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New Affiliate Classroom 2 Review August 4th 2009

Our first "Affiliate Makeover" Episode got such amazing feedback that we just couldn't help ourselves! - Affiliate Classroom 2 Review

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New Affiliate Classroom 2 Review August 4th 2009

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Report Not Your Typical Article Report Affiliate Marketing: How YouMake Money  What Is Affiliate Marketing? Report By: AffiliateClassroom 2- Anik Singal (CEO and FounderOf Affiliate Classroom) Before you can make your firstprofits by writing articles, you need to understand exactly how you make moneywith affiliate marketing. So let’s start by covering the following:                         ·        What is affiliate marketing? ·        What is an “affiliate”? ·        How you make money ·        What is an “affiliate program”? ·        Signing up for an affiliateprogram ·        What is an “affiliate link”? ·        Compensation: How do you get paid?·        Two types of commissions ·        Payment terms ·        Cookies  Yes, I know that for some ofyou, this is very beginner-level material. No worries; we’ll get into moreadvanced strategies that you’ve never heard about! But just stay with us for aminute, as we go through this material for beginner-level students...  This is Affiliate Marketing… Affiliate marketing is a way ofmaking money on the Internet. The basic concept has been around a long time —paying someone only when they produce results.                        In affiliate marketing, you arepaid when you send sales or leads to a merchant who sells goods and services onthe Internet.  Affiliate marketing is bigbusiness. It is responsible for an estimated $14 billion in annual online sales(source: Marketing Sherpa). When you hear people talkabout “pay-for-performance” marketing, they’re talking about affiliatemarketing. As an affiliate, you are paid a fee — usually a commission— for helping sell somebody else’s products or services online. What is an “Affiliate”?                         Peoplewho make money by sending paying customers to online merchants are called“affiliates.”  Sometimes they’re also called “associates,”“program partners,” or “publishers,” but “affiliate” is the most commonly usedterm.  How You Make Money!  Have you ever worked on a commission-only basis?Affiliate marketing is a lot like that.                        Whenyou make a sale, the merchant pays you a percentage of the sale. Of course, ifyou don’t make a sale, you don’t get paid.  If you’ve ever bought an information productonline, such as an ebook or a downloadable report, it’s a good bet that anaffiliate made a commission on your purchase. A vast majority of the ebooks you see for saleonline are offered through ClickBank. What is ClickBank? I’ll cover this ingreater detail later, but ClickBank is an affiliate “network” that specializesin downloadable products like ebooks and software. In this report I’m going to focus on ClickBankproducts a lot, simply because I’ve found through testing that they workbeautifully with article marketing.                        Someaffiliate merchants pay you when you send them qualified leads. These merchantspromote “offers” through CPA (Cost Per Action) Networks.  Ever get an [...]