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Poptropica Secrets for Special Mission

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Poptropica Help for Special Mission

Mon, 03 Aug 2009 04:53:00 +0000

There's a new advertisement mission available in Poptropica called Race to Witch Mountain. The announcement is for the Disney film called Race to Witch Mountain and the mini-mission uses parts of the story from the flick. In this mission, you must rescue 2 aliens by finding 3 colored access cards without becoming caught by secret agents. Getting the 3 cards is pretty straightforward and you can read a full walkthrough of the mission at the Poptropica Cheats blog. The better part about this new mini-mission are the three really cool items that you can get. They seem to be a flying UFO, an alien costume and an agent hazmat suit. The UFO item says that it is available for a while only but the costumes are probably permanent.

To do the mission, just go in the building and talk to the woman inside. She is going to tell you to find the three colored key cards to unlock the cell. Then go down the lift to the double doors and go inside. In here you must push the 3 crates on top of the coloured buttons to keep them pressed and turn off the force fields that are shielding the cards. You can't be seen by the agents so try to avoid standing near them when they are moving towards you. After you get all 3 cards, return to the first room and use them on the lock to open the cell and complete the mission.

When you finish the mission, you get the three free items. Here's a walkthrough video I found on Youtube that shows you the way to do the entire mission.

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