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Interesting Information on Noynoy Aquino

Thu, 07 Jan 2010 02:52:00 GMT2010-01-07T02:52:00Z


For those who want to know Noynoy Aquino, read on. Remember that voting for a president is one of the biggest responsibilities that we are given in this life. And we all have to do our part in order to keep the future of our company as bright as possible. Here are some interesting facts about Noynoy Aquino that you might not know about.

Noynoy Aquino was born Benigno Simeon Cojuango Aquino III on the eight of February 1960. He is currently a senator but is dropping his place in order to run for President for the election next year as part of the Liberal party.

Here are some among other interesting facts about him. He is a proud product of Ateneo University. During a coup d'etat that was staged by rebels way back in Cory Aquino’s term of presidency, there was an incident that led to the serious wounding of Noynoy. During the year 1998, Noynoy Aquino sat in the House of Representatives of Tarlac as elected in that year’s congress. Then last 2007, he became a Philippine Senator.

Of course, as a result of his bid for presidency, a deluge of criticism has been thrown his way. A lot of people, for example, say that he does not really deserve to even run for president because he has not enough accomplishments to show for. Neither is he vocal enough for his presence to be actually felt anywhere. It seems that he takes after his mother who was also soft spoken. And it seems that it is his sister Kris Aquino who inherited their father’s blatant honesty.


In all those eleven years that Noynoy has been in the government seat, his main detractors note that there seems to be no major contribution to the legislative body from him. There seems to be not enough political will in Noynoy as well. After his mother’s well televised burial which the whole nation mourned, he was then approached by the party to head them as a presidential candidate. It does not really seem, even in just looking at Noynoy smiling shy demeanor, that he deserves to be president nor even really has enough political will to be president. Is he seems to just be riding the fame of his mother and father, something that is in very bad taste.

But of course, none of these are true. It is a fact that Noynoy Aquino just needs to get the chance to be president and his parents legacy shall be continued especially since a son will never be able to stain such a high legacy.

Training In an Asian Call Center

Mon, 26 Oct 2009 01:28:00 GMT2009-10-26T01:28:00Z


There is much training needed for agents in an Asian call center. A quick look at the Philippine call center training program will give one a good overview as to how this works.

Training the Agents for Language
This is not always given by many Asian call centers but it is sometimes employed. These just usually contain overviews on the general grammatical errors that most people make. It is simply a refresher on the language in order to reorient the agents on the language. Of course more often than not this is no longer done because those with bad grammar are already filtered out in the screening process of call center agents.

Training the Agents for Speech
This comprises around 30 to 25 percent of the agent’s training time. Agents are trained to speak fluently and confidently. At first, one is given tongue twisters in order to loosen up the tongue. Then one is trained to get a neutral or U.S. American English accent. This is very important because it will help customers be more confident to communicate with the person they are talking to. It will also be a very big factor in the communication process. Bad thick accent is of course a problem because most times, the agent will not be understood properly.

Training the Agents for Service
This comprises the rest of the training period. Depending on the account, this part of the training may be very difficult or it may be very hard. Everything about the account is explained in detail. All the knowledge that the agent needs to know is made to be memorized. They are after all the people that will have to answer questions and queries by the baffled clueless customers that call them so they really need to know everything by heart.


Agents in training do not automatically get accepted into the company. While training, agents are given compensation in the form of allowance. Now the trainer will grade the agents and weed out the weak ones or the one’s that simply cannot learn.

Gawad Kalinga – Building a Better Philippines

Tue, 29 Sep 2009 08:11:00 GMT2009-09-29T08:11:00Z


Poverty is a hydra-like conundrum from where other grave societal problems arise. It is a perennial dilemma that governments all over the world are trying to solve. In the Philippines, a powerful movement has developed a holistic community approach to eradicate the face of deprivation and poverty from the society. This movement is called Gawad Kalinga.

Gawad Kalinga, which means “to give care” in Filipino, is a foundation that aims to empower the poorest of the poor in the land by collaborating with different sectors of the society. It has been known for building communities and homes to be given freely to qualified beneficiaries. On the other hand, GK goes far beyond simply building homes that house the poor. More importantly, the Gawad Kalinga foundation is after building and improving lives.

