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MLM Business Opportunity Falacies and Myths

An MLM Business Opportunity usually has a lot of fallacies. We discuss these myths and tell the truth about what happens in a mlm organization. Myth #One: Purchasing and Calling Leads Is The Only Way To Really Build An MLM Business

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MLM Business Opportunity Using Videos for Marketing

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For your business, there are numerous ways to do your MLM Business Opportunity. One elementary way is to create your own videos, and we will discuss 4 different creation methods, from not showing your face to showing it to the world.People love to watch videos, as you can see from the tremendous success of YouTube, which is currently the second biggest internet search engine. Advantages of video marketing are:- Shoot a video anywhere you like- underwater while scuba diving, at the beach, in the car, in your garden with the birds singing, in your backyard, in the pool, while ski-ing, while traveling and while on vacation.- People get to know you in a video, so you will start building your brand. - You can reach a far wider audience with a videos than you can by speaking one on one with people. It's rather like being in a seminar or at a conference, except you don't have to be scared because no-one is watching you while you're filming.- You can obtain a lot of prospects for your business from the visitors watching your videos.- A much wider audience can be reached with a video than by speaking to one person at a time. Videos are much like being in a conference or running a seminar, but it's less nerve racking because nobody is watching while the movie is being filmed. - If you already own a camera, creating a video is completely free. Posting short movies on the internet is also free, so long as you already have an internet connection.- Very low technology is used to take and produce videos, so it's simple and easy to do.- You get a lot of visitors to your website with your videos and create a lot of leads for your business.Different methods for creating videos:1) Using something like Microsoft powerpoint, create slides, and add music or your own voice as background. Save these slides as images and import them into a movie maker program. Both PCs and Macintoshes include free software for you to make your own movies ready to publish on the internet. Slides are great for video creating novices, especially if you're a little shy about showing your face.2) Use powerpoint slide maker to create slides, add music and/or your voice and import them into a movie maker tool. The Macintosh and the PC both have no cost software you can use to make movies and publish them online. 3) To create an educational video software programs allow you to capture your actions on the computer. You can have your face showing in a small corner of the screen, or don't have your face at all.4) Go down the beach with a friend and just say hello and talk about the beautiful views and the waves. This is a great way to start off with your "showing your face" videos. 5) If you are a keen sportsperson or scuba diver, get someone to video tape you. When you get home, import the video into your movie maker program and tape yourself talking about the movie.6) Interview a leader in your industry and ask them questions, with the video recorder on.There are lots more different kinds of videos. Be creative and think of other ways also. Here are some tips for any type of video you create. - Make an image to insert at the front and back of the movie. The image should have your website URL, title of the video and a call to action, recommending what steps people should make. This is a good way of generating leads because a lot of viewers of the video will visit your website. - Create an image to insert into each end of the video. On the image, type the title of your video and your website URL, with a call to action. This way, people can go to your website after watching the video, and you will generate your own leads.- You could insert a watermark on your video slides so viewers can see your website address or your phone number, or some other important detail.- Your video should be submitted to different broadcasting sites on the internet. Some broadcast sites are YouTube, Google videos, Viddler, Dailymotion, Photobucket, and there are many more.Making videos is fun once you get used to it, and as discussed in the article, can be very profitable. Marketing your MLM Busi[...]