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Low Cost Health Insurance for the Self Employed


Are you working at an office getting all the benefits of health care and a solid job but do not like what you do? I would suggest you start your own business and begin to be your own boss. If this is you I am sure one of the questions is, "What will I do about health insurance?" If you are self-employed now or are going to be soon in the future low cost health insurance is a must for your business.If you have already tried to search for low cost health insurance you probably already realized there is a shortage of plans for the self-employed. Most of the companies today try to look for those who want an affordable health insurance option in a group plan.If you have kids you probably need insurance for their health. You never know when your child is going to get hurt or sick or any other form of misfortune. If you can not find affordable insurance for your family through your home business here are some other ways that you can get affordable insurance.Option 1- If you are just beginning to be self employed the law requires that your previous employer provides you with the option to keep the insurance plan for the first few months. You will need to still pay the monthly premium that you were previously paying to the company to have the plan.You will probably be shocked to find out how much the monthly premium really is but when compared to many of the individual plans available today it is much lower. Remember, the COBRA continuation coverage is only available for a limited time so you will need to go out and get a different plan quickly.Option 2- Does your wife/husband work at a company that provides insurance? You are able to get the entire family insured under that plan. This is the cheapest way to get your family covered with insurance because it insures the entire family and it is a group plan which are cheaper than individual plans.Option 3- There are organizations of self-employed people who work together to get a group plan for insurance. If you find one of these groups you can join them and be paying a low monthly premium because it is a group plan.Affordable low cost health insurance is hard to find for those who are self-employed. The three options above are the best way to get affordable health insurance for your family while being self-employed.Make sure you know how to choose a good health insurance plan by visiting, a popular website that provides health insurance tips, advice and resources to include information on COBRA insurance, Family plans, student plan, individual health plans and health insurance benefitsArticle Source: More Information, Also See:Cheap Health Insurance QuotesInsurance for the Self-EmployedFind Health Insurance Online[...]