GK also has other holistic programs pertaining to health, community infrastructure program, youth development, livelihood, and environmental protection projects. The foundation’s community infrastructure program does not only aim to build homes but structures that give way to the development of community spirit and camaraderie. In each GK community, there are schools, clinics, and community halls, structures that foster the community’s sense of unity and oneness.


Gk is bridging the gap between the rich and the poor. The rich reach out to the poor and help in improving their lives. The lines that divide the Philippine society are slowly broken because of the GK spirit. Through the organization, people have become more aware that they could do so much in changing the course of our country’s future.

Gawad Kalinga builds a nation, a better Philippines. It is an emerging template, a model towards a better approach to eradicate poverty not only in the Philippines but also in other third world countries around the globe. The organization is building a better nation one community at a time.

Morality: Reminding People Why to Join GK Philippines

Tue, 29 Sep 2009 08:01:00 GMT2009-09-29T08:01:00Z


It is about time that the rich get ashamed of their wealth as they look around and see the immense poverty around them.

Would you help a brother out? Why not give some of your time to GK Philippines, one of the newest emergent charitable organizations that is spreading like wildfire through the country. The Gawad Kalinga foundation believes that it is our responsibility as people who have the means (wealth, resources, time, labor, etc.) to help those in need.

The problem of poverty has always been a constant illness for our society. There seems to be nothing anyone can do about it. People accept it as a fact of life. But if one can look closely at the divide between the rich and the poor, the east and the west, one can see that there really something wrong with the picture.

Now, there are some who are individualists. There are those who say, “who cares about the poor” they live far away from me, they are not my problem. Who cares about people in the poor countries? They are not my country men. Their problems are not my problem. But as a Christian, could this stand be good? As a decent person even if one does not believe in any God, could this stand be said? People who say this have such gall to ignore the suffering around them. They are definitely unethical/immoral. We all now that society should not tolerate such base immorality since society and civilization have been founded on laws based on morality. In short, if you think this way, you are immoral, and if many people are immoral, then our civilization is going down the drain.


Support GK Philippines not only for others, but for the future of your children and your children’s children. Support the Gawad Kalinga foundation and its vision of a world without poverty and not only do you save lives, you save your soul. For the atheists out there, think of “soul” as the immutable dignity of the human person.

Gawad Kalinga Community Musings

Tue, 25 Aug 2009 02:11:00 GMT2009-08-25T02:11:00Z


What is the world? A round planet full of people? No, it is how people perceive a round planet full of people. To change the world, we have to change how people think.

I support the vision of Gawad Kalinga, especially the GK1MB. I think that it is the responsibility of those who are well to do to take care of the people who have next to nothing. You might think differently though. You might think that the GK1MB is something that will not happen, that there won’t be one million volunteers who will join in the campaign to remove the face of poverty from our country. But I think the time is right for this. I think there are enough people right now in the right mentality. As someone once said, what we need right now are men and women who are willing to be heroes for their country.


Why is it sometimes so hard for people to give some of their time for the sake of others? What is funny is that a lot of times, the people who do not have much money are also the people who will be so willing to offer a helping hand.

But looking at the members of Gawad Kalinga, these are middle class to upper middle class people who are able to get funding from companies. This is perhaps what makes the Gawad Kalinga community different. It is held by people with access to the power in order to bring that power and money back to the people, sort of like Robin Hood.

I am certainly not sure about the future of the Gawad Kalinga Foundation. While there is so much support right now for the foundation, there are a few doubts in my mind as to where this whole thing will lead us to. Such great heights can be reached if only we strive to give some of our selves, our time and money to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

Driving Social Transformation the Gawad Kalinga Way

Mon, 24 Aug 2009 23:27:00 GMT2009-08-24T23:27:00Z


The face of poverty is seen all over the world. It is a serious global problem. The only way to combat this problem is if people all over the globe would heed the call to take action and lend a helping hand in bringing dignity back to the poor. This will not only solve the problem, but will pave the way for social transformation. In the Philippines, the movement has started because of Gawad Kalinga.

