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Tumors Fibroids Treatment Option


Severe symptoms of tumors fibroids often lead to the recommendation of a hysterectomy. Each of the following procedures serves as a treatment option, particularly for women who still wish to be pregnant:

* Myomectomy: A surgical procedure done to remove only the tumors from the uterus. This procedure is more dangerous than a hysterectomy, but it is an option if you still desire to get pregnant.

* Embolization: This is a surgical procedure that involves cutting off the blood supply to the fibroid. This is a common procedure when symptoms are not severe.

* Myolysis: A procedure which uses electric shock to shrink the fibroids.

What Causes Tumors Fibroids in the Uterus?


A definitive cause of tumors fibroids is unknown, but they appear to be related to estrogen. This relationship between fibroids and estrogen is known because tumors grow when taking birth control pills containing estrogen and during pregnancy when more hormones are released. Following menopause, when estrogen is no longer produced, tumors tend to shrink and even disappear.

Fibroid tumors may cause problems for women who wish to get pregnant because the tumors may be growing all along the uterine wall making implantation of a fertilized egg doubtful. Tumors fibroid may also cause some women to experience pelvic pain and heavy bleeding.

Becoming Pregnant - Some Basic Tips


The basic of all basics of become pregnant is to keep a healthy mind and body. These are very clear, no exception: no drinking, no smoking, no drug taking (including prescription drugs where possible), no negative thinking, and no unhealthy eating.

More basics on becoming pregnant:
  • Avoid being overweight or underweight.
  • Avoid the use of tight male underwear.
  • Are you aware of when you ovulate? Because in an ideal situation you should aim to make love a few hours before ovulation actually occurs.
  • Repeated ejaculation dramatically lowers the male sperm count. To retain a healthy sperm count you should make no more than once every 2 or 3 days.
  • If working in hazardous department (risk of exposure to x-ray or chemicals), move to a safer department or take precautions.
  • In case you are suffering from any medical disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc bring them under control before you go in for pregnancy.
  • Any heritable disorder in the family should be discussed with your fertility specialist.

You Miss That Pregnancy Knowledge


How easy it is to go to one or two pregnancy experts, let them help you with their specific area of expertise and then just limit the things you do to get pregnant in a natural way to what they say.

What this means is that you're missing out on all the knowledge that practitioner 'x' can share with you and practitioner 'y' too because you've only gotten practitioner 'z's' advice.

Ancient Chinese System to Get Pregnant


If you were struggling to get pregnant naturally for 12 months or so, then this ancient Chinese system to get pregnant will be the most important info you'll ever find....

This system teaches you in 3 important issues:
  1. Get Pregnant Quickly and Naturally Within 2 Months
  2. Reverse Both Female and Male Infertility
  3. Give Birth to Healthy Babies

Trying to Get Pregnant


So You Still Trying to Get Pregnant? Why different doctor, fertility specialist, pharmacist, or naturopath will give different answer about trying to get pregnant?Because each of them has their own limited knowledge base when it comes to getting pregnant. So, each of them has their own advice for someone who trying to get pregnant.Most doctors undoubtedly don't have the sort of knowledge that a fertility specialist does, many naturopaths know little about the drugs a doctor would know to properly prescribe, and yet it is infrequent to find a doctor who would have the profound knowledge a naturopath has about herbs for infertility.The time is come to stop the perplexity.Different Base So it's easy to see that if you trying to get pregnant and go to a doctor for advice on getting pregnant they most likely won't be sharing with you the very latest results from human studies on say the impact chemicals have on ovulation.Or if you head off to a fertility specialist they are most unlikely to talk to you in depth about the herbs you can try before and which ones if any you can take that will support your attempts.And if you go to a naturopath he or she is most often not qualified to advise you on whether you have a serious medical condition or not. Unbearable Life As if trying to get pregnant isn't hard enough without the 'experts' ignoring all the other things that you could be doing to help your fertility. The pain, tears and heartache you felt month after month could almost unbearable.It will make you sad that you spent so much time living in a state of almost daily grief. Sad that no one would help you and feeling that you'd never have the baby you were wishing so hard for. You lost so much positive outlook on life; you had believed that anything was possible if you wanted it bad enough yet you'd never wished for anything more in your life and it still wasn't coming true. There's a Better Way Now, I am pleased to share with you the plan developed using all the detailed experience and knowledge gathered from such a vast array of sources.To be able to share this with you is so exciting! I know you need this information and more importantly you deserve to have it!You have the right to know how to lift your chances of getting pregnant to the absolute maximum possible so that one day you will hold the baby of your dreams.[...]

