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More Movement, More Life!

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SUMMER and HEEL SPURS!Our practice has seen an influx of heel spur clients that present with a very typical presentation this time of year because our love affair with the beaches that has us running around foot loose and fancy free! Wearing no shoes may mean normally protected and cushioned arches, and pre-existing, but unknown heel spurs are going to be agitated due to the direct impact with hard surfaces. TYPICAL HEEL SPUR OR PLANTAR FASCIITIS SYMPTOMSMild to moderate heel pain.Always worse on waking and with the first steps up to 30 min.May have changed or increased activity or changes shoes.Have had recurrent episodes.FIVE GREAT TIPS TO MANAGE HEEL PAIN.Wear shoes as a preference.If you can't wear shoes wear sandles with soft heel support.If you can't wear sandles, where thongs with arch support.Stretch your calves frequently.Fill a 600 ml COKE bottle and freeze. Roll foot over this to reduce inflammation and pain. Tennis Ball an alternative, but not as good!IF THIS FAILSVisit Chirosports for a bio-mechanical and diagnostic assessment to confirm the diagnosis. There are many reason for heel pain from insignificant to serious pathology!Speak to your Chirosports Chiropractor about the opportunity to have a FREE foot and gait scan to see your feet functioning in real-time valued at $79.Discuss the possibility of some preventative taping and the treatment and management strategies in the longer term and how a "simple" foot problem may affect the rest of your spine! Please fee free to call us any time if you have any further questions.RegardsDr. Alfie Arcidiacono02 9970 7611[...]



ARE YOU REALLY "TRUE" TO YOURSELF?"The shortest distance between two points is a straight line", and whilst it is understandable we are looking for a short cut to achieve our health goals and seek instant gratification......we often find we fail in the longer term.On a daily basis we see many clients attend our practice with an acute episode of low back pain, headaches or a knee injury that we later find has been a chronic issue for many years.Expectations!They will tell us how they have seen numerous other practitioners who just couldn't seem to help them. That's right...not one or two...often a hand full of practitioners. After discussion we find their practitioner diagnosis was correct, but later learn there was a disconnect between the patient and practitioner expectation. The patient thought the back pain was going to settle in week, but the practitioner sees major spinal musculature de-conditioning that will take many months to resolve.A "Plastic" Nervous SystemThe human body has amazing potential to heal itself, but if a problem is ignored the nervous system and body begins to adapt "rewiring" the the nervous system in such a way the problem becomes deeply entrenched. The nervous system is a pliable plastic system (in medical terms we call this "neuronal plasticity") and the good news is that with appropriate care we can help the body return closer to a normal state if you haven't let if fester for so long that the biomechanical stress on your body is now causing degenerative arthritis changes and progressive neurological and muscular type pain patterns.Stages of Healing We Cannot IgnoreWe also need to appreciate that the body heals in three phases.....Inflammatory PhaseRepair PhaseRemodelling PhaseThe Three Phases of HealingPhases 1 and 2 takes many months for muscle and ligament injuries. The good news is that the pain will subside relatively early; the bad news is without pain as your "warning light" to prevent you causing damage...your ambitious nature will have you exceeding soft tissue thresholds that once again potentiate damage. Hence the 'recurrent' type nature of your musculoskeletal complaint. The true healing continues up to 1-2 years in most cases before you have reached your maximum healing potential.Disney terms of expectations it is essential to appreciate there is no "QUICK FIX" and such false thinking is a recipe for disaster and disappointment. Of course we would like to see "Disney Magic" with every patient we see...perhaps sprinkle some "Pixie Dust" to see an instant result.At Chirosports - SportSpineSolutions, we will help you set realistic goals and expectations to achieve the best results possible to maximise your health and healing potential. Our "Health for Life" program is a journey that you can take as far as your choose. Most of our clients obviously start at a "white belt" level......however our structured approach can take you to a "black belt" level if you desire. This will take discipline, focus, guidance and a clear vision to the abundance of health possibilities for you and your family, but the rewards you will enjoy are priceless. Warmest RegardsDr. Alfie Arcidiacono[...]