Through the help of Gawad Kalinga (which means “to give care” in English), a socio-religious organization that aims to bring dignity back to the poor and build a slum-free nation, poverty-stricken citizens in the Philippines and other parts of the world now have homes to call their own and are living more decent lives. Poor Filipino families are now given hope to rise up from the difficulties of their living condition.

By building homes for the homeless, giving food to the hungry, and equipping poor people with skills to leverage their lives, the socio-religious organization is slowly materializing its goal of building a slum-free nation. GK programs go beyond constructing houses. More importantly, Gawad Kalinga helps people build better lives. The GK movement is known to build communities for the poor, but the goal of the movement goes beyond site building and feeding programs. More importantly, Gawad Kalinga helps people hone their spirituality and outlook in life.

Massive volunteerism is what keeps the GK movement alive. Many have heeded the cry to help the movement achieve its humanitarian goals. Gawad Kalinga’s call for massive volunteerism has created a ripple effect that transforms the lives of volunteers and beneficiaries alike. Many have become living witnesses of how simple acts of kindness become the fuel of the movement towards social transformation. With ordinary people doing extraordinary feats of generosity and altruism towards achieving the GK vision, more and more lives would be transformed.

My Hopes for the Gawad Kalinga Global Vision

Mon, 24 Aug 2009 02:21:00 GMT2009-08-24T02:21:00Z

Will Gawad Kalinga Philippines succeed? I sincerely hope so.

There are environmental concerns, and there are social injustices such as poverty. Most people think that poverty is not the problem of society. Most people think that poverty is something that cannot be conquered because it will always be present. In the first world, you can still see slums and ghettos. But these places are not as bad as the slums in the third world. The Slums in Europe and the United states would look like paradise compared to dirty slums of the third world where small shanties made of thin mismatched boards and wood are built under bridges of extremely polluted rivers and canals. That is the reality of third world poverty. It’s not trailer parks or projects. It’s much worse.


This is why the Gawad Kalinga Foundation is such a big thing. It offers a way for this kind of poverty to be fought. If so, then perhaps this will slowly but surely usher in the company into the first world. During the Gawad Kalinga Global summit, the new vision of GK was announced. The GK1MB Youth Summit is aimed to pull one million volunteers to help build sturdy housing and sustainable communities for the future.


The Gawad Kalinga Foundation is going to change the world. If it succeeds, the project will be recreated in other Asian countries that have such a massive population living below the poverty line.

I hope things will go well for the future of Gawad Kalinga Philippines. I truly hope that this continues onto the future. I hope the communities are able to sustain themselves and produce new, hardworking and just men and women who will continue to strive for the future of their families.

The Gawad Kalinga History

Wed, 29 Jul 2009 01:00:00 GMT2009-07-29T01:00:00Z

The foundation for Gawad Kalinga was laid on December 26, 1995 when CFC Youth for Christ, the youth ministry of CFC, held a Youth Camp for the out-of-school youth of Bagong Silang, Caloocan City. CFC then established itself in Bagong Silang, forming the ANCOP (ANswering the Cry Of the Poor) Foundation to provide hope for the out-of-school youth in the area. (ANCOP now serves as a partner by which Filipino-American donors can channel their donations to GK.[1]) In 1999, the first GK house was built for the Adduro family, also from Bagong Silang. The name "Gawad Kalinga", which translates in the Filipino language either as "to give care" or "to award care", was coined in 2000.


On July 28, 2003, GK was formally registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as Gawad Kalinga Community Development Foundation, Inc., with the purpose of "advancing and upholding an integrated, holistic and sustainable community development program, especially in the depressed areas, addressing shelter, livelihood, education and health issues in the spirit of nation building, to strengthen the development and improvement of human and spiritual formation of couples and their children and to foster cooperation with others in the pursuit and realization of the objectives for which (GK) has been established."

The first GK Expo was launched on October 4, 2003, in Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. During this gathering, GK launched the GK777 campaign: to build 700,000 homes in 7,000 communities for the next 7 years, with 2010 as the target year for delivery.

In February 25, 2006, GK launched the Isang Milyong Bayani ("One Million Builders", also known as GK1MB) campaign. It was an advocacy for intensified volunteerism in GK sites, with the goal of mobilizing at least one million GK volunteers.[2][5]This year also started the GK1MB Bayani Challenge, a one-week national immersion/build. The Bayani Challenge has been held in Aurora Province and Quezon Province (2006); Albay, Camarines Sur, Sorsogon, Marinduque, and Samar (2007)[6]; Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur (2008)[7]; and Sulu and Zamboanga City (2009).