How to Get Pregnant


About How to Get PregnantThis single question being asks by many women. How to get pregnant? Can I get pregnant? They ask themselves this same question month after month. And they try many ways to become pregnant. They exercised more, saw specialists, and yet they weren't pregnant.Pregnancy is the achievement of motherhood. For every mother, it's a dream and a way to ultimate fulfillment. It begins with conception and culminates in the arrival of a lovely new human being. This is an awe-inspiring process in which a single cell converted to a lovely new human being. So it's understandable why many women obsess about getting pregnant. Discovering "the Secret" to Get Pregnant Nicole Terry is one of those with that sincere question: how can I get pregnant? And she digging up everything she could about getting pregnant just to discover that most of them angered her.Nicole said, "I was angry when I found out things I had been doing were working against my goal of getting pregnant. I was angry after discovering that the hundreds of dollars I'd paid a 'specialist' were for half truths!" Uncovered the Facts on Getting Pregnant What makes her anger bring Nicole a determination to investigate all facts on getting pregnant. She knew there was more about it. If she dug deep enough, she could get her hands on factual information that would help her get pregnant.And she was right.Nicole uncovered some mind blowing research that, after making sense of it all, she combined with all her experience and knowledge to create a structured plan she could follow.Four months later, she cried tears of joy at the sight of her positive pregnancy test. The agony from all the months has gone by.Nicole Terry gives birth of her baby at the age of 40. Making Sense of It All Isn't Easy Trying to make sense of all the information about getting pregnant can be very perplexing and you can end up not knowing what to do and who to believe. You have to throw out the myths, found the methodically backed research, left no stone unturned. It will take you day and night for months and months.Lisa Olson -- Nutrition Specialist, Health Consultant, Chinese Medicine Researcher and Author -- wanted a way for another woman to get hold the information she did, to have all the information sorted into a step by step plan, a plan that includes information that many specialists might not even know about or believe in. Great Resource on How to Get Pregnant Lisa's ebook contain key information to answer the sincere quest of every woman, includes:* Simple yet very powerful fertility remedy.* The type of must consult specialist.* How to pinpoint ovulation with 100% accuracy.* The impact of everyday activities on fertility.* Combating a daily fertility foe.* Turn anovulatory cycles into ovulatory ones.* The reason why some women's fertility greater then other women's.* Proven step by step plan to getting pregnant. [...]

Ways to Get Pregnant


Imagine You Find Reliable Ways to Get Pregnant...So you're tired seeking ways to get pregnant? As time goes by your goal just seems to slip further and further away. Your thoughts that you will never get pregnant start to really hit home, your eggs keep aging and life starts to become just that little bit sadder each day.Door closed.No hope?Fulfillment of Motherhood Why many woman persevering on getting pregnant? It is obvious actually. Pregnancy is the accomplishment of motherhood. For every mother, it's a dream and a way to definitive fulfillment.It's an amazing experience that begins with conception and culminates in the arrival of a lovely new human being, a beautiful process in which a single cell converted to a lovely new human being. A sense of bringing new life into being is incomparable. Some Myths In search of ways to get pregnant, we may easily get caught in predominant myths about pregnancy.One of those myths is not many people suffer from fertility problems. The fact is fertility problems are much common than we would imagine. More than one in six couples facing some issues with conception, albeit only for a short period of time.We're both healthy; we should have no difficulties conceiving. This is also common to hear. The fact is being super healthy does not guarantee fertility. There are many people who feel perfectly well yet have fertility difficulties. Fertility can't be seen externally.Woman over 35 couldn't conceive easily. The fact is age simply a factor, not the deciding issue. It is true that those under 35 are generally more fertile, but this doesn't mean that all women over 35 will struggle. There are many other factors, beside age, that determine our fertility. Don't Give Up Now, if you're having difficulty on getting pregnant and feel there's nothing more you can do to have the baby you dream of, I urge you not to give up just yet.You now have access to a plan where you'll be carefully guided along a path to getting pregnant, undertaking sequential steps to bring all of the critical conception keys into sync at once.Are you willing to take steps to getting pregnant? Not Like Any Other Plan Not anymore! You now have a detailed plan to follow that ensures you're doing absolutely everything you possibly can to get pregnant.This is not like any other plan you've ever read on getting pregnant!Why? Simply put, this is:* not one 'secret'* not a special 'herb'* not a magic solution.This plan is detailed, it's comprehensive, and it requires commitment.This is a plan for anyone who is willing to do pretty much anything to get pregnant.Does that sound like you? [...]