Play Safe & Avoid Golf Injuries


CHIROPRACTIC - PHYSIOTHERAPY - OSTEOPATHY - ACUPUNCTURE - MASSAGE        Call 02 9970 7611 to visit one of our golf injury specialists.                                        Play Safe and Avoid Golf InjuriesPain Relief – Rehabilitation – Performance - PreventionIf you need help with golf injuries, you are in the right place with Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono and his team at SportSpineSolutions. The popularity of golf has steadily increased over the past ten to fifteen years, with the average golfer playing around 37 rounds each year. That number doesn't include practice days yet. Given this number, it is not surprising that the rate of golf injuries is also on the rise. Many golf professionals and amateurs choose SportSpineSolutions to help maintain and improve their handicap not only be treating common injuries, but more importantly how to prevent golf injuries!Golf Injuries? Seriously?Golf is generally considered a low impact sport. After all, you do not need to run around or hit other people with your body just like basketball or football. While these contact sports have high injury rates, it cannot be denied that golfers also have their share of aches and pains, too. What are these? Watch our video or download our PDF to read more on the top five injuries that golf players may suffer from and tips to help (coming soon!) For an appointment request please email or call 02 9970 7611 your SportSpineSolutions clinician to get you on your feet fast!Golf Swing Causes Low Back Pain. Golfer’s Hurt Shoulders and Upper ArmsGolfer’s Kneeling Down to Knee PainCarpal Tunnel Syndrome Affecting Your Golf Grip"Did you know that an elite golfer can generate a club head speed of over 120 mph per swing?"Golf Swing Causes Low Back PainCommon Symptoms Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono says "Lower back pain is the most common complaint among amateur and professional golfers. This is often a result of powerful rotation during a golf swing, which most commonly leads to disc, facet and lumbo-sacral muscular injuries. Studies also show that golfers who carry their own bags are more prone to experiencing lower back pain."DiagnosisPhysical examination and diagnostic MRI and/or CT Scans diagnose low back injuries. It is important to rule out other more serious pathology such as inflammatory arthritic conditions, malignancy and referred pain from other diseases organs such as the prostate, kidneys and large bowel.Risk Factors• Poor body mechanics when retrieving the ball.• Incorrect club shaft lengths.• Poor spinal stability due to poor abdominal strength.• Aggressive backswings to minimise rotational stress on the lower back.Typically, low back injury is primarily caused by poorly timed muscular coordination, stiffness of the muscle, poor spinal biomechanics and most commonly repetition. Without proper care, the injured tissues can degenerate over time especially if ignored.You Can….SportSpineSolutions also recommends proper rest and treatment, applying ice immediately to reduce inflammation and reduce tissue damage. We can assist if symptoms persist by providing with the help of a specifically designed rehabilitation program to strengthen and stabilise the spine. Taping can be beneficial to limit further damage on occasion. Please see low back pain for more specific details and exercises.Golfer’s Hurt Shoulders and Upper ArmsSymptomsTendonitis, tears or impingement of the rotator cuff can cause pain in the shoulder or upper arms. This can manifest during various phases of the golf swing. Your shoulders may also hurt when you raise your arms over your head that is a classic sign of an impingement syndrome. These injuries often seem ‘trivial’ in nature and can lead to long-term consequences like arthritis and chronic pain syndromes.Diagnosis[...]

Natural Headache Relief Found @ Chirosports Northern Beaches


Natural Headache Relief Found @ ChirosportsLike a strange noise from your washing machine or the approaching siren from a fire engine, headaches are a warning sign created by your body. These signs can be serious and warrant immediate investigation and understanding.Do Headaches Have a Purpose? alfie.arcidiacono@gmail.comIf you suffer from frequent headaches, you want them to go away. But, not so fast! Why do we get headaches? Why are we equipped to experience this unpleasant feeling? And what's the best way to reduce or eliminate them?Identify Limits Pain of any kind is a way our body tells us that we’ve reached a boundary. When our finger exceeds the limits of the joint, we experience pain.Provide a Warning Pain is a signal our body uses to alert us that something isn’t working correctly. Physical pain, social pain, financial pain and even psychological pain is a warning that something needs to change.Avoid Injury Ultimately, pain is a form of self-protection. Without experiencing pain, we might do more serious, irreversible damage to ourselves. Understandably, we want pain to disappear. A convenient way is to ingest a drug that covers-up pain or fools the body so it doesn’t feel the pain. In the short term, this quiets the pain. But as you might expect, this strategy can make the original, underlying problem worsen and make it more difficult (and expensive) to correct later when this method no longer works.Today’s Drug Culture While convenient, drugs that numb your nervous system have unwanted effects, such as kidney failure or liver damage. Worse, they do little to correct the actual cause of your headache. Hidden Cause While there can be many causes of headaches, a common one we see is when the spinal bones of the upper neck no longer support the head properly. This can do two things: 1. Disrupt the nerve supply to your head 2. Change the blood supply to your head Either one, or a combination of both, can cause a headache. Types of HeadachesMigraine Headaches usually show up on one side of the head. Nausea, vomiting and visual disturbances are commonly associated. Blood sugar changes, emotional disturbances, stress and fatigue can set them in motion.Tension Headaches are the most common type of headache. Acute Tension Headaches are usually short and can be relieved with rest or numbed with over-the-counter medications. Chronic Tension Headaches rarely respond to drug solutions. Hormonal Headaches are usually set in motion by changes in blood chemistry. This could result from eating certain types of foods, unusual levels of stress or monthly menstrual cycles.Cluster Headaches are cited as the most painful. They usually occur more commonly amongst men.Sinus Headaches are relatively rare and are accompanied by nasal drainage, runny nose and fever. Pain is often experienced on the face, forehead, behind the eyes and sinuses. It’s been our experience that many types of headaches resolve with chiropractic care. This surprises many who overlook the relationship between the spine, the nervous system and blood supply to the head.This was further confirmed by the American Chiropractic Association who reported on research of how chiropractic helps headaches by noting, “A report released in 2001 by researchers at the Duke University Evidence-Based Practice Centre in Durham, N.C., found that upper neck adjustments resulted in almost immediate improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck, and had significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of tension-type headache than a commonly prescribed medication.”If you would like to discuss your headaches and perhaps consider further investigation without drugs or surgery then we may be able to provide a solution to help you get back on your!Dr. Alfie Arcidiacono02 9970 7611[...]



