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Updated: 2018-02-19T01:46:25Z


The Rising Costs of Climate Change 2018


The costs of climate change in 2018 rose significantly. Climate change is increasingly costly, especially in the U.S. And its man made nature is increasingly clear. Watch our intro video (below) to bring yourself up to speed on this subject, and return to SCROLL DOWN this page where we have a lot more interesting info […]

Wood Recyclers Seek Clarification Re: Permitted Biomass Boiler Fuels


A recent development in biomass boiler fuels and the fuels permitted in the UK is that Wood Recyclers are seeking clarification regarding permitted Biomass Boiler Fuels. The Wood Recyclers’ Association (WRA)) is calling for clarification on exactly what grades of wood are acceptable for small scale RHI biomass boilers (non WID compliant), after discovering inconsistencies […]

How New York City Became Notorious for Its Polluting Landfills


For many years New York City Became Notorious for Its Polluting Landfills. New York City, in simple terms its 5 districts, having a population of over 8 million and all in a location smaller sized than a lot of states presents a massive waste problem. You can simply think of how much waste is developed […]

Ideas for Reducing Your Own Waste and Saving Money


Each and every one of us can do something to assist our world, beginning right where we are, right now. Not everybody can pay to contribute money or time to a cause. Nevertheless there are limitless techniques that will reduce a person’s contribution to the garbage dump and their resource usage. Mirrors, positioned tactically in […]

Deteriorating UK Recycling Performance – WM Sector Bodies Say UK Government Must Act


The UK government claims that support for Brexit does not mean that the nation will turn its back on EU sustainability targets, and will continue to apply EU regulations for the protection of the environment. But, this must be questionable after news this month of a deteriorating UK recycling performance. This is all the more […]

Landfill Waste Reduction Targets – EU States Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Malta Failing


Poor EU states are not fulfilling their landfill waste reduction targets, EU Report says. Cyprus, Croatia, Greece, Malta as well as Turkey are still greater than 75% of their waste to . The EU will for certain, have to take Slovakia to court for landfill , and also attain adequate waste diversion and recycling to […]

UK Business Adopts the Circular Economy While EU Taxpayers Fund It


We decided on our headline for this article, “UK Business Adopts the Circular Economy While in EU Taxpayers Fund It”, after reading the several news releases published this month. It struck us what a big contrast existed between the UK’s quite successful approach to encouraging the circular economy, and the actions of the EU. The differences […]

End of Landfill in the UK? Is Zero Waste Really Coming Any Time Soon?


Reliance on landfill in the UK is decreasing, but is zero waste to landfill and the end of landfill a real prospect in the foreseeable future? The latest waste data from the Environment Agency (EA) shows that reliance on landfill in England and Wales continues to decrease, with significant increases in inputs to other treatment […]

3 Recycling Lessons You Can Benefit From Today


Although in many nations recycling rates continue to rise, and since the Paris Climate Change summit in December 2015 more and more people are seriously concerned about their environment, many people are still confused about how to do their recycling. In this article, we will explain in simple language the main types of materials which […]

Clear And Unbiased Facts About Recycling During A Flat Economy


The things we all should really be doing in order to reuse and recycle our own garbage, including when money is tight.