Desperate to Become Pregnant


Michelle Really Desperate to Become Pregnant...Pregnancy is the fulfillment of motherhood. No wonder many and many women desperate to become pregnant.Michelle is not an exception."I went to every doctor. I read every book on getting pregnant. I've tried everything.... Why I can't get pregnant?"She keep asking herself this same question month after month. She thought she was doing everything right. She tried relaxing more, not thinking about it so much, exercised more, saw specialists. And yet she still not becoming pregnant.Chances of Getting Pregnant... How long will it take to become pregnant? Some fertility experts said that, normally, couples who are fertile have a chance of 20 to 30 percent of getting pregnant at per cycle. And, about eighty four percent of couples can have the possibility of conceiving within one year of their marriage, if they have unprotected regular intercourse.But there are also many couples who are healthy, both mind and body, that take years than they expected still waiting to get pregnant. Why...? In fact, there are some factors which can impact a person's fertility. These factors include the person's age, diet and her lifestyle. Also, it depends on her partner's age, diet and his occupation and lifestyle.Further, it also depends on the chronic illness or on poor reproductive health of the person. Lastly, the factor can be as how regular the couples have intercourse. Amazing Discovery... Not one to give up easily and certainly not one to take someone's word for things, Michelle set about digging up everything she could about getting pregnant. What she discovered over the course of twelve months of research surprised her, but most of all a lot of what she discovered amazed her.She went through so much trial and error, discovered so much information and figured out exactly what it would take to get pregnant and have the baby of her dreams. She read hundreds of clinical trial papers, spent hours on end at the library researching reproduction and studied countless articles, medical reports, web sites, books, transcripts, research papers and forum posts. She spent many hours (and dollars!) in consultation with different "fertility specialists" and even they didn't tell her half of what she discovered! [...]

Tips on Getting Pregnant


Well, Some Tips on Getting Pregnant Are Awesome, But...Ever wonder how many people are desperate to become pregnant? They're asking relatives, friends, and practitioners for some valuable tips on getting pregnant. But most of them kept in their mind that getting pregnant is only the matter of sexual intercourse. So if they have unprotected sex with their couples a few times then they will become pregnant.Soon these couples found out that this is not the case and start to think that there is something wrong with them.Get pregnant is not just about get sexual intercourse.... Contents at a GlanceGetting Pregnant ProblemKnow Your BodySome Basic TipsYou Need A PlanThe Getting Pregnant PlanRelated Get-Pregnant SitesShare your comments...less... Getting Pregnant Problem Fertilization is the union of mature ovum with a sperm. Woman ovulates only once a month. If sexual intercourse has taken place within 12 hours of ovulation, then one of the thousands of sperms deposited in the vagina fertilizes the ovum. Otherwise the ovum will dries up and becomes unable to be fertilized.This fact puts into perspective the timescale. It breaks the argument that a woman has ample time to become pregnant just by having unprotected sex. Think again about the percentage of the total time that woman could actually conceive. Know Your Body A little knowledge of how the process of pregnancy occurs and how the male and female bodies react can dramatically improve your chances of becoming pregnant.Little facts like how to tell when you are about to ovulate, how the man can increase or decrease the potency of his sperm and knowing what foods are congenial to conception can all increase your chances of becoming pregnant and raise your hopes. So you do not sink into a depression about not becoming pregnant which can also have a detrimental effect on the conception process. Some Basic Tips The basic key is to keep a healthy mind and body i.e., health eating, no drinking, smoking or drug taking (including prescription drugs where possible).Many research shows that smoking greatly lowers the chances of getting pregnant and the use of cannabis or marijuana slowing the sperm's ability to travel by up to 50%.Are you aware of when you ovulate? Because in an ideal situation you should aim to make love a few hours before ovulation actually occurs.Repeated ejaculation dramatically lowers the male sperm count. To retain a healthy sperm count you should make no more than once every 2 or 3 days.Avoid being overweight or underweight.Avoid the use of tight male underwear.If working in hazardous department (risk of exposure to x-ray or chemicals), move to a safer department or take precautions.In case you are suffering from any medical disorders like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc bring them under control before you go in for pregnancy.Any heritable disorder in the family should be discussed with your fertility specialist. You Need A Plan There are too many different possible reasons for inability to become pregnant. But you can avoid the perplexity by planning your pregnancy. A great getting pregnant plan will explain in a very simple way the plan developed using all the experience and knowledge gathered from such a vast array of sources. [...]