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The Sexiest Woman In Ukraine

Updated: 2014-10-02T22:24:23.248-07:00


Iuliia Ganiieva Captures The Sexiest Woman In Ukraine Crown!


Congratulations to Iuliia Ganiieva, who just captured the "Sexiest Woman In Ukraine" contest, winning by surpassing over 1,000,000 other women who were competing for the crown.

Ganiieva, a student, was excited but modest about the news. "I am happy, yes" said Ganiieva, who was petting her cat in her home at the time of the interview. "There are a lot of wonderful women in Ukraine and I feel fortunate to have come out on top."

The criteria for the sexiest woman in ukraine competition is largely based upon beauty, attitude, personality, and intelligence....all of them being equally important.

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