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self improvement, personal growth and money.

We help in Personal growth, Debt Freedom and Financial Independence. Our attitude, our interpretations of events in our life determine most of our outcomes. Money is an important component to your ability to have personal choices and helping others. Our

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Deserving Success


Do not wish things were easier, wish you were better.
Life will give you Not What you Wish for.

Life gives you what you Deserve (action - to serve).
In order to receive you need to serve others. Sow sparingly / reap sparingly, sow abundantly / reap abundantly.

You will beat most people by just showing up and doing what you say you are going to do.
Be honest at all cost and work because work will always beat talent and education when talent and education will not go to work.

Is your Fear BIGGER than your Dreams? part two


Do you write down your goal and dreams?
Do you have pictures of what you desire that you continually look at?

You write it down, you say the affirmations; you have a vision board, SO WHAT!

That is not strong enough to overcome your Fear.

If you are not reviewing your goals a few times a day, with a burning passionate feeling you might be off track.

When you do all the affirmations, review your goals and you still are not making progress, maybe it IS because your Fear is bigger than your dream.

Until your Dream has more power than your Fear you will continually try to start and then you will fall back into the same old ways of thinking and living. You self sabotage.

You are afraid of losing or making a mistake and because of your fear you lose it all.

When you have a goal or dream do You know it?
When you focus on your dream do you really feel it?
Do you experience it, see it, touch it, smell and taste it in your mind?

Think as if you have your dream fulfilled, think From your goal.

Is your Fear BIGGER than your Dreams? part one


We all know what it feels like to dream of a better life, hope and anticipate for something that feels good.

We also know what it is like to feel Fear. We sweat, we cannot sleep, our mouth gets dry and we might even feel chest pains.

Do you have a specific goal or dream?
Are you where you want to be?
Think of your goal… focus on it.
Do you feel your Goal with the same intensity of emotion that you feel your Fear, if the answer is “NO!” most likely you have permitted your Fear to be bigger than your Goal.
Our fears are warring against our goals and dreams.
The stronger the intensity of emotion and the longer you dwell on something the more power you give it.

Focus on what you really want or desire and Not on what you Don't want.

We have all heard it or read it, but do we KNOW it?

You do not know it until you live it.

Feel what it is like to have it already.

Right Thinking


"If a man is right, his world is right. If you are unhappy with your world and want to change it, the place to start is with yourself" W. Clement Stone.

Is your immediate world right? Do you blame your circumstances on others, do you blame the world?

Do not wish things were easier, wish you were better.

Ask yourself,
How can I get better?
How can I develop the right mental attitude?
How can I develop the right skills?
How can I develop a specific plan to overcome this obstacle?

Do you believe it's proper to ask for Divine Guidance?
Do believe that God gave you the abilities to grow, change, overcome?
Do you believe you deserve to be successful?

tips for Thriving in a recession


We all want to have success and happiness at all times, especially now in our current economic turmoil.

Every day we are faced with decisions that could affect us for the rest of our lives, for the good or the bad. We have a choice to use our positive nature or our negative nature.
With money and possessions we face 2 doors, one marked FREEDOM and one marked SECURITY. If we choose to have our security over our freedom we are likely to lose both our security and our freedom.

Our fear of loss can drive us to work harder than before; it can also cause us to make fearful decisions that will ultimately destroy our money, freedom and relationships.

Choose to find what is right your in life. If something is good, happy and positive dwell on it. Focus your whole attention on growing and sharing the things that are going right.

If positive and courageous people shared their thoughts and ideas like negative and fearful people do, it would change the world for the better.