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Bucket Dooney and Bourke Bags


About the Dooney and Bourke Bag Collection: Dooney and Bourke creates some of the most elegant, top quality handbags for women - and in fact, the name has become one of the most loved in women's fashion accessories!What's Here: On this page you will find the top selling women's handbags from the Dooney and Bourke Collection - each style listed has one or more recommended shopping suggestions for both selection and price. (If you would like further information and selection on any of the styles of bags listed here, check out the additional pages on this site.)If you're on a budget: Even though there are less expensive bags to buy than Dooney and Bourke, you will be hard pressed to find a higher quality bag that will last for years and years. This is a "budget consideration" in itself. Even so, this page and website is designed to help you find the lowest price possible online for the real thing - top selling bags from the Dooney and Bourke collection.Check down the page to get a general overview on selection and shopping from the Dooney and Bourke bag collection - or check out additional pages for a "deeper look" and possibly some better deals on any of the styles listed.Bucket Dooney and Bourke Bags:Dooney and Bourke Bucket Bags provide not only style - but are quite practical as well due to their roomy design. There are a number of versions of the bucket bags including various sizes as well as fun patterns such as the Zebra, Seersucker, East/West and more.Best Shopping:Bucket Bags from Dooney and Bourke on eBay auctionsSome of the soonest ending auctions can be found just below:Bucket Dooney and Bourke - Top Favorites:Bucket Dooney and Bourke Bags give ladies not only classic and elegant style, but they also provide plenty of room for almost any occasion - a wonderful and practical feature! The Bucket designs can be found this year in some great looks and prints.Here are are a few of the top sellers from the Bucket Dooney and Bourke collection:The "Zebra" Bag - The Zebra print version of the bucket bag features red trim which causes the zebra stripes to stand out "just that much more". If you know of a lady who loves zebra pattern fashion, has a pair of zebra shoes or just loves bold style, this would be a great choice.The "IT" Bag - This is one of the more classic designs with the standard "DB" lettering about the bag, and is available in classic black as well as white. Both colors feature pastel lettering that really sets off the solid background. If you're shopping for one of the Dooney & Bourke bags as a gift and you're not exactly sure what to buy, this choice would almost always be a safe bet.Quilt Pattern "East/West" Bag - This is one of the more popular bags in the Dooney and Bourke collection this year, period. The "East/West" design is one of the more practical bags for ladies - it has plenty of room and has a classic sleek cut and style to it. The "DB" lettering is printed about the bag with the quilted pattern. This bag can be found in at least four different color combinations including black/cream, pink/white/purple, blue/white/navy and tan/white/brown.There are more Bucket Dooney and Bourke styles available for women, the three given above are some of the most specifically searched for - all of them with fabulous overall consumer reviews![...]