Dear Friends....I hope you enjoy our new weblog which will be a forum for open discussion and help regarding Chiropractic, Sports or other health related issues. Please log on at any time and ad your blog!!!
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Spinal Decay


Spinal DecaySoon after the discovery of the X-ray, chiropractors began using this tool in the examination and care of the spine. Besides revealing the presence or absence of proper spinal curves, side views of the spine can more easily show the long-term effects of neglected spinal trauma. We call the body’s adaptation process spinal decay.Why Spinal Decay?This process in the spine has similarities to tooth decay in that it shows up usually because of neglect. Also, just like tooth decay, it can happen to anyone, regardless of age.Because it is often seen in older people, many believe it’s merely the normal aging process. It is not. This progressively worsening, degenerative condition is the result of uncorrected spinal misalignment.Spinal decay is how your body deals with the stress of gravity. It just so happens that most people have spinal problems that they’ve ignored for years.Three Phase ProcessSpinal decay is a process. Whether you take three snapshots of the process or twenty-three snapshots, it’s a process. We use the three-phase model based on the book Managing Low Back Pain, by W. H. Kirkaldly-Willis and Thomas Bernard, Jr. We find that it makes the differences between each phase great enough so our patients can appreciate what they’re seeing.This would be considered a textbook “normal” side view of the neck.Text Book Normal While this process can occur anywhere in the spine, it’s easiest to see in the cervical (neck) spine. This is what the side view of the neck should look like. From the side, the neck should have a graceful forward curve. The edges of each bone are well defined. There should be equal disc spacing between each bone and the openings for nerve roots should be clear and unobstructed.The first thing you notice is a loss of the normal cervical curve.Phase OneIn Phase One there is a loss of curve and a reduced ability to turn and bend. In some cases, the disc space between adjacent vertebrae may be reduced. Or, discs can become wedge-shaped, risking more serious soft tissue damage. Depending upon your body’s adaptive capacity, pain or other obvious symptoms may not be present. Even the resulting reduced range of motion may be too subtle for some to notice.Adjacent joint surfaces become rough and uneven.Phase TwoIf neglected, in Phase Two, joint surfaces lose their clearly defined edges as the early signs of bone spurs become visible on X-ray views. Some believe that the body senses the accompanying inflammation as the sign of a broken bone. It begins the process of depositing calcium salts. Without being in a cast to prevent movement, the fusion doesn’t occur. Yet.The affected bones have lost their individuality and ability to move.Phase ThreeIf still left uncorrected, the problem worsens in Phase Three. Amazingly, pain or other obvious symptoms may not yet show up. But finally, the body successfully “mends the broken bone.”This process can take years. Its presence calls into question the claim that many patients make that they were “…fine until last week when I bent over to tie my shoes.” That’s not what the X-rays tell us!The PrognosisSome patients who begin chiropractic care in Phase One discover a restoration of their spinal curves and improved range of motion. Success with Phase Two patients is less predictable and depends on many factors. While we can do little after decades of neglect with Phase Three cases, we instead turn our attention to those areas of the spine that have not yet been lost to the process.It’s impossible to predict what effect, if any, chiropractic care will have on slowing, stopping or reversing this process. Nor can a particular phase be used to predict how much care will be needed.[...]