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This Is That By Rodney Howard Browne

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This Is That By Rodney Howard Browne

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This experience, to say the least, totally overwhelmed me. The anointing I had tangibly felt stayed on me, manifesting in that way for roughly two weeks and then it subsided. It didn't leave altogether, but did not manifest in the same way anymore.
I began to pray and ask the Lord what I could do to get that anointing in full manifestation again in my life. I must be truthful with you. For a young man, just beginning in the ministry , this was a totally overpowering experience. It was something that changed the course of my life and the course of my ministry.
I wanted to know from the Lord what I would do to have the anointing return in that fashion. I suspect I was looking for a formula - something I could do to get that anointing back in the way I had witnessed it.
It's All Me and zip to Do with You
The Lord then began to instruct me in occassions of prayer . The first thing he revealed to me was this [*CO]'Son, this anointing is all Me and has nada to do with you.' He said that it was as He wills, not as I will be able to. The Lord then asserted to me,'You are simply a vessel through which I am flowing. You can't earn this anointing ; it's given as I will be able to. If I gave you a key and you could get this anointing at anytime, you would begin to think it's all you and not Me. Because you know it is Me that is doing this, you will have to give Me all the glory.'
In the process of time, you may walk in it.' He told me if He gave it to me now, I might be like a four-year-old with a shotgun. I'd blow everything up, including myself.
After this, I continued my study along the lines of the anointing. I closely studied the Gospels and the book of Acts, looking at the ministry of Jesus and the apostles. Then I began to get in as many conferences as I could where mighty men of God were being used of the Lord.

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Rodney Howard Browne and his ministry team, under the banner of Revival Ministries international, travel about 46 weeks of the year, holding weekly conferences in cities across North America and around the planet. They also pastor a church in Tampa, Florida, The river at Tampa Bay, which he founded and which now has 3000 members.