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Choose Norton 2008 Or Mcafee 2008 For Internet Security?


By Abas Kamal Bin SulaimanBoth internet security programs are good with their own advantages. Also, both are competitively priced against each other. Read on to know more of each program to make an informed decision.Award Winning Norton Internet Security 2008 SoftwareInternet users are vulnerable to online threats like malware, adware, viruses, spyware, & etc. Also, threats come from criminals who steal identities, financial information, & etc from internet users by going into people's computers unauthorized. Norton can prevent this from happening to you. Norton's newest internet security software can prevent hacking & computer viruses from ever entering your computer. The Norton Internet Security 2008 is integrated with a lot of security programs like anti-spyware, anti-rootkit, & anti-virus that will help in preventing different kinds of malicious programs from entering your computer.Some of the features of the Norton Internet Security 2008:• Spyware protection• Removes viruses and Internet worms automatically• Anti virus security• Protects against hackers• Blocks identity theft by phishing Web sites• New improved performance delivers faster starts and scans• New one click access to expert support• New network security monitoring helps protect your wireless network• New Norton Identity Safe delivers enhanced identity theft protection• Prevents virus-infected emails from spreading• Rootkit detection searches underneath the operating system using patented technology• Includes protection updates & new product features• On-going Protection option automatically renews your subscriptionWith all these features that the Norton Internet Security 2008 software (about $70 per computer) offers, you can be sure that surfing the internet will be safer for you & your family. It will protect your precious information from malicious software & hackers that could access your computer. So for top internet security software, Norton should be your choice. It is one of the most comprehensive internet security packages that you can find. Norton Internet Security2008 was also awarded by Computer Shopper, the "Shopper's Choice Awards" for Best Internet Security Software in February 2008.McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 Does More!Computer viruses, spyware, adware, & identity thieves are growing rampant on the internet. Everyday, more and more people are becoming victims of the very serious crime & some people even lost money because of identity fraud. Don't let yourself be victimized! The internet is now commonly used for business dealings including credit card purchases. The threat of becoming victimized by identity theft is growing larger. It is a fact that for many online transactions, you will be making payments using your credit card. You would not want other people to find out your credit card number, passwords, & other important information you have in your computer.You should buy one of the internet security programs like from McAfee. McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 Edition will prevent malicious programs from intruding into your computer & also criminals who are breaking into your computer. The Internet Security Suite that McAfee offers has multiple protection features in one package. It offers protection against viruses, protection against spyware, protection against adware, protection against spam & phishing emails, protection against hackers, backup features, & much more. It even intercepts websites that contain offensive graphics & images using Site Advisor.McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 Edition does not stop at only protecting your computer. It protects you mobile phone too with the McAfee VirusScan Mobile! Since McAfee offers all of the above in one package, it takes only a single installation for thorough internet security protection. The McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 Edition is one to consider & available for purchase for about $70. Protect your computer & ultimately yourself with the McAfee Internet Security Suite 2008 E[...]

Want To Know How Mcafee Siteadvisor Makes Money On You - See If You Are One Of The Targets


By Alexander RodichevThe company "Smart PC Solutions", a developer of easy to use solutions for the optimization of your PC, has become the victim of a negative rating on Mcafee's "SiteAdvisor" just like many other sites, most having no idea that they have received a negative review or why. This causes direct financial losses for many companies but in actuality it redistributes money in favor of McAfee, which sells its anti-virus solutions to terrified users who do not delve very deeply into the details and believe the unjustified ratings.This is an obvious case of unfair competition via their security software sales promotion by destroying other companies' goodwill.McAfee's "SiteAdvisor" assigns a color to each site to indicate safe, caution, or warning ratings sometimes based only on average users' comments (besides other things). A big red cross (warning) definitely states the presence of a virus and/or spyware activity on the rated site. Their motto reads as follows: "Protection from Adware, Spam and Viruses". Here comes the surprise: the company "Smart PC Solutions" has nothing to do with spreading viruses yet it has received a rating of a Big Red Cross - beware of the virus threat! Most of the software provided on "Smart PC Solutions" is freeware utilities and sometimes users fail to achieve the desired results as two customers' comments have testified. The majority of the user feedback on "Smart PC Solutions" has been positive and appreciative. Do you know where McAfee placed the comments on the performance of the "Free Data Recovery" utilities? They put them in the "Bad Shopping Experience" section. Amazing! Do you see any logic here? "Smart PC Solutions" supplies Free Data Recovery software (worth over $50.00) for FREE (as well as many other useful things)! The first question to McAfee is: "What does shopping have to do with the Free Data Recovery products?" Let's go further and raise the second question to McAfee: "What does a shopping experience have to do with the virus warning rating?" Where did they find products containing viruses or spyware on the site? McAfee misleads or intentionally deceives people, by intimidating them with erroneous negative ratings that could present a case for litigation. Now a question to the readers: "Do you still trust this system of evaluation?" There is an interesting fact that the site itself has a significant number of negative evaluations by users but the site is not marked with even a "Caution"! Draw your own conclusions!As the owner of "Smart PC Solutions", I wrote a letter to McAfee's legal department requesting a removal of the negative rating, but was astonished by a reply from an official representative of McAfee stating that they put us in the same basket with spyware producers because some public association has rated our FREE anti-spyware solution as "not strong enough" and that it contains advertising of our other products. Information about that was found in one user comment. So what? We have created our own anti-spyware solution for our customers to remove widespread unwanted components. We do not pretend to be the leader in this field. This was not our aim. Here is the third question to McAfee: Since when has market evaluation been entrusted to random researchers and public associations in such an important matter as issuing guilty or not-guilty verdicts! There is not a word about this on McAfee's site! Recently, several "independent evaluators" have emerged mooching on the anti-spyware market, and it is a well-known fact that they often are consultants for anti-spyware companies so their opinions could potentially be biased towards one developer or another.I wonder if many of your users understand that by trusting McAfee, they trust various paranoid evaluators, whose true interests are dubious. When making a deal with McAfee you, as their customers, did not intend to deal with a club of amateurs and individual exterminators. When buying a car, you do not enter into a contract with a club o[...]

