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Lesson 13/20 - 17/4/18 - Metronome Practise 4


Please play the scales & arpeggios with the metronome as we discussed in class.

Do play at a slower tempo for perfect rhythmic control

1. Count out loud
2. Nod your head to the tick

Happy practising!

Guitar Repair #322 - Soundboard Crack - Seagull S6+CW - Acoustic


 Seagull S6 + CW Crack on soundboard - 8" x 1 Another 3" crack beside it, near the edge. Cleats that will go underneath. Reinforced and also glued at the crack from the surface for a solid restorationAlways glad that the finish tint stays as-is.  [...]

Lesson 12/20 - 6/3/18 - Metronome practise 3


I have to apologise to assume, all this while, that you knew how to follow the metronome. This explains why the element of pulse and rhythm seem to be less than stable in your playing.

I’m glad we got through this lesson doing just that- playing with the metronome, to the time signature.

Send me recordings of your private practise with metronome for your pieces and scales, to check that you have practiced the rhythmic control correctly.

Guitar Repair #318 - Bridge Reglue - Aria CC-36EQ - Classical


 Aria CC-36EQ
Lifted bridge
Bridge reglued

Lesson 11/20 - 6/3/18 - Metronome practise 2


Work on the rhythmic control with the metronome using the video guides sent through whatsapp today.

The guides are at performance tempo. So play them much slower and work it to actual speed and faster, for total rhythmic control.

Do the same for scales pls.

Guitar Repair #317 - Setup/Install Strap Button - Cort AF510 - Acoustic


Cort AF510 Action @12th fret - BEFORE Action @12th fret - AFTER Strap button installedFrets/fretboard cleaned and oiledReady for collection [...]

Guitar Repair #316 - Headstock Crack - Gibson Les Paul Tribute - Electric


Gibson Les Paul TributeHeadstock was almost severedAfter regluing and finish touchupA closer shotAfter regluing and finish touchupFrom another angleAfter regluing and finish touchupRestored. [...]

Guitar Repair #315 - Headstock Crack - Fornica Model 36 - Classical


Fornica 36Before AfterBefore AfterBeforeAfterBefore After [...]

Lesson 10/20 - Metronome USE IT!


Some adjustments to make during your daily practise session:-

1. You must use the metronome during the practise time, for technical and also pieces. Of course, during "play", you should do without it, as if performing for the examiner.
Set the metronome at a comfortable speed. Increase while maintaining total control.

2. Include 1 new piece for sight reading

3. Listen to Aural mp3 - 1 or 2 As, then Bs, then Cs

That should do for now. Happy playing.

Guitar Repair #314 - Restringing - Philippines-made - Acoustic


Glad to help a beginner to handle this stressful job.
Put on D'addario EXP26.

Guitar Repair #312/#313 - Setup - Takamine EC-132C/Yamaha FGX720SC - Classical/Acoustic


Takamine EC-132C
1. Setup
2. Install strap button

Yamaha FGX720SC
1. Setup
2. Finish crack repair on top

Guitar Repair #305-#308 - 4 guitars various cracks - Acoustic


J&D DG-610CE2 screws that couldn't hold the bridgeThey never did. Plastic plugs hid them well thoughBridge reglued and now being plugged with wood.Done Glued this joint that was split at the glue joint. The longer the joint was open the darker the line will be. Could have been invisible had it been repaired right after it happened.Amari AM-BabyLook at the bridge... ...quite bizarreBridgequake? Glued the broken pieces Then reglued it back to where it will live for a long time, hopefully.Tokai EA25SBLLifted bridge.....despite 3 bolts (they never does the job well).  The unsuitable solution Causing more harm than good.Time to remove the stressed bridge. Clean up for a solid glue jointPatch the bolt holes, prepare the gluing surface for regluing. Bridge reglued and damaged top touched up. Nice tight fit Another angle Rescued. Washburn C104SCEBadly damaged side needing an impossible invisible repairMake it strikingly visible then! [...]

Lesson 9/20 - Periods Of Music


Aural1. Periods of Music (years may differ slightly)Medieval (500–1400)Renaissance (1400–1600)Baroque (1600–1750)Classical (1750–1820) - Romantic eras (c.1780–1910)20th century (1901–2000)Example music2. Listen to elements of music:-1. Pulse2. Accentuation - accentsFrom these 2 elements, you can tell the time of each music - 2 time (2/2; 2/4), 3 time, 4 time, etc.Go through the Aural mp3 and you'll get a good idea of requirements.ScalesMemorise 2 or 3 a week. Know them really well. Keep an even volume and a tight rhythm.Some ways to make your practise more varied:-a. Tear them apart and practise them in small sections each timeb. Play piano (softly), forte (loudly), in crescendo (louder when accending) and decrescendo (softer when descending)c. Record and hear back your own playing. Fix it, and repeat, until they sound like you wanted them to.PiecesTry feeling "up" in a phrase. This takes unnecessary stresses on certain notes within a phrase. Again record and hear back your own playing to verify if you like the end result. If not, try it another way [...]

Guitar Repair #304 - Setup - Martin D-16RGT - Acoustic



Saul Vs Amalekites for Guitar Solo


allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="315" src="" width="560">
Inspired to play, after reading 1 Samuel 15:7 "Then Saul attacked the Amalekites..."
Draft recording.

Guitar Repair #303 - Replace tuners/Back chipped repair - Yamaha APX 8A - Acoustic


Replace gold tuners
Back chipped repair
Shellac finishing
Level frets, clean and oiled fingerboard