales" and use the account to send out updates on newspecials on HD TV's at You will want to make sure that you send plenty of informational messagesas well to add value to your followers. Once you have an account setupwith both sites, you will want to start looking for followers who areinterested in HD TV's or in electronics. Now you have build your ownniche following and have made a market for yourself on twitter. I would play around with this method and make a few different accounts.It does take som work, but this method can prove to be very effective.Don't forget to feed your twitter with a good rss feed and don't forgetyou can also take your twitter account and use it's rss feed to feedyour blog on the same topic to get even more exposure!Monetize Your Twitter Account Now: [...]

Do You Ad Value To Your Twitter Messages


Our Favorite Twitter Money SystemMany folks are using twitter strictly for promotion purposes. There is nothing wrong with that, but, at the same time you must bring value to every message or the followers you do have will not be responsive to your twitter messages. If every message you send out is a request for a purchase or to join a program, people simply stop watching your twitter tweets. If you want to keep your twitter follower's attention, you need to work on making many informational tweets, between your promotional tweets. This lets the readers know that you always have fresh and useful information and I cannot stress the importance of this. Now when an ad comes out from your twitter account the followers know that you only bring quality and integrity and will give your product or service a true review. Just like anything, nobody likes spam and twitter is no different. If you are just spamming links, people stop looking at what you have to offer and in many cases may actually stop following you all together. This is not the way you want your twitter account to go, so by taking some rather easy precautions and yes maybe a little more time, you can assure your followers that you are bringing the best of the web to them in every twitter tweet you send out and they will respond accordingly.Another great way to bring a continued high level of value to your twitter messages while still being able to advertise is by writing a short ebook. You then can post messages once a week or maybe more often if you really keep your twitter account active, letting people know where they can download the free ebook on the topic of your niche. In your ebook, simply add the needed links to your product or service and believe me, you will surprised with the huge response. Many time people are much more likely to get involved with a paid program or service, if they have already noticed the value that you are just giving away. It makes since, if you are surprised with the quality of free product, you assume the value of a paid product is much higher, this is basic human nature.Just remember adding value to every post you make on twitter will drive your click through rate through the roof. So Take you time and make each tweet count.To Success,Nick SimpsonMonetize Your Twitter Account Now: [...]

Please Come Join The Twitteralution!


We have been bringing all the newest and best ways to make money to you here on the "Monetize Your Twitter Account" blog and plan on continuing to do so for some time.  We think that if you are a twitter user and are looking to stay in touch with the newest twitter technologies and ways to put a little extra cash in the paypal bank, Now is a great time to subscribe to our rss feed or start following us on the right.

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Promote Your Products On Twitter


Are you launching a new product or service? Are you looking for a new way to get the word out and fast! Well we think that we may have just the right service to help your company out.

Twitter is a great way to promote and MagPie has found some great ways for advertisers to really make some extra cash. So take a look at the video introduction to see how Magpie can help you and your product promotion.(image)

Monetize Your Twitter Background!


Monetize Your Twitter Background!

Hello fellow Twitter Users!

We have another program that will let you make some extra cash from your twitter account. This site is another unique opportunity for anybody who has a twitter account. If you are looking for a new way to make money on twitter, this is it!

You can now make money for changing your twitter background, yes you heard me right! You can make up to 5 dollars per week just for changing the background on your profile with this program. They do offer some other ways to get paid to tweet here too so, just click the image below and get your free account today!

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CPM Network For Twitter


A cpm network refers to an ad network. Like google adsense or adbrite, these are examples of traditional cpm networks However, Twitter one of the fastest growing websites in the world, does not have a cpm netword for its uses to use.

Well if you are on twitter and are looking for a way to make money, check out this Twitter CPM Network and learn how to get paid for your time on twitter today.

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How To Monetize Twitter Video


Monetize Twitter | Watch The Video

There are so many people using twitter every day that don't even know that there is a system out there like this it is amazing. Could you imagine having a niche website without adsense? Well that is what you are doing now, so watch the "How To Monetize Your Twitter Account Video" and learn how you can make money from your tweets too.

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Monetize Your Twitter Account - Better Than Google Adsense!


Monetize Your Twitter Account - Better Than Google Adsense!

We know that saying this is a big statement and you may not believe it. Twitter is now the fastest growing website in the world. So why not take advantage of that now?

We ran across this site it is simply amazing. All you do is sign up for free and then you can choose the ads that you send out in your tweets and you get paid for every click. Yep, you heard right, a CPM network optimized for Twitter users. You can start making money with your twitter account right now.

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Monetize Your Twitter Account



It seems that even the owners of Twitter have not found a way for themselves to profit from there own site yet. Seems strange, but they are growing so fast, I guess I can understand that they are focusing on service prior to profit. I actually wish more companies thought this same way.

However, that is no excuse for you! If you want to learn how to start making money with a CPM network, just like google adsense, check this out How To Monetize Your Twitter Account.

This is a awesome system and it is so easy to use. I just setup my account here the other day and I have money in my account already!