Website Monitoring And Antivirus Protection From Mcafee


By Lisa CareyMcAfee is one of the oldest and most well known names in computer protection services. One of their most recently released antivirus products is VirusScan with Site Advisor. This antivirus software system provided protection from computer viruses, spyware and hacking and advises the user when they are going to access a webpage that is high risk. It updates automatically, offers free technical support and a 30 day trial with a money back guarantee. If you and your family want to surf the web, communicate and shop online; and know that you have security, then McAfee Virus Scan Plus with Site Advisor is a system you should explore for your next antivirus protection service.McAfee Virus Scan offers several security features in one product. Among these are:* Virus Protection: By blocking, removing and keeping viruses from accessing your computer.* Spyware Protection: Your personal and financial information is protected from spyware threats by blocking those programs from accessing your computer. By keeping others out, your stored personal information is safer and protects you from increased risk of identity theft as well as the time consuming task of repairing damages to your credit.* Hacker Protection: Access to your computer is limited and this antivirus software protects and conceals your information by limiting their access while you are using the internet.* Surf the Web Safely: With McAfee’s unique Site Advisor rates proprietary web sites and alerts you if you are on a site that is high risk.* Automatic, continuous updates: Your security product is only as good as its most recent update. This system works continuously and automatically updates its system and your computer with detection software. When new downloads are available, they are free for subscribers.* Improvesyour Personal Computers Health: This software works to keep your computer free of threats as well as everyday computer clutter that occurs as a result of Internet access.With the most recent improvements to McAfee Virus Scan the system is streamlined allowing the security features to perform faster while requiring less of your computer’s resources. This allows you to maintain the high level of protection many people associate with McAfee products as well as continue to use their computer during scheduled scans and keep this software working in the background efficiently.McAfee Virus Plus is $39.99 for a one year subscription. This software is so sure you will be satisfied with the downloaded they offer a money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with this McAfee product, just notify them within 30 days and they will refund your purchase. Additional protection for more than one computer or the McAfee Internet Security Suite 10-1 software protection program is available for $49.99 for one year, up to three computers.Free technical support is available online, including Virtual Technician, chat and e-mail. A response to a request for technical support was received within twenty minutes of sending. This antivirus software is easy to purchase online, download, install and configure your personal control settings. In just a few minutes your antivirus and antispyware protection can be working efficiently on your personal computer.McAfee Virus Scan subscription offers one year of protection from viruses, spyware and hackers. Protection occurs continually, automatically, and efficiently. New updates are available whenever new threats are discovered making it easy to ensure that you have the latest protection available to keep your personal and financial information safe.Lisa Carey is a contributing author for Identity Theft Secrets: prevention and protection. You can get tips on Identity theft protection, software, and monitoring your credit as well as learn more about the secrets used by identity thieves at the Identity Theft Secrets blogWe strive to provide only quality articles, so if there is a specific topic related to mcafee that you would like us to cover, please[...]

New Microsoft Achievement:making Even Norton And Mcafee Feel Insecure


By Tom Attea -

After years of making its users feel insecure about viruses and worms, Microsoft has finally achieved what was until now hardly imaginable: making the companies dedicated to its own security feel insecure.

It seems that in its new operating system, Vista, scheduled for release in early 2007, the software giant has been unable to restrain itself from its storied monopolistic tendencies and has dared to include its own security system.

Under pressure by such newly trembling companies as Symantec, maker of Norton Antivirus software, and McAfee, another major player in Windows security, Microsoft has relented and said it will allow users to have the option

of selecting security providers other than itself.

It has, however, insisted that it would now be a breach of security to allow the companies access to its precious “kernel,” or the very center of its operating system, which they had always had access to and which they feel is necessary to be able to provide their users with reliable security.

Microsoft, however, never hoping to gain an unfair advantage, continues to insist that their exclusion is simply necessary to preserve the security of Vista.

The insecure providers of its security are continuing their challenge to its never monopolistic practices, but their own vista is now hardly cloudless.
Tom Attea, humorist and creator of, has had six shows produced Off-Broadway. Critics have called his writing "delightfully funny," "witty," with "good, genuine laughs" and "great humor and ebullience."

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