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This is a simple blog to post little snippets about resveratrol and try to get some more traffic to my articles and main blog. I hope you enjoy the info.

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The red wine supplement


On March 24th Dr Oz Recommended an anti aging supplement called resveratrol. The "miracle" red wine pill is believed to expand human life expectancy by up to 35 years. Found in red wine, grapes and peanuts, resveratrol has been found as the leading ingredient that makes these super foods so healthy.

Resveratrol was first discovered when American researchers studied the "French paradox" which observed that even though the French drank a lot of wine... [Red Wine Supplement The Resveratrol Pill]

Anti Aging With Dr Oz and Oprah


On the March 24th Oprah show, Dr Oz recommended the anti aging resveratrol supplement. "This Extreme life extension pill could add up to 30 years on our life expectancy." Dr Oz also discussed the benefits of calorie restriction and its affects on the aging process.

Dr Oz stated that when we restrict our calories, the body knows that it must be resourceful with what it has. "The body get very efficient" he says. Limited calories also means there is no toxic waste producing... [resveratrol on the oprah show]

Dr Oz recommends resveratrol


On a recent episode of Oprah, Dr Oz recommended the resveratrol anti aging supplement. The pill which comes from red wine has been found to increase longevity and increase energy. Dr Oz said in order to get the benefits without taking the supplement, we would have to consume over a dozen bottles of red wine every day.

The former heart surgeon says that with the right supplementation and diet, we could very well live into our second century of life with just as much energy as someone a quarter of the age. Dr Oz states that when... [Dr Oz recommends resveratrol]

Discussing Health Benefits of Resveratrol


Recently on a special "Extreme Life Extension" episode of the Oprah Winfrey show, Dr Oz talked about the health benefits of Resveratrol. "Resveratrol is the extract of red grape skin which in laboratory testing, has proven to increase life by up to 30 percent." He also mentioned that the only other way to get the full benefits of Resveratrol would be to consume about a dozen bottles of wine every day.

Dr Oz says that if we take care of our bodies with the right consumption of supplements and diet, we could very easily live past 100 years. "The Resveratrol pill works by... Discussing Health Benefits of Resveratrol

Free Trial Resveratrol


Due to the recent popularity of resveratrol, several companies have started to offer free trials of the product to entice the sale. This is obviously a good thing how ever there are a few things you need to look out for before ordering your trial.

With proper use of the resveratrol supplement we could easily live into the second century of our life with the same amount of zest for life and energy as someone a fraction of the age. This extract, when consumed properly, acts as a buffer around the cells...

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What are the resveratrol health benefits?


There has been a lot of talk lately about Resveratrol and it's health benefits. We've all heard the about the studies claiming that red wine is actually good for us and beneficial to our health. In this article, I will describe the known benefits of Resveratrol that I have uncovered after my research and use of the supplement.

Resveratrol is an antioxidant found in the skin of red grapes. The purpose of this antioxidant is to protect the core of the grape from possible damage caused...

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Recommended resveratrol dose


If you are wondering what Resveratrol dose you should be taking, you've certainly got a valid concern. This seems to be a common question for people wanting to experiment with this extremely beneficial supplement and there seems to be so many different opinions to the correct answer.

So what Resveratrol dose is recommended?

With all the different answers floating around, it can be quite confusing. The truth is that any amount is good for you. Some will tell you that 500 mg of Resveratrol every...

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How Much Resveratrol Should I Take?


The question "how much resveratrol should I take" is a very common one regarding the supplement. It's an important thing to know and there are so many conflicting opinions regarding the matter.

When studies first began on the resveratrol supplement, researchers believed that we would need to consume about one thousand bottles of red wine every day in order to really get the benefits of the supplement. This amount of alcohol would be the equivalent of several thousand...

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Is 500 Mg Resveratrol the Recommended Dosage?


You may have been told that 500 mg of resveratrol is the recommended dosage, others will say only 100. So which is it? There are so many conflicting opinions about this that it can certainly be confusing to someone who just wants to get some more information about the supplement. Here is my straight answer.

I've been doing some research on resveratrol for quite some time and I've bumped into folks that only take about 50mg of this supplement a day. These people say they notice the changes in the body and they are very happy with the results. I my self started with 500 mg and have now moved up to 1000 along with many others who have done the...

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A warning for resveratrol consumers


Ever since Resveratrol was made famous on the Oprah show back in March of 2009, there have been many competitors that have shown up on the market and there are a few scams out there. If you are considering trying out this longevity booster, read this article first.

Many supplement companies are guilty of it but you will rarely see it mentioned anywhere. Some call it "supplement stuffing" or adding "filler" to the contents of the package. Filler is one or more ingredients that may appear to the consumer as extremely beneficial but in actuality, they do not assist in the process of delivering the promised benefit.

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Some great info on resveratrol


There is new information about dr oz resveratrol supplements showing up in health forums all over the web. This is a great way to get your info before buying. There are so many people that have been using these supplements for many years and they have all kinds of stuff to report. They are kind enough to shar all of their experiences with the products and they can even tell you what one worked best for them. Try searching on google for longevity forum or anti aging forum. Forums always have tons of great info and they are usually the first place I go to get my info.

Dr Oz resveratrol pills rock!


Ok so it's a weird title but the dr oz resveratrol pills have been rocking the online world of supplement sales. I think it was on Good Morning America where he first started talking about the pills. I saw that show and it was pretty cool. He had all kinds of different gadgets for different anti aging purposes. Some of the machines on the show even had the ability to recreate different organs. That's just amazing to me but apparently they've been doing it for quite a while now. Anyways, I've linked to an article I wrote that has gotten so much positive feedback that I thought I would share it here. I'll be posting more about resveratrol and the doc when ever I feel like it.