As of May 2009, CFC has relinquished its control over the GK Board. Prior to this, CFC, through its International Council, exercised authority over GK; with this development, GK will now have a leadership board and corporate identity independent from CFC.

The Gawad Kalinga Global Summit was held in Boston, Massachusetts, last June 12-14, 2009. During the activity, GK launched its Vision 2024 platform: a 21-year timeline (2003-2024, thus including the GK777 period of 2003-2010) aimed "to eradicate homelessness, hunger, and poverty for the millions of impoverished Filipino families all over the Philippines", bringing the country into First World status by 2024.

An Open Letter from Gawad Kalinga

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 06:01:00 GMT2009-07-28T06:01:00Z

Greetings from Gawad Kalinga!

As our country is seeing hope out of poverty, we would like to involve everyone to become the heroes of today and participate in nation building. With that we are inviting you and all your close associates (friends, family, officemates, schoolmates) to join and empower our poor brothers and sisters through the work of Gawad Kalinga.

Every Saturday at Cubic Side, Merville, Paranaque, the GK team takes care of the children of the village. We give art activities, tutorials, film showings, health awareness campaigns, etc. For the adults of the community, we assist them in various livelihood projects. The site has already housed all the families. At this point, the village is waiting for the completion of its multipurpose building to serve as a venue for its activities.

We are striving to look for government/corporate/school partners, as well as volunteers who are willing to help in the formation of the youth. A school, playground, library, health clinic, and educational programs/tutorials will surely benefit them.

Gawad Kalinga is a holistic movement for genuine nation building. We aim to touch every aspect of community life, such as shelter, livelihood, education, health, and values formation. It is our desire to make every Filipino a hero.

This is our opportunity to lift our country out of poverty and plant hope for the future.

Should you have any questions regarding the help that you can give, just contact us at You may also text/call us at 0927.839.2714.

May this ignite the spirit of nationalism in all of us. God bless us all!

Gawad Kalinga

Gawad Kalinga Volunteers: The True Heroes

Tue, 28 Jul 2009 01:38:00 GMT2009-07-28T01:38:00Z


The Philippines is a third world country where 40% of its population is living below the poverty line. The living conditions of the poor in urban areas are worse because they are usually found in slum areas where human congestion is at its highest and presence of basic utilities is almost zero. It is this kind of environment that shape the minds and hearts of those who live and grow up in it, thus, making it a good breeding ground for violent and other lawless elements. Fourteen years ago, in their desire to do their Christian duty of helping other people, especially the less fortunate ones, some members of the Couples for Christ made it their mission to provide care for some people in the slum areas. This later evolved to the Gawad Kalinga Foundation.

Gawad Kalinga (GK) provided an alternative approach of helping the poor. It is in stark contrast to the traditional dole-outs that many of us have gotten use to. Whereas the dole-out system provided additional opportunity for the powerful to showcase their supremacy, the GK approach helped the poor empower themselves to improve their conditions. Gawad Kaling has helped many homeless people build their own homes and, in the process, gain back the dignity that has eluded them for a long time. To date, Gawad Kalinga has covered so much ground for people to come together and do their share not only as Christians but also as Filipinos. It provided the more fortunate Filipinos the opportunity to help their less fortunate brothers and, in the process, do their share in nation building. Gawad Kalinga has rallied quite a number of Filipinos not only in the Philippines but also Filipinos in other countries as well, regardless of age, gender, social status and politics to share whatever they can in building a better Philippines.

From a handful of volunteers, Gawad Kalinga has evolved into an organization of thousands after almost two decades. In pursuing its vision for a better Philippines, it has served as a catalyst in promoting unity and peace in the country. They are in fact the true heroes of the new millenium.

Gawad Kalinga has been successful in promoting the idea that love for God can be expressed concretely by doing something to help others improve their lives. It has also shown success in espousing the idea that love for God is also love for ones country. Furthermore, it has awakened many Filipinos not only to be socially aware but to do their share in whatever way they can.