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Secret of Happiness Living and Discovering Your Purpose AND fast ways to lose weight revealed

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Weight Loss Basics Measuring Progress and fast to lose weight

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(Fifth in a Series)The GoalClearly, progress toward any one goal is first and foremost determined by the goal itself. If your goal is fewer pounds and nothing but, it would of course be very easy to determine: pounds lost equals forward progress, pounds gained equals not. But often as not, the goal is not only weight lost, but improved appearance as well, which means inches lost"?"and here it becomes a question of which goal is most important to you, fewer pounds or inches. It may be sixty/forty proposition, or some other ratio, which you and you alone, can determine. The Most Important GoalWhen it comes to long-term weight loss over the course of one hundred or more pounds, the most important goal may not be pounds lost, nor inches. It may well be quality of life regained, or it may be health restored. Again, it really is up to dieter to determine what goal is truly important, or"?"if there are several"?"which goal spans the others. AppearanceThere are cultures where a three hundred pound body is not only desirable, but envied and venerated. In the white Moor Arab culture of Mauritania, for example, female obesity has traditionally been valued as a sign of wealth, and obese girls are considered desirable. So desirable, in fact, that some girls are sent to fat farms, where, at the parents"?? behest, their young daughters are fed to splendid corpulence. The same is true in Somalia, where obesity is not seen as a health threat but rather as a sign of success, wealth, good health, and happiness. Health hazards aside, the U.S. and Western Europe do not share these cultural ideals. Rather to the contra&#[...]

Secret of Happiness Living and Discovering Your Purpose AND fast ways to lose weight revealed

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Tap into experiencing, living and learning, even failures, mistakes and hard lessons can help you grow and enjoy success and happiness in life and work more! Get personal, stay in touch and do the unexpected! Be earnest and hones, keep going, even if and when the going gets very tough! Learn to do things with humility and remain humble, thankful and ever forward looking. If you are looking for secret of happiness, here are some tips for you.Allow yourself to define who you are, what success and happiness means and is for and to you! You do not have to live your life according to someone else standards or get permission from anyone to live like you want! Dream and follow your heart, taking personal responsibility for both process and outcome. You are not a victim of your birth, circumstance, education, means and stance in life!Recently, one of my readers asks me how one can overcome difficulties in their lives. This is what i have to tell her:Overcome difficulties in your life and hardship that you might have to encounter. These these do not have to define who you ae and what you are capable of at all! Find and live the deeper meaning of life. What is your foundation, purpose, direction? Have and show a heart and compassion for others and just be true to your authentic self. Do not try to be something that you are not. Be passionate and positive about and in your life and you will experience how this joy, success and happinessredefines and shapes your life and those of others you come in contact with, for the better. Be generous and give openly of yourself to whatever you pursue and whomever you choose to. Have impact and meaning, keep on learning about yourself, life and others and deepen your understanding of what success and happiness for you, for others would entail. Learn to discover and l&[...]